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Bit of Backstory first:
Back in December, I stopped playing 40k because the local meta was getting full of cheesers and people who brought things they knew I could not deal with (such as flyers when I didn't own anything that could take them out or a Stompa during my brief time playing Space Wolves when I had no Anti-Vehicle weapons). So yeah, I just stopped playing. I wasn't having fun and none of my games felt fair or balanced even though both sides were about equal in points.

Well, I was informed that the FLGS's 40k group had banned the people I had been playing against, so I bought the Astra Militarum Start Collecting set and entered the Tank Shock event on Friday. Saturday, at the Build A Model part of the Tank Shock event, while I was assembling the Vanquisher, one of the other players in the 40k group gave me a BUNCH of stuff because he heard I only had the Start Collecting box and couldn't build a full 500 point army for the Skirmish events. So I went from 10 Infantry Squads, 1 Heavy Weapons Team, 1 Commissar and 1 Vanquisher to having a BUNCH of IG stuff. Everything listed is already assembled and I can't change the weaponry without dismantling the models. Especially the Vanquisher.

I picked Astra Militarum since I played as Imperial Guard in the first Dawn of War games, which is what got me into 40k in the first place. So I figured I'll give them a try in the tabletop.

This Saturday is the next part of the Tank Shock event. A 500 point skirmish tournament where each player is encouraged to bring at least one vehicle. The list I made is apparently subpar according to two friends I discussed it with since I never played IG before.

So, I currently own:
1 Commissar with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword

1 Vanquisher with 2 Multimeltas and 1 Lascannon.

1 Stormtrooper/Scion Commander with Powerfist and Plasma Pistol
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Sergeant with Plasmagun (Assuming it's a sergeant. He's holding the Plasmagun and pointing with his other hand)
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Sergeant wtih Laspistol (No visible CCW but the Laspistol has an underslung 'chainsaw')
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Medic with Plasmagun
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Medic with Meltagun
4 Stormtroopers/Scions with Lasguns
2 Stormtroopers/Scions with a weapon I don't recognize (Looks like a Lasgun with a modified barrel)
4 Stormtroopers/Scions with Plasmaguns
6 Stormtroopers/Scions with Meltaguns
1 Stormtrooper/Scion with Flamer

1 Cadian Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol
1 Cadian Sergeant with Laspistol and Power Sword
1 Cadian Sergeant with Laspistol and Chainsword
1 Cadian Vox Caster with Lasgun
27 Cadians with Lasguns
2 Cadians with Flamers
2 Cadians with Grenade Launchers
4 Cadian Heavy Weapon Teams (3 Lascannons, 1Missile Launcher)
3 Unassembled Cadians from the Start Collecting box

1 Catachan Sergeant with Chainsword and Lasgun
1 Catachan Sergeant with Plasma Pistol and Combat Knife
1 Catachan Sergeant with Close Combat Weapon (Some kind of staff with a skull on it) and Meltagun
1 Catachan Sergeant with Lasgun and Power Sword
1 Catachan Medic with Lasgun
1 Catachan Vox Caster with Lasgun
14 Catachan with Lasguns
2 Catachan with Flamers
6 Catachan Heavy Weapon Teams (3 Lascannons, 3 Autocannons)

1 Mixed Cadian/Catachan Heavy Weapon Team with a Heavy Bolter (The Catachan is the spotter, a Cadian is manning the gun)

This is the list I had planned on using:
HQ: 180pts
Company Command Squad
-1 Commissar with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword
-1 Company Commander with Plasma Pistol and Power Fist
-2 Veterans with Meltaguns
-2 Veterans with Lasguns

Troops: 155pts
Veterans Squad
-1 Veteran Sergeant with CCW and Laspistol
-1 Veteran with Grenade Launcher
-8 Veterans with Lasguns
-Entire squad has Krak Grenades

Veterans Squad
-1 Veteran Sergeant with Power Sword and Laspistol
-1 Veteran with Grenade Launcher
-8 Veterans with Lasguns

Heavy Support: 165pts
Leman Russ Squadron
-Vanquisher with Vanquisher Battle Cannon, 2x Multi-Meltas and 1 Lascannon

TOTAL: 500pts

My opponents are 3x Tau, 1x Eldar, 1x Imperial Fists, 2x Grey Knights, 1x Necrons and 1x Khorne Daemonkin

Now for the questions:
Should I change my list like I'm being told or keep it as is? Personally, I think I did pretty well for what I had within the point limit.

