Author Topic: Hi!...I want a good small Blood Angels army but what should I get? Please Help!  (Read 204 times)

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Hello there!
I've been playing for a few games after coming to 40k since 08-09 (5ed?) but I've lost all of the games and I've been a bit frustrated. luckily my hobby shop allows proxy models therefore I was able to have some Tacticals, Devastators, Death Company but it doesn't seem to work...Now I know that I the codex will come and make things better but I would like some help from you Blood Angels players on where to start... I really like the lore of Sanguinius and the Blood Angels therefore I won't switch or play another army until I fully understand the Chapter itself...And my goal is an effective 30-40PL....The smaller the army the better because I would like to start small then slowly grow...and also that my budget is small...But anyways thanks in advance!  :) :) :) :) :) :)

1 Librarian Dreadnought (Still can switch to Death Company/Furioso Dreadnought)
1 Librarian (Dark Angels Company Master from Dark Vengeance boxset)
20 Tactical Marines (I've proxy these guys as mentioned)
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