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Discussion: Eldar / List Advice
« on: January 04, 2018, 11:19:44 PM »
Hi all,

I am looking for some feedback on the following list:

Battalion - Alaitoc

Rangers x 5
Rangers x 5
Dire Avengers x 5

Dark Reapers x 10 - Exarch AML


Battalion - Alaitoc

Rangers x 5
Rangers x 5
Dire Avengers x 5

6 Swooping Hawks - exarch with Hawk's Talon

Dark Reapers x 3 - Exarch Tempast Launcher
Dark Reapers x 3 - Exarch Tempast Launcher


Outrider - Saim-Hann??
Autach Skyrunner w/ Reaper Launcher, Laser Lance, Twin Shuriken Catapults

3 Shining Spears - exarch w/ star lance
3 Shining Spears - exarch w/ star lance
6 Swooping Hawks - exarch with Hawk's Talon

This army is aimed at playing the ITC champions missions.

A few thoughts I had:

Outrider detachment Saim-Hann vs Alaitoc. As Saim-Hann the Autach can take the Novalance, he can move and shoot his reaper launcher without -1 to hit and he and the shining spears can all re-roll the charges. The disadvantage is no -1 to hit them all, and the Autach can not provide re-rolls to the rest of the army.

Should I take the Autach at all? If I downgrade him to a spiritseer I can take a 3rd squad of 3 dark reapers with tempest launcher but I lose, the possibility of regaining a couple of command points as well as the clean up / assault deterrence.

Is the second Farseer worth it? The first one is there to babysit the large group of reapers for forewarning as well as guide and doom. The second one I intended to run as a more aggressive. Give him either the Falchou's wing or the Alaitoc deepstrike relic along with Executioner and Mind war or doom depending on what needs to die. He could be a great character assassin or dish out a large number of mortal wounds on some key targets. Is this worth the 100 points though, and the potential for giving away a fairly easy secondary objective point. If I dropping the characters to Farseer + 4 Spirit-seers I would have extra points to be able to take a 3rd squad of dark reapers as well as some extra hawks.

Discussion: Eldar / Ynnari Strategies Post Nerf
« on: November 17, 2017, 02:48:14 AM »
I think salty is an understatement at the moment. I have played exclusively Ynnari since they came out as they really closely represented my view of the Eldar(Aeldari) race as a whole and this nerf has in my opinion completely gutted them as a faction. However complaining on the internet isn't going to get me anywhere so I thought I would ask you guys your thoughts on the Ynnari after we rolled a 1 to save against the nerf bat.

Will you still use them?
If you are using them, how are you using them?
What are you changing from how you previously ran them?

My thoughts are that yes they can still be used, but more as an add-on to a craftworld army rather than as an army of their own. I am thinking at this point in time I will run the Yncarne + 10 wraithguard (D-scythes, single squad) + whatever else I need to make up my detachment. I think the key with Ynnari now will be running large squads to get the most out of limited soul bursts. The problem with running a large wraithguard squad with D-Sccythes is how to get them to the enemy. They can't take a serpent and they probably won't survive the walk across the board so that leaves webway strike. The only option I can see is dropping them in and attempting to cast quicken on them to get them in range, but relying on a WC7 power to go off for my 450 point unit to be able to do something isn't an idea I really relish.

Discussion: Eldar / Points cost for unit abilities
« on: July 23, 2017, 08:00:20 PM »
Hi all, I am wanting some further opinion on this as it has divided my usual play group and I have found conflicting opinions else where on the internet.

Do you pay points cost for a units abilities? Things that are listed not in the wargear section of the profile but under the abilities section.

The units this applies to from Eldar are the Hemlock and the Autach. These have Spiritstones, and a forceshield listed in their respective abilities.

The people that have argued for having to pay for them have simply stated that since there are costs for them in the index you have to pay for them. My counter argument is that both of those items are optional pieces of wargear that can be taken on other units and the costs are there to cover those units. Additionally the index states "Points per model (Does not include wargear), which to me means that you have to add the cost of anything listed in the wargear section, or the wargear options section.