If I should change it, what should I bring? Please keep it to what I have, as I wont have money in time to buy anything before the tournament.

What tactics should I utilize going into this? I'm use to playing Power Armour armies so I doubt the same tactics will be useful with IG. I've played Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Ultramarines since starting 40k in 2009.

What should I look out for from my opponents? Apparently none them are really cheesing. The Space Wolves player is bringing a Stormfang. He told me today when I was at the shop for another game. He knows I had trouble with flyers in the past and just wanted to give me a heads up.

Also, I want to mention that the final tournament in the Tank Shock event is a 1750pt game. Is there any way I can get even close with what I have? I don't have to worry about it for like...4 or 6 weeks but yeah.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: New Blood Angels Player.
« on: October 30, 2015, 11:39:01 PM »
I just find it as an odd change compared to my old army, Space Wolves. However, since I have a lot more Blood Angels I'm now playing them.

Although I'm currently torn between Lamenters or Carmine Blades when it comes to paint scheme.

Also tempted to use the Red Seraphs and come up with my own colors. I've been working on a fanfiction for them anyways.

Discussion: Blood Angels / New Blood Angels Player.
« on: October 30, 2015, 08:30:55 PM »
Right, so got a massive amount of Blood Angels recently, after doing a trade with two friends of mine. The result is this collection:

1 Captain
1 Librarian
1 Librarian Biker (Force Sword that looks like it's the blade from the Librarian Dreadnought)
1 Sanquinary Priest

1 Five Man Deathcompany Squad, all Jump Packs
1 Regular Dreadnought
1 Furioso Dreadnought
2 Five Man Terminator Squads (One squad has an assault cannon, the other squad has cyclone missile launcher. One of the sergeants seems to be modified from the Deathstorm Captain)

1 Cassor the Damned
2 Ten Man Tactical Squads

Dedicated Transport
1 Rhino

Fast Attack
1 Five Man Biker Squad

Discussion: Painting / Re: Painting Project: Emperor's Wolves
« on: September 01, 2015, 01:09:07 PM »
The Testor paints I'm using are very thin...more so than my FolkArt, Apple Barrel or Citadel paints.

Discussion: Painting / Painting Project: Emperor's Wolves
« on: September 01, 2015, 01:16:01 AM »
Only the one on the far left can be considered 'done', it has everything but work on the base. The terminator and beakie are far from complete. I call them the Emperor's Wolves. I didn't like the Space Wolves color scheme so I looked at other known chapters and stumbled upon the Emperor's Wolves. All that was known about them was that they lost their 8th Company, which became worshipers of Khorne. Since their scheme was unknown, came up with one of my own.

I know they're probably not that great but they're turning out to be a lot better than my earlier stuff.

The one on the far left was used to test multiple schemes until I finally settled for what I have now (which may explain the red that shows up on his shoulder in one of the pictures). The terminator is being used to test a terminator scheme, wanted them to be a bit different from the rest of the army since they're elites. The one on the far right, whom I call beakie, is being used to test out colors for scrolls/purity seals and fur.

Colors used:
Testor's Gold (Helmet Eyes + Plasma 'coils')
Testor's Silver (Shoulderpads, lining some weapons)
Testor's Flat Black spray (Basecoating/Priming)
Folkart's Licorice (Gives the black more of a shine)
Folkart's Coffee Latte (Scrolls/Purity seals, also considering using it for skin color)
Apple Barrel's Pewter Grey (For the stones on some of the Space Wolves bits)
Citadel's Mournfang Brown (or the fur color)
Citadel's Leadbelcher (For the unpainted parts of the weapons)
Citadel's Ulthuan Grey (For bones)
Citadel's Agrax Earthshade (For the licorice, leadbelcher, pewter grey and ulthuan grey bits, the shade/wash turning the ulthuan grey into something more bone like)

Discussion: Space Wolves / New to Space Wolves
« on: August 05, 2015, 04:04:49 AM »
My interest in 40k started when I got Dawn of War: Dark Crusade for Christmas one year and I loved the Tau, mostly due to the fact they were the most overpowered thing in the game at the time. Eventually I graduated High School and as a gift my grandmother bought me Assault on Black Reach, my first tabletop set...besides a Trukk I got a few years earlier from a swapmeet and eventually lost. My friends would borrow my Orks and I would play the marines. A few years down the road, my Landlord gave me Dark Veangeance, the Sniper Scouts Kit, Dark Angels Starter Painting kit, Dark Angels Veterans kit and some brushes, more paint and glue. So, I went Dark Angels since I had so much marines.

