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2000 point BA list
« on: January 02, 2018, 01:09:59 PM »
So I'm going to a tournament the 20th. I had planned to do a BA primaris/forgeworld list but since my painting has stalled I'll have to use my old Lamenters. They haven't been used since 7th so they won't be the most competitive but the objective for me is not to win, but to participate and do as well as I can with what I currently have painted (excluding the DC).

Here's what I'm taking:

2k list

BA batallion:

Sanguinor (WL?)
Priest with jump pack.

5 Melee scouts
2x 5 man tac squad with melta and combi-melta

Predator with auto cannon and las sponsons

2x 3 man bike squads with 2x melta and combo-melta

Drop pod (both tac squads go in here, could swap for a rhino but dropping 4x melta feels decent)

Vanguard detachment

Either jump pack librarian with sword and inferno pistol, captain with hammer and storm shield or lemartes. Can't decide what's better. (129 points for any of them)

9 Sanguinary guards, 5 with plasma, 4 with bolters. Can't decide on 1 or 2 squads here...

Sanguinary ancient with the relic banner.

10 man death company squad with jump packs and bolters. 4x chain swords, 2x power swords, 2x power axes and 2x fists.

I wanted to try the DC captain combo, but if I want either the relic jump pack or hammer on him he'll eat 2 CPs. The 7CPs I have are just enough for the DC stratagem, the 3d6 deep strike stratagem and maybe a fight twice stratagem or some additional attacks for characters. I also feel like having the sanguinor or the ancient as my warlord is advantageous as those'll be closer to the sanguinary guard.

Happy for any thoughts and strategic tips!
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