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command point / detachment thoughts?
« on: August 15, 2017, 07:37:44 AM »
How are you all finding command points? I'm seeing lots of battalion detachments but not the special ones like vanguard or outrider. I am wondering if it is because they give reduced CP or because they are too specific in their role? I take a battalion at the moment because it is closer to the old combined-arms detachment that I am used to, not just because I'm waiting for the Death Guard codex to pad out my unit options. But I also take it because it is giving me +3 CP. Are CP being overrated because it's the new thing?
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Re: command point / detachment thoughts?
« Reply #1 on: August 15, 2017, 07:02:07 PM »
IMO CP are awesome. It really brings the frustration down for me. To have a critical dice roll go bad and having the option to try again feels great but it also makes you think about when to use your CP. I haven't bothered using the other detachments mainly for the lack of CP that you get and also I haven't got a need for extra fast atk or anything else so focused. Yet at least.

But what I don't like about the CP... I just got the new Chaos codex and I opened it up and saw a crap load of army specific stratagems... There are WAYY too many IMO. Some of them good and some of them not so good. And some of them were taken straight out of th 7th ED formations like the Vindicator formations big blast thingy and the one for the Predator formation as well. I don't really like that. The formations were sed to be gone and now they are peaking their ugly heads out again.

I don't mind more stratagems or even army specific ones but did they have to make so many of them that you have to keep that page open during the game and always be looking for what you can use and when. Or is it meant for us to just chose the ones we might need. Or maybe just memorize them all... Who knows...

Other than that: I like the CP system. I like the Batalion Detachment and I feel like it will be the new standard for Battle Forged armies. But as for the stratagems... less is more I think. As in: Make a small amount of good ones. Not a large amount of "meh" ones.
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