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Title: 500 points Orks vs Necrons
Post by: leE7_G4M3r on March 07, 2017, 01:37:35 PM
I have got a 500 point battle coming up in two weeks time and I was looking for some list advice. So far, I have created three lists that I could take, and I am wondering how I could improve them. There is no unbound allowed, and so I have to stick to detachments, and I am obviously going to take combined arms for that glorious objective secured. Also it will be against my friend's Necron army, and I know the possibilities of what he will take, he has:
a monolith,
a triarch stalker,
12 warriors,
an overlord,
5 immortals, and
a night scythe.
I have no idea how he will take them, or what he will take from the above, but that is what he has in his collection. My lists that I have created (and would like advice on) are:
HQ: Big Mek - 35pts
      mega force field - 75pts
      bosspole - 5pts
      ammo runt - 3pts

Troops: 20 boyz - 120pts
      boss nob upgrade - 10pts
         powerklaw - 25pts
         bosspole - 5pts
         kombi-skorcha - 10pts
   10 gretchin + runtherd - 35pts

Heavy: Battlewagon - 110pts
   Looted wagon - 37pts
      killkannon - 30pts

500pts Combined Arms Detachment

HQ: Painboy - 50pts
      warbike - 25pts

Troops: 10 shoota boyz - 70pts
   10 shoota boyz - 70pts

Fast: 6 deffkoptas - 180pts
      6 twin-linked big shootas - free

Heavy: 2 looted wagons - 74pts
      6 skorchas (3 each) - 30pts

499pts Combined Arms Detachment

 HQ: Warboss - 60pts
      mega armour - 40pts
      bosspole - 5pts
      da lucky stikk - 25pts

Troops: 10 boyz - 60pts
      boss nob upgrade - 10pts
         powerklaw - 25pts
   10 boyz - 60pts
      boss nob upgrade - 10pts
         powerklaw - 25pts

Fast: trukk - 30pts
   3 warbikers - 54pts
   2 deffkoptas - 60pts

Heavy: looted wagon - 37pts

501pts Combined Arms Detachment (I am sure he will let me off for the extra 1 point)

Plus, if I need any extra models, I have got plenty of time to buy, build and paint them.
Title: Re: 500 points Orks vs Necrons
Post by: Hawkeye299 on March 08, 2017, 07:03:53 PM
Only yesterday I played a 500 point 40k game against my friend.

He ran a very basic reclamation legion so things will be a little different.

The things I learned:

Power klaws make reanimation a pretty bad 6+ and were very useful.

My warboss in mega armour definitely needed a trukk as he got stuck on foot and couldnt catch up.

Eavy armour was very handy.

For a list I would think something like this would work well.

Warboss: Mega armour, bosspole, Lucky stikk 130

Boyz: 10 boyz, nob, power klaw, bosspole, eavy armour 140
trukk: rokkit 30

Gretchin with runtherd 35

7 warbikers: nob, power klaw, bosspole 166

Total: 501 (assuming your friend is cool with the extra point)

This is probably what I would take, although not super experianced at 500 points.

Hope this helps :)
Title: Re: 500 points Orks vs Necrons
Post by: leE7_G4M3r on March 09, 2017, 10:48:33 AM
Thanks for the advice, however I will not be able to get 7 bikes (though I could get six) so if I do run this list, I will swap out one of the bikes for a kombi-skorcha or two as the ap4 template would be great against necrons.
Title: Re: 500 points Orks vs Necrons
Post by: leE7_G4M3r on March 20, 2017, 06:10:00 PM
Sadly, because of last minute changes to schedule and because of the vehicles' sizes, I will not be able to transport my Orks to the battle. Instead I will have to use something else, so I have decided to try out the new "Fallen Champions" formation from rise of the primarch.