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« on: June 15, 2014, 12:21:26 AM »
Alright ladies and gentleman, I am coming at you with yet another painting contest! It’s been in the works for a while but it’s finally here and better than ever! The setup will be much the same as the last with a few changes. First of all let me lay out the timeline.

The Contest will start officially tomorrow on the 19th of June. From that date we will be allowing entries for two weeks, meaning we will NOT be accepting entries after the 3rd of July, all entries MUST be completed by a week after that and the contest will close on the 10th of July. All these dates you can assume are GMT +10, so if you’re on the other side of that Date Line add a day to your date (i.e. the 19th for me will be the 18th for you etc.)

To make it CLEARER
Start Date: June 19th
Entries Close: July 3rd
Contest Close: July 10th

Now let me explain how it’ll work. It’ll be very similar to last time, to enter all you have to do is make a thread with your name and the date you are making the pledge as the title. Your post should contain something like “I am going to paint X” with a photo of the unit/character/vehicle you’re going to paint **in an unpainted or unbuilt state (primed is ok)** and the date you took the photo (generally should be the same as the date you make the thread). You will have until the end of the contest to finish painting, so take your time! In your thread I’d like you to post progress shots of your pledge as it is coming along as well as the final product. PLEASE post front, back and side shots of your final products so the judges can get the full view of your painting glory and provide you with valuable feedback (as well as pick their favourite!)

First of all to qualify for ANY prizes you have to enter the contest AND finish your pledge by the due date. ALSO! I have included previews of everything (except the B4H stuff) courtesy of bladeiai so you guys know what to look forward to!
Prizes this time around will be a little different. We’re going to have to ‘winning’ categories, one will be judge’s choice and the other will be the community’s choice. But before I get in to that let me talk about our ‘participation package’. Every user who enters the contest and finishes their pledge will receive a personalised signature banner with their entry worked in to the graphic, a little like the one you can see in my signature (this depends on numbers though, twenty entries is a BIG job, fifty is a little too much and banners will be more standardised depending on this). They will also receive an awesome print out trophy to mark this wonderous occasion will contain things like your User ID, name of your pledge, date of the contest and such. Finally, due to high demand from the last contest judges will endeavour to provide critical feedback on EVERY entry, we want you to grow and learn from this as well as getting motivated and having fun.

The Judge’s choice will work as before, bladeiai, Hawkeye299, Fritz and myself will all choose our three favourites (in order 1st, 2nd, 3rd) and write a little about why we picked them. Entries will score 3 points for being chosen as 1st, 2 points for 2nd and 1 point for 3rd. The user with the most points will win the Judge’s Choice category. You’ll grab a Games Workshop Gift Voucher valued at around $50 US, a special ‘winners’ version of the personalised Warmaster Painting Contest signature banner (sort of like you see in bladeiai’s signature), and a special personalised print out trophy to show everyone that your skill with a brush is not to be sniffed at. The Voucher has been very kindly donated by our wonderful Moderator Hawkeye299 and the graphics and trophies were all fabricated by the very talented bladeiai.

The Community Choice award will go to the entry that receives the largest number of votes from the Community. This will run via private message, you’re not allowed to vote for yourself. To cast your vote simply pick your favourite pledge and private message me. You can only vote ONCE and you cannot change your vote after it is cast so choose wisely! The Community Choice winner will receive an awesome Xenos Defence Line and stencil set, donated by Fritz (AND Brush4Hire) as well as a special version of the signature banner and trophy.

ALSO! There is a special section of our wonderful Warmaster Gallery that is dedicated to the Painting Contest, like last time I will ask you post progress photos and finished shots of your pledge as you work on it in that gallery as well as in your thread. I LOVE to see the work you guys do and I want to show it off to everyone. You’ll see at the moment it’s quite large so let’s make it bigger! Hawk moderates it when I make a very polite request so you can feel safe knowing it is actually DEDICATED to painting contest pictures.

First of all guys, thank you to everyone who supported the contest the first time around you guys are most of the reason this is even running again. A big thank you to Hawkeye and bladeiai, both of them have donated time (and money.. and what I can only assume is blood and sweat.. but you never know with these filthy traitor marines.. *cough* blade *cough*) I really cannot thank them enough. Finally a HUGE, GIGANTIC, TITAN-SIZED, APOCALYPTIC! Thank you to Fritz, for creating this forum, for supporting the community, for all the awesome work he does for us not only with 40k but in other areas too and for making this all possible. Can’t say thank you enough to any of these people, so all of you clap for them in your chairs at home! I’m sure they’ll hear you if you clap loud enough.

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