Author Topic: Acts of faith vs shooting at characters - a reply from frontline gaming  (Read 259 times)

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Below is a reply to an email I received from frontline gaming in regards to Acts of faith and if it was possible to shoot at characters in the Acts of faith (as it was perceived that it wasn't the shooting phase)

Frankie Giampapa <>

Today, 2:22 AM
Hello Roy,

  The sisters shoot as if it were the shooting phase so would not be able to shoot the character.

  You do not receive cover if 1 model is outside of the cover.


On Sat, Jul 8, 2017 at 4:32 PM, <> wrote:

Rules and sisters of Battle Question

Question 1 - Sisters of battle attacking characters at will
Is it intentional sisters of battle can attack characters using ACTs of Faith at the start of the turn outside of the shooting phase?.

From the FAQ...
Q. When can I target an enemy Character that has a Wounds characteristic of less than 10? A. Such a Character can only be targeted in the Shooting phase if it is the nearest visible model to the firing model. You can target enemy Characters without restriction in the Psychic phase*, Charge phase, Fight phase, etc. You may also make shooting attacks at enemy Characters which occur outside the Shooting phase (i.e. when resolving Overwatch in the Charge phase). *Note, however, that some psychic powers, such as Smite, do not target units but instead affect the nearest enemy unit.

e.g. Turn 1 - Retributer squad uses an Act of Faith to fire 12 heavy bolter shots at a character in the opposing army within 36" range.

Did retributer squads just become the Sisters of Battle Sniper teams? Buy 3 Retributer squads, 2-3 imagifiers and a cannoness in the Spearhead detachment EVERY time!

is this right?