Time passed and I got tired of Dark Angels, eventually selling them. I used the money, as well as money I had already saved up, and purchased Stormclaw and Deathstorm, with some extra bits. The idea being I would play Orks and get my brothers to play Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Nids. Eventually my grandmother and I moved from San Jacinto, California to Pueblo, Colorado. My brothers, not coming along, gave me their armies so I wound up having four armies (one 2000 point army and three, roughly, 700 point armies). After the move, I considered playing Tau for a time, but nothing became of it. As time passed, I traded my Orks to a new friend of mine in exchange for enough Legion of Everblight that I could play 50pt games of Warmachine/Hordes. I was taking a break from 40k but when it came time to return, I decided to do so as Space Wolves, one reason is because I like the look of the models, the other reason being that I wanted to play a power armour army that felt unique.

As of now, I currently own:
Krom Dragongaze
1 Generic Wolf Lord
10 Wolf Guard Terminators (One 5 man 'Assault' Squad and One 5 man 'Ranged' Squad)
5 Blood Claws
5 Grey Hunters
5 Fenrisian Wolves

I play at a local game store called Chaos Games and More, my most recent game being last Sunday at 1000 points vs Slaanesh Daemons. The local meta is pretty chill, although I'm still getting my ass kicked due to being able to only play 1000 point games with limited resources and having to go against people who basically bring things that are VERY hard for me to kill. I've been thinking about getting The Warriors of the Fang from my local store, but I'm not sure if it'll add enough new blood to my army to liven things up and hopefully make things a bit more fair for me. I'm also trying to trade away my Tyranids and Blood Angels with the hopes of getting more Space Wolves or money for more Space Wolves.

Any suggestions and/or help would be much appreciated.

I was thinking about coming up with my own paint theme for my army, the problem is that according to lore the only known successor chapter of the Space Wolves is more or less no longer in existence and because of this there have been no other Space Wolves successors. This is a bit of an issue because there is a player  in the group that is real into fluff and likes things to be fluffy and he's a cool guy, so I want my army to be fluffy as well. On the Lexicanum website, I managed to find a chapter called the Emperor's Wolves. Nothing is known about them, not their founding, father chapter, chapter master...even their scheme is unknown. All that is known is that they lost their 8th Company to Chaos, with the 8th Company becoming the Blood Disciples. So, I was thinking of playing the remaining loyal Emperor's Wolves. My problem now is coming up with a good scheme for them, currently I'm thinking black as a primary color but I don't know if that will come across as lazy or not.

General Discussion / Re: I'll write your list
« on: February 13, 2015, 01:01:58 AM »
1500 Points Ork Horde Detachment Big Mek-Themed List using only units chosen from the Ork Forces in Stormclaw and Assault On Black Reach, 2 Mekmob Bundles and a Big Mek with KFF and Choppa.
what units come in assault on black reach?

1 Warboss with Shoota, Power Klaw and Boss Pole
5 Nobz (No Upgrades)
18 Slugga Boyz
2 Boyz with Big Shootas
3 Deffkoptas with Twin-Linked Rokkit Launchas

General Discussion / Re: I'll write your list
« on: February 11, 2015, 09:06:21 PM »
1500 Points Ork Horde Detachment Big Mek-Themed List using only units chosen from the Ork Forces in Stormclaw and Assault On Black Reach, 2 Mekmob Bundles and a Big Mek with KFF and Choppa.

40K Rules Questions / Question regarding Dedicated Transports
« on: February 07, 2015, 07:44:15 AM »
I don't own any transports yet, but I plan on getting two Devilfish with my first Tau Empire purchase. It is my understanding that transports count as the same unit type as the squad they are purchased for. I was discussing this with a friend, because I want to eventually field 4 squads of Fire Warriors deployed in Devilfish. My friend said I can't do this, because the transports are troops and therefor they take up troop slots in my organization chart. Is this true?

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