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You still have to be able to do a legal charge.

The limit on not being able to charge after disembarking from a non-assault vehicle is still in effect. Same as if they are Pinned or Falling Back.

Last weekend had a guy at a local event that was using just a bare minimum amount of CWE trying to abuse the Soulburst effect.

I think it was:
Farseer on a jetbike.
Two units of 3 jetbikes
Wraithknight (two guns)

The rest of his army was some imperials in tanks drop pods, one with ignore cover Grav, the other with melta guys inside.

First game highlight: His Farseer periled on casting the twin linked effect on his Wraithknight, the farseer then died, triggering his Wraithknight to shoot in the psychic phase, then again in the normal shooting phase.

40K Rules Questions / Re: Two unique characters
« on: March 09, 2017, 06:32:45 AM »
The "Unique" only factors in when you are building your list.

40K Rules Questions / Re: Tau markerlights and overwatch
« on: March 07, 2017, 05:26:18 AM »
It is one of the uses of the Tau ability to do multiple overwatch.

Enemy Unit charges Unit1.

Unit1 snapshoots their Markerlights.
Nearby Unit2 then uses any Markerlights that hit to get better shots off.

Yes, and THB, it doesnt make sense as how is a exploded transport "unit destroyed within 6" different to say a vehicle wrecked, or, an infantry unit destroyed within 6".

But RAW, thats the FAQ, thats what sticks isnt it. Lets hope they dont explode your transports.

It is all about the timing of when the transport is actually considered destroyed.

When it is a wreck, the transport stays on the table while the occupants disembark then the transport is considered destroyed. The occupants are now on the table to have the Soulburst effect trigger.

When it is an explode result, the transport is considered destroyed and removed from the table and then you place the occupants in that same location. The occupants are on the table now, but the Soulburst effect triggered before they were on the table. A different near by unit could have the effect apply to them though.

So I'm working on a list and would appreciate any advice and Feedback that you guys are willing to give.  Remember that I have not participated in a single battle of Warhammer or 40k yet.  So I am still not 100% sure of the rules or anything else.  I am still early in the learning phase, but feel I need to nail down a list so that I can get them built and painted to start playing.  So here it is....

Khorne Daemonkin Blood Host Detachment: (1849)

Lord of Slaughter-(275)
Bloodthirster of Insensate Rage

Chaos Lord/Juggernaut,Blood-forged Armor, Kor'lath Axe of Ruin, Sigil of Corruption
1 unit of Berzerkers/Chainaxe(x5) in Chaos Rhino
1 unit of Chaos Space Marines
1 unit of Possessed
2 units of Chaos Spawn
2 units of Chaos Cultists

Charnel Cohort-(555)
2 units of Bloodletters
1 unit of Fleshhounds
1 unit of Bloodcrushers
1 unit of Skull Cannon

2 units of Chaos Bikers/2 Meltaguns each = 192
1 unit of Fleshhounds = 80

My thought process with this is to have the minimum sized units so as to possibly generate more Blood Tithe points as the units drop.  As I stated in the initial post I want to focus on the Assault phase.  So my Slaughtercult focuses on that.  My hounds and Bloodcrushers combined with the 'zerkers in the Rhino give me a bit of speed to get in there.  The Skull Cannon with its 36" range could go towards the middle of the battlefield and give ranged support where needed.  I am thinking of using the Bikers as mobile ranged support/objective grabbers, that's why I took the Meltas... since they don't appear to be strong in the assault they can scoot around the battlefield doing what they need to do/be a distraction by plinking away at vehicles.

I could be totally wrong and really off base here.  And if so, I would appreciate someone telling me so.  But I hope not.  I hope at least part of what I am thinking here is feasible.

Thanks in advance for any and all advice.

Looks pretty good. The first thing I can say is that your Chaos Lord has too many Artifacts. Each model can only have one artifact and each artifact can only be used once per army, thus you can not have both the Blood Forged armor and the Kor'lath.

If you keep the Armor, just go with the Axe of Khorne, has the same combat stats, just does not turn him into a 'thirster when killed. If you keep the Kor'lath, add a Power Fist to him. This gives him an optional St8 Ap2 at initiative 1, that can be used against higher toughness models or even help destroy a vehicle as needed. You also gain one attack in melee no matter which weapon profile you use (5 base attacks + 2 on the charge). Kor'lath + the basic pistol does not give you the extra pistol attack due to the Specialist Weapon rule on Kor'lath.

Then always remember that anything that exits the Rhino will not be able to charge the next assault phase because it is not an Assault Vehicle. Even if your opponent destroys it on their turn, your Berzerkers will be stuck out of combat for at least one turn.

And finally when it comes down to it more fleshhounds in the Gorepack is always good. Splitting 20 hounds into different groups (4x5 or 2x10 or even 1x5 1x15) within that formation lets you form a wall in the center of the battle field when you Scout them forward.

