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[2000] Eldar - Alaitoc
« on: December 31, 2017, 07:13:08 PM »
Hi everybody! I got into Warhammer again over the holidays and have come up with the most competitive list I think I can muster from my models. I haven't tested it yet so I could definitely use some feedback. I'm open to possibly buying models too to make the list stronger. It is intended to be an all comers list. I've written a bit about my plans for how it would function below.

Advanced Force

35 Warlock with Quicken/Restrain & Shroud relic
360 Wraithguard (8) with D-Scythe
144 WarpSpiders (8)
123 Fire Dragons (5)
= 662

Army Core

100 Farseer (Warlord) with Guide & Fortune
103 Autarch on Jetbike with LL & twin shuriken catapult
95 Shining Spear Exarch Star Lance
74 Windrider (3) w 1 Shuriken Cannon
74 Windrider (3) w 1 Shuriken Cannon
137 Wave Serpent
137 Wave Serpent
= 720

Fire Support

80 Illic
161 Wraithlord w twin bright lance and flamer
161 Wraithlord w twin bright lance and flamer
210 War Walkers (3) with Scatter Laser
= 612

Total = 1999

Command Points = 5
- 3 committed via Webway Strike of WG & FD

All elements are intended to be able to work together to support each other through mobility or range.

The Advanced Force is responsible for showing up and working together to wipe out key elements of the enemy force. They should be to dictate the flow of battle. Wraithguard can be hidden in close combat after firing should they not kill their enemies. These models are all sacrificial.

Fire Support applies pressure throughout the map. They can take on characters (looking at you the morass of endless lieutenants out there), tanks, and blobs while also possessing melee capabilities for stalling should this group be attacked. Again, this group is actually sacrificial.

My Army Core is intended to be less in your face and threatening because they are responsible for board control as the game approaches its conclusion. Their mobility should allow them to move like a flock of birds forwards and backwards to assist the other groups and bail them out of problems. The Farseer is in a tank and so should be able to easily cast guide on the war walkers or fortune on the wraithguard. The flock will likely split right at the end to cover as much ground as possible should the enemy be sufficiently weak or will do zone control. The autarch and shining spears are the melee element, bailing units out of combat is their job, and obviously the autarch buffs firepower for this swarm of units.