Author Topic: 390 point CQC veterans (heresy era), is this unit too expensive?  (Read 929 times)

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I've been tweaking my heresy era lists around and I have recently replaced my terminators with veterans. Heresy vets can select a special rule for the squad, I run furious charge. The whole squad can take melta bombs for 25 points flat. 10 man max size.

As I play word bearers, my lists are centered around assaults, +1 resolution base (characters and abilities buff this further) reroll sweep and 3d6 morale (no units have ATSKNF) so this is big. I load out the squad with 10 power weapons, melta bombs and 2 melta guns, and then give them furious charge. Also I take an upgrade that either gives me zealot 1&2, +1 Str 3&4, or daemon on 5&6. With power axes I can have Str 6 marines with 4 attacks on the charge (2 base 1 pistol and CCW and 1 for charging) combined with +1 intitive and Str marines. Striking second against marines but first against artificer armoured units and big models (Wraith Knights, Riptides etc) at Str 7 int 2? (Does furious make them int 2?) ap 2  axes or Str 6 int 5 ap 3 swords. (Primary use)

The idea with this unit is to meat blender power armoured units and attempt to sweep. I need to avid terminators as I won't really be able to damage them or they will dish out loads of damage with lighting class b4 I get to strike.

My only concern is the hefty 340+ Price tag. 20 man marine squads cost 320 roughly and 10 man come to around 180 ish. This unit will be protected from bolsters by the void shield relic (large blast av 12 shield on my warlord that will be attached). Is this to much to pay for a almost Death Star assault unit? (they still have bolters and 2 meltas so I have dakka)

Notable addition is my HQ can take biomancy and telepathy psychic for EW, invis -1 toughness for target unit shenagins. Will probably be using bio

Sorry for the long post.
Is this unit to expensive? 20 man units come to 340. With the amount of ap3 that can be throw around these days (normal 40k) is this unit to many eggs in one basket?
Thanks guys
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