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Blessings from the Omnissiah upon you,

I'm currently starting to build a 2000 point AdMech army: 2 spearhead detachments of a few vanguard/ranger squads, standard HQ loadouts, kastelans, dunecrawlers and ironstriders. My first thought is if the army is a little too cheesy, because so many heavies would be on the tables. Normally I wouldn't go so over the top, but as Fritz so frequently says, we play to win, right? Naturally this leads to why AdMech doesn't have a single transport model, regardless of air support. Musings are going around about Forge World transports getting rules once the new codex drops, but my concern is what many AdMech players have: why shell out the money just to get a mini type that every other army has for a far more affordable price point? The standard answer is get is "GW wants to make money." Do they? AdMech is among the newest, if not the newest army released with no transport. Seasoned players I've spoken to have shied away from starting AdMech for one of two reasons: their buddy is already building one, or there is no transport.

When Imperium II came out, I picked it up and looked at comparisons to other comparable armies and saw no real deficits among our troops, but they drop like flies en route to where they need to be. I don't think any AdMech player is asking for units to get a giant boost, they just need something to get rangers/vanguard, priests, etc. up the field as quick as other armies do.

So where does this leave me? Where I started. 2 spearheads of almost naked vanguard to serve as meatshields against deep strike, with dunecrawlers and kastelans fitted with as much ranged weapons as possible, Cawl to help w/ rerolls, etc. I'd love to melee out supporting units, but I just don't see a way that they'd be successful on the tabletop.

Is there a way to get Fritz to make a video on this? I love the man's channel, and have learned so much from his content. What are your thoughts?


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