Author Topic: Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Khorne Assault List  (Read 514 times)

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Warhammer 40K 8th Edition Khorne Assault List
« on: September 11, 2017, 10:44:47 AM »
The Long War continues into 40K 8th edition, as the forces of the Dark Gods continue to expose the hypocrisy of the false emperor of mankind...

Continuing my Khornate glory into 8th edition with my Berzerkers of Skallatrax list has been interesting so far. The first few games were of course not only learning the rules and flow of 8th, but just taking stock of how my list worked in 7th and how it works as is now in 8th. I wanted to get in a few games to see what needed to be changed, while keeping the flavor of the list, while taking advantages of any new tactical openings in 8th.

Here is what I have noticed with my units and each grouping with them:

For my list I'm using one of my army build templates call "The Wave"- the army moves forward to engage all as one- in one giant wave crashing into my opponent, yet within that wave are groups assigned with their own role for the Dark Gods.

Wave 1 is my hard hitting group- go in and assault anything I can. Lock my opponent down into their deployment zone. Start cutting things down and last as long as I can in the assault causing as much damage and Khornate glory as I can. If I last till turn 3 I'm happy.

W1 has my lord on a juggy, spawn, terminators in a land raider, maulerfiends, and a vindicator. I'm happy with the lord in 8th, wish spawn were a few less points, terminators are fun, land raider is good- vindicator needs to be revised. Vehicles got more potent and durable, BUT the loss of the vindicator pie plate makes it more of a support vehicle in my experience. Still fun, just not placed well in my wave 1 section.

Wave 2 is Khorne berzerkers, and lots of close combat cultists with a hellbrute or two for flavor. 'Zekers were in rhinos with havoc launchers to turn them into mini-razorbacks and to protect the 'zerkers and give them movement. Rhinos are still good, but for the points I feel like I want more 'zerkers given how hard they hit. Loyalist Razorbacks got a HUGE firepower boost, so trying to use loyalist razorback tactics with chaos doesn't work any more. Cultists are still good, the hellbrutes got a boost and work well. If I have the points I'll swap out some cultists for CSM.

Wave 3 are my Helldrakes, which in 7th were there to support my list- take care of any break out units or where I messed up in my movement or shooting. Now with the assault and changes to them, I find myself using them as part of my wave 1, this is the biggest change in my list, and I'm still working on the next direction- hellturkeys shift to wave 1, but what do I fill wave 3 with.

More to come.

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