Author Topic: Slaanesh lusts for your souls! - Chaos Space Marines  (Read 1020 times)

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Slaanesh lusts for your souls! - Chaos Space Marines
« on: December 11, 2013, 09:32:21 PM »
Noise Marines

Varlo Daraay, Champion of Slaanesh - Doom Siren (Feel No Pain)
Garm Vondin - Blastmaster (Tank Hunter)
Seyvar Lonei - Sonic Blaster (Relentless)
Deng Vane - Sonic Blaster
Nej Baize - Sonic Blaster
Kham Dun
Gar Carden
Val Cardar

  • Champion has FNP because he needs to stay alive! Doom Siren as template weapons are going to be key.
  • Blastmaster because it's the best weapon in the CSM book. Str 8, Heavy 1 Blast, Pinning and Ignores Cover, given him tank hunter in case I need to deal with light tanks.
  • 3 Sonic Blasters, as again they ignore cover, and salvo 2/3 can be helpful against horde armies. 1 Guy has relentless so he can move and shoot at full potency.
  • Then 3 Regular Marines, I was tempted to drop these can buy some standard Cultists... Still might do, not sure if 3 Fearless MEQ will be better than 10 Cultists
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Re: Slaanesh lusts for your souls! - Chaos Space Marines
« Reply #1 on: December 16, 2013, 07:38:44 AM »
Really strong list, would be scary to face for sure.
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