40K Rules Questions / Re: Building damage and the uint in it
« on: February 23, 2017, 06:18:10 PM »
If the unit is on the Battlements, i.e. on the outside of the building, they do take the damage from the hit(s) from the cannon and if/when the building suffers "Total Collapse" or "Detonation!" the survivors from the Cannon Hits will then take damage from that as well.

If they are Occupying the building, i.e. inside, they only take the hits from a "Total Collapse" or "Detonation!" result.

General Discussion / Re: How do i fight Imperial Knights?
« on: February 21, 2017, 04:40:24 PM »
Depending on what they're equipped with, 2 - 3, with plenty extra troops as backup.

3 Knights are 975-1125 base, before upgrades. That does not leave much room for other troops.

Even so, lock them down with boys in melee, don't worry about destroying them, then use the rest of your army to score objectives. If you only play kill point games, time to switch to maelstrom or some other mission type.

General Discussion / Re: How do i fight Imperial Knights?
« on: February 20, 2017, 04:04:30 PM »
Melee with them is not that bad. Just make sure you are familiar with the Stomp and Destroyer weapon rules. They can be confusing and people are likely to be playing them wrong.

I have a local player that uses 2 Trukks per knight to get the boy squads close, then charge on different sides. With two units, the knight has to pick one of them to hit with the D-weapon and stomps. If they roll 3 stomps they might hit both units...

General Discussion / Re: How do i fight Imperial Knights?
« on: February 20, 2017, 03:51:07 PM »
A Boy unit with Two Orc Power claws chew up Imp Knights.

Be sure to have the boys in front, the Pclaws one row back and off to each side. This helps limit how many boys are hit by the stomps that happen at the same initiative as the Power Claws.

Do not fear the D-weapons. Each hit can only kill one boy no matter how many wounds that hit causes. You will lose 1-3 boys a turn.
Do not fear stomps. They are only small blasts that they have 1-3 of. The hits are allocated just like a ranged blast. The 6 result is bad, but only the models under the marker are removed, which is why you put a claw on different sides of the base of the knight.

Updated the first post to reflect this months event.

40K Rules Questions / Re: Pink Horrors and melee combat, how does it work?
« on: February 07, 2017, 07:09:15 PM »
Keeping my example of 5 per unit:

When you wipe them all out and you consolidate and finish any other fights elsewhere on the field, they will now have a new unit of 10 Blues and a new unit of 5 Brimstones near by, but not engaged in the current Fight.

Now, here is where we get tricky: Use your Consolidation to limit where or even how many show up.

Since you wiped the whole unit out, the Blues and Brimstones ALL have to show up within 6" of the last model to die of their respective original color. Use your Consolidation to spread out to limit the number of models that can be placed legally. Any models that can not be paced at least 1" away from your models or any other friendlies fully within the 6" bubble are just removed with no Splitting.

40K Rules Questions / Re: Pink Horrors and melee combat, how does it work?
« on: February 07, 2017, 04:18:55 PM »
Got a hand on the book. The wording is that the New Models are generated at the end of the phase the original model was slain.

The new Models form a new unit or joins a friendly unit 6" from the current survivors or in the case of them all being removed, from the spot of the last model to die.

So, it would seem that, using your example of multi-assaulting a 1 unit of each, Pink/Blue/Brimstone, at the end of the Assault phase, after combat resolution is over, if the Blue unit is still intact, you will add the newly generated Blues to that Unit, same with Brimstone if those units are still on the table and within 6" of the models that died.

Simple Example:
You multi-assault three units of 5 models in each. And removed 2 pink, 3 blues and 4 brimstone as a result of combat.

After combat resolution, everyone stays in the fight.
You now add 4 Blue to the current Unit with 2 left.
You now add 3 Brimstone to the 1 that is left in that Unit.

You are now locked in combat with 3 Pink, 6 Blue and 4 Brimstone.

Noticed that myself. There is a pre-order up that looks like a detachment that includes them all.

And this weekend I did try my version of pure Harlequins (just a Cegorach's Revenge formation), made one bad deployment choice and got tabled 4th round.

That and my Solitaire Blitzing into a fight and rolling 7 1s and 2s and not a single 6 did not help much either...

40K Rules Questions / Re: Fortification / LoW and Detachment Q
« on: February 07, 2017, 12:11:25 PM »
That is the basic idea behind the faction specific detachments, they are a themed army list and getting the bonuses are the payoff for using that exact set of models.

And, just to be clear, the Allied Detachment (1hq, 1 troop min) does not have a spot for Fortifications or LoW either. Your second Detachment has to be a CAD (1hq, 2troop min) to unlock those slots and still be Battleforged.

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