No where I can see does it indicate that you have to pay for abilities that a unit has. It this is the case, why are some abilities free and others are not simply because they have the same name as a piece of wargear. For example Iron Halo on the space marine captain is an ability that gives a 4++ save, whereas the autach has an forceshield ability that gives it a 4++ save. Why would you have to pay for one but not the other.

Let me know your thoughts, and if I have been blind and simply missed one of the FAQs clarifying this please let me know. Additionally is there any other instances of abilities sharing a name with wargear in other factions?

Discussion: Eldar / 8th Edition Mathhammer #1 - The Wraithknight
« on: June 15, 2017, 02:56:58 AM »
I have heard a lot of opinions on the wraithknight in 8th edition ranging from it's completely useless now / never take it to how it is amazing so I decided to do the first of my mathhammer articles on the wraithknight.

I would like to thank The Mattler, who did the previous mathhammer articles that I really enjoyed reading. (Yes I am one of those people that likes doing maths and even reading about other peoples maths) I would also like to thank Neil Phillips for the spreadsheet that he did calculating the damage output of weapons against a large variety of targets. He did an amazing job including a large number of intricacies of different scenarios and special rules which made my job determining points efficiency much easier. (I found his spreadsheet over on 3++ is the new black forums / articles)

Points totals for anything have been removed to prevent any copyright issues.

Probability and that one time my squad of dire avengers took 20 wounds off an imperial knight
When I have talked about this kind of stuff with friends and/or randoms at my local game store, I have often been told that I am breaking the game by looking at it in this way and that there is no point because when you roll dice random random things happen. The Mattler in his previous articles explained exactly how I feel about it and why I do it.
I play the Eldar faction for its fluff and model range, but I can't use them in a game without understanding the rules.  Every rule in 40k can be reduced to a number, and 'psychology' is often a euphemism for exploiting another player's ignorance of probability.
Much like in the previous Mathhammer articles here, I am finding averages. This does not mean that these are the results that will always happen, but over a large number of games they give an indication of a units general performance. There is still most certainly an element of skill involved in playing the game and memorising these numbers or taking a perfectly optimised list according to these number will not automatically win you the game.

If you are interested more in probability distributions rather than the averages, have a look at the website The author there writes quite a few very insightful articles looking at probability distributions of units. His one on the wraithcannons vs the forgeworld melta cannon wraithknights was one of my favourites. At the time of writing he has not written any 8th edition articles, but given that the edition is not officially out yet I do expect there to be some coming.

  • As with previous mathhammer articles I am biased towards writing all comer lists as I am very rarely in a situation where I am writing a list to combat a specific opponent.
  • My calculations are based on Neil Phillips spreadsheet, which I have not done a thorough validity check on. I have assumed however that it is accurate due to it being used in quite a few other articles as well across multiple factions and by multiple people.
  • D6 are 3.5
  • D3 are 2
  • 2D6 pick the highest as 4.5
  • Weapons with multiple damage on targets with a single wound are accounted for appropriately, as in that multiple damage is effectively wasted
  • All calculations are done assuming the wraithknights are at peak functionality still, ie. no degradation of their stats has occurred. I don't have an image but I did check what happens when the weapons go to hitting on a 4+ or even a 5+ as the knight takes damage, and while it obviously reduces the damage output the differences between the weapons remain the same and the weapons that did better with 3+ to hit still do better all the way up to 5+ (If anyone is interested I can post the numbers)
I probably should have written this list out as I was doing the analysis rather than after. If there are any comments on how something has been done feel free to ask and I will update.

Note: There was an error found in the spreadsheet I used with D6 damage weapons, I have corrected for this error.

