Author Topic: Wolf Guard Terminators and Cyclone Missile Launcher  (Read 787 times)

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Wolf Guard Terminators and Cyclone Missile Launcher
« on: June 23, 2017, 01:15:48 PM »
Back in 7th edition (i.e. less than a week ago), one could tack a Cyclone Missile Launcher onto 1 in 5 Wolf Guard Terminators (that did not already include another heavy weapon).  This means that unlike codex or Blood Angel terminators, a WG terminator could have a Thunder Hammer and Storm Shield (or some other combination of weapons) and a CML. 

Can this occur still in 8th edition?  The wording looks similar.  In 7th edition, the unit entry indicated that the storm bolter was "replaced" by a Heavy Flamer or Assault Cannon, but pointedly did not indicate that the CML replaced anything.  It is similar in Index Imperium 1 because the unit entry indicates that a model may "replace" the storm bolter with a weapon from the terminator heavy weapons list or just "take" a cyclone missile launcher (even though the CML+Storm Bolter) is listed in the terminator heavy weapons list.  I assume then that the point cost is identical to the wargear listing and the model is paying a 2 point tax for the non-existent storm bolter (assuming a TH/SS load-out)?

However, the WG pack leader in terminator armour for the Long Fangs only ("only!") has the ability to "replace" his storm bolter for a heavy weapon from the terminator heavy weapons list, which includes the CML+storm bolter.  I take it that this means that for the Long Fang WG Terminator pack leader, the model can only have the CML + Storm Bolter + some melee weapon combo, and not a TH/SS or Wolf Claws + CML?


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Re: Wolf Guard Terminators and Cyclone Missile Launcher
« Reply #1 on: June 23, 2017, 03:14:33 PM »
The point of this one is so that you can replace the Storm Bolter with a Shield and still get the Cyclone.  You can't trade the Storm Bolter for a Shield and trade that same Storm Bolter for a Cyclone and Storm Bolter or other heavy weapon.  You've already gotten rid of it.  You won't ever have the extra Storm Bolter in this case because you are taking a Cyclone outside of the 'replace' list.

The Long Fang blah blah can never take a Storm Shield.  It's not in his lists of things to take.  He can take one item from the melee weapons list to replace the sword and a Combi or Heavy weapon.  From a gameplay perspective, this makes sense.  The unit is meant to be shooty and with wound allocation at your choice, the player would tank so many high AP value wounds onto a friggin 3++ model, protecting the whole squad.  I'm sure this was intentional.