Author Topic: Hellbrute "Unit" Combo Shynanigans  (Read 410 times)

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Hellbrute "Unit" Combo Shynanigans
« on: July 23, 2017, 12:46:43 PM »
Was going through the index lf some nice combos and I found one that might be appealing for anyone that has a bunch of Hellbrutes hanging around from the old formation. The combo is running a bunch of hellbrutes maybe a knight too if u want to be mega troll within 6 inches of Abbadon for full rerolls on to hits. I think it works pretty well 5  t7 models that dont degenerate and can potentiall shoot in the opponens turn from crazed. Its also really hard to kill that many models before they get abby into combat.

I admit I only have tried it once. But I did stand still and shoot a bloodthirter off the board turn one with the 10 twin lascannons, I also got the chance the flame some guys when they got close it didnt do well for them either since abby just moed them over since the bloodthirster was gone.

I call it a unit since all the models ahve to be within 6 of abby and it looks like a unit when its deployed. I think this might have some potential against tanks, assult armies with big bugs and stuff and maybe against big shooters. I could see some tears if u got first turn and just stood back and shot a tau players expensive broadsides off the board.