Interesting Note on Wraithknight Melee Weapons
As I first started this analysis I was a bit unsure on how to handle the sword wraithknight, and how to compare that accurately to the stomp (Titanic Feet) attack and the Titanic Wraithbone Fists of the gun wraithknight. I am still not sure this is the best method so if anyone has any better suggestions I can go back and revisit that.

Interesting note: In all cases I modelled, using the titanic wraithbone fists was worse than using the Titanic Feel stomp attack. Keep that in mind when fighting with your wraithknight, even against things such as Imperial knights or land raiders it is better to use the Titanic Feet instead of Fists.

In quite a few cases too, notably against anything T4 or below, and against some things that have invunerable saves Titanic Feet is better than using the ghostglaive.

To more accurately understand what you are paying for when you pay for the sword, I calculated the damage output of both the sword, the fists and the feet and in the situations where the sword was better I used the difference between using the sword and titanic feet as the damage output from the sword, since when buying the sword you are paying for that improvement to your melee capabilities. In the cases where the sword was not better than using titanic feet I treated the sword as having 0 damage output because the sword is offering no improvement over the other wraithknights in those cases.

The stats were taken directly from Neil Phillips spreadsheet to account for a large numbers of possible targets and to provide a representation all of the possible targets in the game. Targets not chosen here can either be accurately represented by one of the targets here, or can be interpolated between one of the targets here. The table outlines what each target is as follows:
Armour Save
Number of Wounds
Invulnerable Save

I have uploaded my results to imgur because I can't find a way to upload either images or spreadsheets here and formatting the large tables directly is too hard.

The first image is the offensive efficiency of the wraithknight and the second image is the defensive effeciency. In the first image the top half of it is the damage output of each of the weapons that can possible be equipped on a wraithknight. The numbers for the ranged weapons come directly from Neil Phillips spreadsheet while the melee weapons are ones I have calculated using his spreadsheet.

The second half of the first image is the important part, these are the points cost of dealing one wound (on average) to a given target. Lower numbers are better here.

On the second image, the top half of the image is the points cost inflicted by firing each of the given weapons once at each of the targets. Again lower numbers are better here. These numbers are calculated using the damage output numbers from Neil Phillips imperial weapons spreadsheet against targets that are representative of a wraithknight either with or without a scattershield.

The bottom half of the second image is the differences between the best option defensively and the other options.

In all calculations a green highlighted cell indicates the best option in the row / column, and a blue cell is one that is pretty good but not the best and I will probably touch on in my conclusions.

The following acronyms are used:
WKHW - Wraithknight Heavy Wraithcannon
WKSC - Wraithknight Suncannon
WKGG - Wraithknight Ghostglaive
ShC - Shuriken Cannon
SL - Scatter Laser
StC - Starcannon
GG - Ghostglaive

Interestingly the starcannon seems to be the best secondary weapon to put on the wraithknight which is not what I expected given that when looking at the heavy weapons themselves the star cannon is too expensive and is it is better covered by the cheaper shuriken cannons or brightlances for heavy tanks and monsters. Against all but T3 and T4 with low armour saves the star cannon is better.

When it comes to the wraithknights primary weapons, as expected, and even given how I treated the sword in my analysis, it is the best weapon for destroying high toughness targets with good armour saves such as lemon russ tanks and land raiders. This is about where the benifits of the sword end though, in all other cases the performance is better by either the sun cannon or the heavy wraithcannon and when looking at the numbers for the heavy wraithcannons against the same targets there is so little difference that the downside of having to reach melee range is not worth it. Sadly, given how awesome the model for it is, at the moment there is no reason to bring the sword.

When comparing the offensive efficiency of the heavy wraithcannon and the suncannon a valid argument could be made for either. I believe that the heavy wraithcannons are the way to go, the increase in number of shots for each of these from 1 shot each to two shots each has done wonders for this weapon. Interestingly the heavy wraithcannons are better than the suncannon against light vehicles, which is one of the targets the suncannon was touted as excelling against. The suncannon is better against multiple lower toughness targets and targets with high invunerable saves where the higher number of shots is all that matters. Eldar still have plenty of other firepower within their army to deal with the lower toughness higher model count targets so I think a wraithknights firepower is wasted there and therefore the heavy wraithcannons are the way to go.

