Author Topic: Dark angels dual list Gunline/Speedlist  (Read 613 times)

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Dark angels dual list Gunline/Speedlist
« on: December 21, 2017, 12:02:32 AM »
So i've just reconfigured my 7th Ed list to 8th and come out with two Lists, any helpful critique would be appreciated

Gun Line Army 2003
Battalion Detachment 1248
HQ = 157
chaplain with jump pack= 90 Lieutenantwith powersword and MCbolter = 67
Elites 204
Ravenwing apothecary = 92
Ravenwing ancient = 112
Troops 411
Tactical squad with plasma gun and missilelauncher= 168
Tactical Squad with plasma gun and lascannon = 168
combat squad with heavy bolter = 75
Fast attack 236
Attack squad  with power sword and 1x flamer = 93
Ravenwing Black knights with melta bombs= 143
HV 153
Devastator squad with 3xplasma cannons and missile launcher=153
DT Razorback = 87

Outrider Detachment 755
HQ Librarian on bike = 127
Fast Attack 628
Ravenwing Melta squad = 109
Ravenwing Bike Squad = 75
LandSpeeder HB and TML = 134
Landspeeder HB AND TML= 134
Landspeeder MMelta x2= 124
Ravenwing Attack Bike MMelta= 52

Speed army 2002
Battalion Detachment 1041
HQ 157
Chaplain with jump pack = 90
Lieutenant  power sword and MCbolter= 67
Elite= 310
Ravenwing champion = 106
Ravenwing apothecary = 92
Ravenwing ancient = 112
Troops 205
Combat squad x2 =130
Combat Squad with HB= 75
Fast Attack =369
Assault Squad with power sword and flamer= 93
Ravenwing Black knights = 138
Ravenwing Darkshroud = 138

Outrider Detachment 961
HQ 127
Librarian on bike with force sword =  127
Fast Attack  834
Ravenwing x2 Meltaguns squad and attack bike with MM= 109 + 52 = 161
Ravenwing Gravguns x2 squad = 105
Ravenwing Land speeder x2  both HB and TML= 268
Ravenwing Landspeeder 2x MMelta = 124
Ravenwing bike squad  x2 plasma guns= 101
Ravenwing bike squad = 75

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Re: Dark angels dual list Gunline/Speedlist
« Reply #1 on: December 23, 2017, 12:00:42 AM »
The lists look ok some things to note both list will hardly be using Grim Resolve, list 1 will get more bang out of it though and after playing a game today with Dark Angels I can vouch it really is helpful on gunline specially devastators.

I think you could really use Sammael for his buffs to your units of Ravenwing.

The assaul squad I feel is not going to pull it's weight, neither is the chaplain, Dark Angels are no better than basic marines in assault, that's a job better left to the Deathwing or Blood Angels.

Other than that I like how you got a tact squad with heavy bolter for the stratagem and the devastator with the 1 missile launcher is also solid. Try to increase your black knights and i think you got a great jump start to a very solid DA army.

Remember the strength is in shooting with Greenwing and Ravenwing. Get some deathwing if you want to engage in assault.

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Re: Dark angels dual list Gunline/Speedlist
« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2017, 08:28:31 PM »
In reference to Akaiyou's response I agree on several points.  The jump pack elements are largely wasted in a Dark Angels list.  This is sad, I know, because I love the idea of Assault Marines in most armies.  Here though you could redistribute those points toward more effective units and/or upgrades for Ravenwing.  I also recommend Sammael on Corvex if possible.
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