Author Topic: Escalation at a local tournament: Impressions and Rant?  (Read 1194 times)

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Escalation at a local tournament: Impressions and Rant?
« on: May 05, 2014, 09:35:04 PM »
So I went to a local tournament at my favorite local store and enjoyed 3 games with 3 great opponents.  I posted up my list in the Space Marine section and then posted about my games in the same thread.  I wanted to share some thoughts I have about Escalation being at the tournament and what it was like facing down The D. 

In my second game I faced the guns of an IG oh, sorry "Astra Militarum" Shadowsword.  At least I think that's what it was.  That's my 1st problem with Escalation.  I have no idea what's in that book except for what I read on posts or listen to in podcasts.  Now the same could be said about some codices since I do not own them and do not know what some units do.  However I think it goes beyond that since bringing super-heavies fundamentally changes the rules of the game.  Now I know 7th edition is rumored to be out later this month and will make this argument invalid since, again, rumor is that super heavy rules will be included.  If that's true then great.

I had heard about extra warlord abilities and that eliminating a certain number of hull points equals an extra victory point but my biggest problem is what I will always ever refer to derisively as The D.  Pay premium points for a 3++ save? Well too bad, I brought The D.  Hunkered down behind a bolstered defense?  Well that's laughable anyway in the ignore cover save edition anyway but oh yeah on top of that I brought The D.  Have Eternal Warrior?  Well that's just too bad because you just got slapped with The D. 

Now I know these complaints have been leveled before and I'm fully aware that this is complaining but honestly the only way I get games in is at tournaments.  With my schedule the only way I can reliably play games is scheduling it a month or more in advance.  It sucks, but for now that's how it is.  Ok, enough about my sad story and back to the real question.  Am I totally off base here?  I mean for a game that already is criticized for being a turn based game as opposed to an initiative style game why add The D and have absolutely no interaction other than picking up models.  I also play X-Wing (badly) and my full attention is always on the game and therefore I have a ton of fun even though I get turned into space dust every game.  Watching my opponent roll dice and then picking up my models with no other interaction isn't my idea of fun.  Now maybe new rules will fix that but until that happens I don't think Escalation has any place in anything other than friendly "basement" play.

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Re: Escalation at a local tournament: Impressions and Rant?
« Reply #1 on: May 12, 2014, 12:55:08 PM »
We'll I'm my meta I've had this problem when playing against a our local uber competitive tournament tau player where your basically just putting your stuff on the table they roll dice, and you pick your stuff up off the board, of course you'd still get invulnerable save but still in any form of something powerful enought to kill most of your army before you can do anything it's no fun.... In my case my response to him is my imperial knight army or my transcendent c'tan as it evens it out in my book... Experiences may vary.  However, I almost think GW is trying to make apocalypse the norm as with unbound army's plus superheavys I think they just do things like this to sell as much as they can. When it comes to playing against super heavyset when they don't choose the D weapons it can still be a very fun game if it's a group of friends I'd suggest just trying to make it a house rule to use non-D weapons.  Now to the subject of knights their D weapon also powerful but can be mitigated and avoided using good tactics so it's almost now worth considering them a real threat in this category, for example I played my knights against Orks one knight spent the entire game plowing through ork boys attempting to get the guys I really wanted killing only trucks with the melta gun then only killing maybe 1 powerful unit, 3 squads of 10 boys, and 3 trucks total mind you this was 1 non ranged D weapon bu it took 7 turns to do it.  By using cleaver usage of terrain he slowed my knights down and stopped me from getting the charges i needed, you have to keep in mind that D weapons still follow the basic rules LoS terrain still works if the weapon can't see your guys it can't kill them even if it does ungodly amounts of wounds it can still only kill what is in LoS.  One final thing to the defense of some of us regular escalation players for tournaments locally, and personally someday at larger tournaments like adepticon , sometimes you bring super heavys not out of the attempt to be cheesy but simply to counter others super heavys, shadows hoard may by we'll be in the list to counter a Titan should one show up, that in its own right give merit to taking D weapons to tournaments rather then the average Str 8, or Str 10 weapons that you can take on a bane blade.  Sorry if I got a bit off base just though I'd touch on a few different super heavy
/the D subjects...