The downside of the heavy wraithcannons though comes when you consider the defensive efficiency of the wraithknight. As expected the best wraithknight defensively is the cheapest one with a scattershield, which is the ghostglaive and shuriken cannons. Interestingly when comparing these numbers to the numbers The Mattler generated last edition, it appears the wraithknight has increased in defensive efficiency against nearly all weapons. In general it has become easier to wound (everything can wound it and no more FNP) but the massive increase in wounds more than compensates for this, even with weapons doing more than 1 damage per wound.

To give some context to these numbers we can convert them into a number of shooting attacks required to kill the wraithknight.

Weapons:                  Lascannon        Grav Cannon w Amp        Meltagun (Half Range)

With Scattershield:        23.14                        24                                20.25
Without:                       18.51                        16                                 16.2

As can be seen especially with the grav cannon, where it takes 50% more shooting attacks to kill the knight with scattershield it is a reasonable loss in defensive efficiency.

Overall this reinforces the fact that there is a decent argument for both the suncannon or the heavy wraithcannons, depending on what you are looking for in your army. Star cannons are the way to go for the secondary weapon options.

I plan to update this article when the rules for the forgeworld wraithknights are released.

FAQ / Forgeworld Update: I am working on the update to this to include the forgeworld knights, but also note that the star cannons are now bad. I will hopefully soon get to redoing some of the calcs to find out which secondary weapon is now best and if this changes anything.

Discussion: Eldar / 1750 Army - Need Help
« on: February 04, 2016, 07:03:13 PM »
So I have a 1750 point tournament that is running this month and I am struggling to decide what to take for my last few points.

The restrictions on the list are, one big toy (Super Heavy Vehicle or Gargantuan Creature) allowed and no more than 250 points can be spent on anything from Forgeworld. Apart from that there is no restrictions.

The missions are run similar to the ETC format, with missions consisting on an Eternal War objective, maelstrom objectives as well as kill points and the normal secondary objectives of warlord, line breaker and first blood.

My army that I have decided on taking so far consists of:

1 Farseer on Jetbike

5 groups of 3 Jetbikes with scatter lasers.

5 Wraithguard with D-Scythes in a Wave Serpent, Serpent has Scatter Lasers, Shuriken Cannon and Holofields

1 Warp Hunter with Holofields

1 Wraithknight with Ghostglaive, Scattershield and Scatter Laser

That leaves me with 370 points left to spend.

1st Option:
5 Wraithguard with Wraithcannons
1 Wave Serpent with Brightlance, Shuriken Cannon and Holofields
1 Spiritseer

2nd Option:
1 Crimson Hunter Exarch
5 Warp Spiders with Exarch
5 Warp Spiders with Exarch

Both options are 370 points exactly. The first option is more of my usual style or army which is take a few scary things that most opponents see and think that must die immediatly, run them directly at the opponent in my first turn, forcing them to deal with the scary units and think a lot less about the jetbikes that are still putting out a lot of firepower and scoring me points.

I think that the second option gives me more opportunity for scoring the maelstrom points without sacrificing the jet bike units. The warp spider squads are perfect for being fast enough to get to an objective while still being and to survive due to flickerjump. The crimson hunter also gives me a great anti air option which I would otherwise be lacking. The warp spiders also bring the rending but not rending that is lacking on the scatter lasers on the jetbikes.

The problem with the second option is that I feel I might have too much str 6 shooting and not enough things to deal with any high AV, high toughness or just 2+ saves that my scatter lasers will struggle with.

I'm looking for some other peoples thoughts on this.

