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I'll make a new post on the results and a break down of how I did hear shortly. Thanks again for the help in list making!

Discussion: THE LIST / Re: Imperium - St.Celestine's Day - 1500
« on: July 04, 2017, 11:42:04 AM »
The 6+ invuln is ok  i guess and yeah it is a pretty cool themed list besides maybe not having any sisters of battle in it but that's just me.

The list I made is a legal Patrol detachment, I did go a bit over kill on the extra acts of faith but the potential for 4 makes a turn where seraphim are out, Celestine doing assault stuff, and than you get the 24 heavy bolter shoots. Or even the battle sister squads if they are up to strength and near enough to hurt something but can get by with less for sure.

Do you know if Celestines act can be used on herself? It seems like you can't but for other characters their aura buffs affect themselves so does hers count too?

Should consider inferno pistols as a anti vehicle option or combi-meltas in my list. Just only thing with inferno pistols is that you can't really deep strike them in for some alpha because of the 6" range but i guess with act of faith they can move 24" a turn so not to huge of a deal but could still make get caught and killed with out doing to much.

What i got so far for 1k is

Celestine - 1 gemni
Cannoness - condeemer bolter

Battles sisters 5 man - flamer, heavy flamer, combi-flamer
Battle sisters 5 man - flamer, heavy flamer, combi-flamer

Fast Attack
Seraphim 10 man - 2 dual hand flamer girls


Retributer 5 man - 4 heavy bolters
Retributer 5 man - 4 heavy bolters

Immolator - immolator flamer
Immolator - immolator flamer

Kinda just using flamer spam and heavy bolters to mulch infontry and hopefully enough dakka to break vehicles if needed.

Discussion: THE LIST / Re: Imperium - St.Celestine's Day - 1500
« on: July 03, 2017, 11:47:16 AM »
What does Celestine do for this list besides kinda be tough to kill? Her buffs only really help sisters of battle...

Sadly i don't own any repressors...and they haven't been up on forgeworld for sale since they broke the mold for it.

I have a 1k list i am working on for a tournament this weekend that i may or may not play in. Would you beable to help give some pointers for the list?

Sadly the faq fixed act of faithing exorcists and repressors and the such., but good job on tabling space marines they deserve it!

Discussion: Sisters Of Battle / FAQ and sisters
« on: July 02, 2017, 10:40:31 AM »
They fixed Celestine not being unique and made acts of faith she gives out from her and the imgifar only can make order models with act of faith use an act of faith. Not vehicles anymore sadly like the exorcist and penitent engine. Retributers veteran superiour has leadership 8 now like it was suppose to and it seems they took away the ability for our sergeants to take pentient engine buzzblades with a bit of a change to the wording of melee weapons they could take.

The biggest one is the handflamer nerf to be inline with other handflamers of d3 hits instead of d6. FAQ can be found here if you want to read over it your self.

General Discussion / Re: Braking 8th edition?
« on: July 01, 2017, 02:01:36 PM »
Break it with 500 conscripts!

Community: Vassal / Re: Anyone still here?
« on: June 25, 2017, 11:31:23 AM »
It seems like you can play a game of 40k with vassals I seem to have the 40k mod for it working i just haven't actually played a game with anyone using it.

Discussion: Sisters Of Battle / Re: We seem pretty ok in 8th
« on: June 24, 2017, 10:54:26 PM »
To me they seem rather fantastic right now, since you can get up to 3 acts of faith a turn which is just mostly free shooting or movement. In rare cases it can be used for healing and hardly for assaults besides maybe Penitent engine heavy lists but sadly those got pretty expensive. All the normal sisters troops with just a bolter are 9 points so we have cheaper than space marine platforms for guns and besides being worse at CC and slightly less survivable than the normal space marine they still shoot just as well as them.

Sadly the priests are much worse and kinda not worth their points anymore for me at least, but you can double stuff rhinos and get 2 combi, 2 special, and 2 heavy weapons in it with two battle sister squads which is pretty nice. Seraphim are kinda silly now with duel hand flamers and bolt pistols firing into a CC they are stuck in up to two times before they get to fight again and deepstrike has zero risks to it making them a lot better.

Exorcists got a 35 point increase but are pretty much the same as always, arguably a bit less of an auto include since anything can hurt anything. Cannones's offer up a rerolling 1's to hit around her so she can make a unit better at shooting like heavy bolters or exorcists around her which is nice.

Also technically Celestine isn't a unique character right now and you can take as many as you have hq slots for even more act's of faith with no 2+ or 4+ rolls and it even can effect sister vehicles like the exorcist. It is also really hard to kill her because if you don't kill her and her 2 gemni she can just be brought back with act of faith, and besides that she still gets back up the first time she is slain on a +2 with full wounds and start bringing back her bodyguards.

The only thing a true codex might add is more to do with the Order stuff which basically just seems like how i believe the chapter stuff works where if you are blood angels or iron hands you get +1 attacks. We would most likely still share the same book as the rest of the imperial agents so not really getting any major changes like new units and just mostly points being shifted around.
But I kinda hope that they add in more Saints for the different sister orders like in the dawn of war apocalypse mod or just other special Cannoness's like Veridyan who doesn't have a spot in the Index right now which bugs me a little.

Discussion: Sisters Of Battle / We seem pretty ok in 8th
« on: June 24, 2017, 11:28:57 AM »
With how Acts of faith work and getting free shooting with my heavy bolter retributers has been pretty great/cheap in the few games I have casually played of 8th.

Community: Vassal / Anyone still here?
« on: June 22, 2017, 11:50:47 AM »
 I am looking to start playing many more 40k  games and the club isn't always active everyday of the week so vassal seems like a great way to get in a ton of extra games. ?I was just wondering if any of you guys where still active with using vassal for some 8th edition games if I got it all set up?

General Discussion / Re: Technical problems
« on: June 19, 2017, 06:59:15 PM »
No problem, just glad to help.

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