Author Topic: Cannoness Bomb - Thoughts?  (Read 1037 times)

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Cannoness Bomb - Thoughts?
« on: January 12, 2018, 06:37:53 AM »
I've seen this one getting around on the internet, but it turns out that a cannoness kitted out with a Eviscerator and an inferno pistol is 66 points. A REALLY good price for what you get. In addition to this, dont forget all the ways to buff them.

Add a priest and a Hospitaller to a unit of 4 Cannonness and you have the makings of an really interesting unit. (Add a unit of Celestians and they actually have a role to play).

All this fits with a unit of Dominions so they can get a lift up the field REALLY quickly.

Cannonness - Inferno pistol + Eviscorator
Cannonness - Inferno pistol + Eviscorator
Cannonness - Inferno pistol + Eviscorator
Cannonness - Inferno pistol + Eviscorator
Minisorum Priest

What do you get?

WS/BS 2+ (But hits with the Eviscerator on 3's)
5 attacks each instead of 4 due to the Priest
Can revive a Canonness back to 1 wound if it has even been slain
Each individual model has 5 wounds.. 2 more than Grey knight paladins or Custodes
All weapons reroll hits of 1
NONE of the characters can be targetted if they are with other units. NOW add Celestines to tank ANY wounds on a 2+.
66 x 4 + 30 + 35 = 329 points for the unit.
20 attacks hitting on 3's at Str 6, AP -4, D3 Damage each - all rerolling 1's to hit.
You could also add a unit of Crusaders to tank wounds in front with their 3++ inv save too.

Yes you have issues with Toughness 3, but you also have a 6+ Inv save
Custodes have T5 with 2+ save and 3++ Invun save due to Storm shield - very durable.
= 285 points for 5 Custodians = 15 wounds