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8th Edition Chaos Vindicator
« on: August 07, 2017, 12:23:08 PM »
Ok, admittedly its taken me a few to get used to vehicles having "wounds" now vs. armor values, and not having to worry or deal with facings anymore makes them more dynamic from when and where they can shoot.

But I'm good on that now...

I've noticed that as usual GW has bumped up the rules on certain units to make them auto-includes, as they do in any new edition to the game.

Then we have the models where the stats were tweaked to bring them more inline with the fluff- like terminators. How this holds over time, we will just have to see.

Finally, models, that have NEW rules due to the old rules being dropped- like the vindicator.

No more AV.

No more templates on a vehicle that was known for singing that single pie plate around.

In my 'zerker list (HAIL KHORNE!) I always played a vindicator. It was the first wave going in with my juggy lord, terminators, and land raider to punch a hole in my opponent and keep them busy while the waves of 'zerkers put them to the bolt pistol and chain axe.

With the vindi, sometime it worked, other times it didn't.

It wasn't so much getting immobilized out of range, or blown up in one shot- although both sucked. But rather how guys spread their dudes out, when combined with the scatter meant I wasn't hitting much.

NOW, even with the random boom boom profile of the gun, I'm getting more hits, its devastating against T5 or less, and is putting the hurt on vehicles or multi wound MCs.

AND I'm at less risk of getting blown up in a single shot.

The rules translation to 8th really helped the vindicator, ironically by becoming MORE random it became LESS random.   

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Re: 8th Edition Chaos Vindicator
« Reply #1 on: August 09, 2017, 08:45:05 AM »
I only have used the Vindicator in 1 8th edition game yet and i recently played one with the 7th edition rules.

My impression however was contrary to yours one that the new Vindicator is quite irrelevant with the new rules.

With 1D6 Damage you want to shoot big targets like Vehicles and Monsters, but you only get 1D3 hits on these.
Then again with 24'' range on the gun you also need to move very often, so you're relegated to hitting on 4s with your 1d3 shots and you're still only wounding big monsters on 3+
All that amounts to basically no damage even before saves!
The profile gets better when you shoot at things with 5 or more models for 1d6 shots and probably wounding on 2+ because you're shooting at heavy Infantry or bikes which are typically T5 or below. In that case the gun might actually do something, but half of the Heavy Infantry guys will have an Invulnerable save, negating your AP.

IMO hitting on a 4+ when moving really is the worst thing for something like a Vindicator, Maybe it's okay in a defensive army but in an assault army it'll do negligible damage.
When i played the Vindicator, it just got ignored, fired at heavy infantry to maximize hits and all that but it didn't do much and wasn't scary.

One good thing: The wounds-system made it quite tough with T8 compared to other tanks and there is no more blowing it's guns off!
Unfortunately nobody wants to shoot it because the gun isn't scary enough.

In 7th edition when you put a Vindicator down you can see the focus of your opponent zooming onto the model and they will do whatever they can to take it out before it shoots because it's just really scary with the big template. I want my vindicator to be scary even if that means it never gets to shoot since it's always taken out ASAP.
SpaceMarine codex made it even cheaper, so maybe that helps a bit. I'd like it more if it was more expensive and actually did something.
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Re: 8th Edition Chaos Vindicator
« Reply #2 on: August 10, 2017, 03:55:35 PM »
Im not a fan of random shot weapons. I agree that the T8 is good but if running multiple vindicators to ensure a good damage on a unit is nessecary Im not sure I wouldnt rather take a land raider or a Knight. The vindi still has a short range and could possibly only get 1 or 2 turns to shoot and well if it rolls poorly for its shots it doesnt seem like a reliable investment of points to me despite its wounds/points/toughness ration.

I spread sheeted a wounds/toughness per point ratio and the best units were forgefiend, Chaos Spawn, Hellbrutes, Chaos Rhyno. Helldrake. Funnily enough all of these units have been flaunted as beeing good in this edition from multiple sources. I will say I havent looked at super heavies yet they might be good too but this models definetly are resiliant and imo some of them have more potential then the vindi.

If I was playing Khorne Id Probably be aiming for several hellbrutes multiple zerker units in rhynos (possibly with warpsmiths since I heard they got reduced massivly in point cost in the new codex), and forgefiends possibly 2-3 helldrakes or something similar that could be dropped in. Also summoning is strong maybe summoned units too.
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