Discussion: Eldar / 1500 Point Maelstrom Tournament
« on: July 23, 2015, 09:27:40 AM »
I have an upcoming 1500 point tournament that runs standard maelstrom of war missions. This is the army that I plan to run for it.

Eldar Craftworlds: Combined Arms Detachment

Farseer Skyrunner, Singing Spear

5 Windriders, 5 Scatter Lasers

5 Windriders, 5 Scatter Lasers

3 Windriders, 3 Scatter Lasers

5 Fire Dragons, Exarch

5 Wraith Guard, D-Sythes

1 Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Brightlances, Shuriken Cannon, Holofields

1 Wave Serpent, Twin Linked Scatter Laser, Shuriken Cannon, Holofields

Fast Attack:
5 Warp Spiders, Exarch

Lord of War:
1 Wraithknight, 2 Heavy Wraithcannons, 1 Scatter Laser

Total of 1496 points.

It has a pretty heavy amount of good old eldar cheese with 15 scatter lasers and 7 D weapons in there but in my opinion that is what tournaments are for and I certainly don't bring this to every friendly game.

I haven't had a chance to play test this yet as I am still assembling and painting some of the models but my general idea was that I would use the Wraithknight and the two serpents fairly aggressively to try and keep my opponent out of the middle of the field for fear of stomps, d-sythes and fire dragons. The jetbikes would then be free to sit back and take objectives or shoot all those scatter lasers. The warp spiders could either do the same thing or could possible even deep strike if I thought that I needed to get them on the other side of the table as soon as possible. Obviously the serpents and the knight will fall eventually but then I still have the contents which can camp in midfield hopefully in cover and maybe get a few more objectives.

What are your opinions on the list? What do you think it will struggle against and any important tactics I should focus on?

Once I have finished assembling and painting I will hopefully be able to report on some of my practice battles.

Discussion: Eldar / Eldar Pyskers
« on: June 10, 2015, 11:51:06 PM »
So I have been reading some of The Mattlers articles on here (Great articles btw) and in each of them he has said that eldar psykers are not worth the points spent on them. I then took a look at my own list which included 2 farseers and the more I thought about it the more I was unsure what I actually wanted to achieve with the farseers.

A little bit of background about, I haven't played many games as I was mostly interested in the hobby side of 40k so I don't have a lot of play testing of what I should do with them.

My 2000 point list is:

2 * Farseer on jetbike with spear.

3 * 3 Scatter Laser Jetbikes
5 Dire Avengers
Wave Serpent with Holofields, Bright Lances and Shuriken cannon Upgrade

Fast Attack
Crimson Hunter Exarch

Heavy Support
1 Fire Prism
2 Night Spinners

Lord of War
Wraithknight with 1 Scatter Laser

Aspect Host Formation
5 Warp Spiders with Exarch
6 Swooping Hawks with Exarch
5 Fire Dragons with Exarch
1 Wave Serpent with Holofields, Scatter Lasers, Shuriken cannon Upgrade

If you use Farseers, what do you use them for? What tables do you roll on and what powers do you look for? Are they really that bad?

With regard to my list, should I keep the farseers or swap them out for an Autach in with the swooping hawks or spiders? If I do keep them, what powers should I look for and how would I be best to use them.

Discussion: Painting / New painter getting uneven messing looking coat
« on: August 15, 2013, 09:55:20 PM »
I am quite new to the hobby and am in the process of assembling / painting my first army. I am collecting eldar and I am planning them in a colour scheme similar to the ulthwe scheme. My problem occurs when I am painting the bone colour over the black primer. Whatever I seem to do, the bone colour looks messy. I don't try to go directly to the bone colour, I use a couple of layers of Zandri Dust to start with before I do my layers of Ushabti Bone. Yes I do thin my paints though I am not sure if I do it too little or too much.

The black and red that I have painted appears to be fine. I am after some advice on what I can do to make it look better. Is it just my technique that I need to practice, or is it something else I am doing wrong?

Thanks in advance.

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