Author Topic: 1500 points - Dreadnought Circus  (Read 348 times)

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1500 points - Dreadnought Circus
« on: February 21, 2017, 03:49:31 AM »
I love dreadnoughts, the aesthetic, the fluff, painting them... and fielding them. So I thought to myself, 'is there a way of running all the dreads at once?" (Not counting the dorito and contemptor, because they look wrong and I wanted to keep the list to 1,500.)
The general plan is to infiltrate the scouts for scout shenanigans, and surge forwards with everything else, rolling the enemy over with high strength, low ap attacks and shots from the dreadnoughts. The chaplain in the assault squad and the ironclad will come in turn one and purge all the infantry they can with holy fire. I'll be using raptors chapter tactics, which is raven guard tactics plus if a unit remains stationary all bolters, combi-bolters used as bolters and bolt pistols become heavy 1 and rending. So hopefully the tac and scout marines can keep the enemy infantry off the dreads from range while the assault marines do it up close, freeing the dreads up to kill vehicles, mcs and any more expensive infantry at range and with Dreadnought power fists.
I know it's not the most competitive list ever but I think it should work. C&C welcome, I'm looking for advice.

Dreadnought circus


Power sword

Jump pack
Melta bomb


Tactical marines (10)

Scouts (10)
Heavy bolter (hellfire shells)

Fast attack

Assault marines (10)
Power axe and combat shield on the sargent
Two flamers


Multi melta
Storm bolter powerfist

Venerable dreadnought
Plasma cannon
Heavy flamer power fist

Ironclad dreadnought
Heavy flamer power fist
Heavy flamer seismic hammer
Drop pod (dedicated transport)

Heavy/relic (I'm not sure how it works, the pdf doesn't say)

Leviathan dreadnought
Leviathan seige claw with melta
Leviathan storm cannon

One question for the leviathan. It starts with two siege claws, and 4 attacks in the profile, with a note saying one attack has been added to the profile for having two close combat weapons. It also says that each time a siege claw is replaced by a storm cannon, the leviathan loses an attack. So if you took two storm cannons, would you only have one attack? You loose one for each storm cannon and the extra attack from two cc weapons. And equally, with taking one storm cannon, do you lose two attacks, one for the cannon itself and one for the loss of the extra attack for two cc weapons, leaving you with 2 attacks?