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Discussion: Dark Angels / Codex dark angels in the ..'new' 40k.
« on: February 20, 2018, 10:01:31 PM »
Ok so it looks like there have been no posts here since the new dex came out so lets chit chat about the new stuff,and how ill play it.

Ravenwing = you all know this my battle brethren. But this is to a different extent. We now can have 3rd company bikers fire ALL weapons,save pistols, in the shooting phase. The black knights are now skirmishes of near peerless repute,being able to advance, then let loose with a full fucilade of plasma fire.

Termies are, well, termies. They are just a bit more fully kitteed out than they were in 7th and well they arnt really loved at the moment. But ill get more into why we should embrace the deatheing, second company, later.

We hit the lot dry on HQ's here. All of our leadership does something to increast our armies potency so feel free to pick your style and go with it.

Lets talk about what I'm feeling for a 2k point game. As far as detatchments are concerned I'm thinking about running a vanguard and a batallion detachment.
3x deathwing termie squad
        (Each armed with 4 storm bolters, 4 powerfists, 1 power sword, 1 assault cannon)
1 deathwing knights squad(stock)
1 land raider crusader (stock)
1 deathwing ancient.

The trick is to get your deathwing knights  up the table in the land raider then unload and start combat while the termites teleport in and supply covering fire and pick off high priority targets. Asmodai and the ainchent will follow the knights and allow them to hit a massive 4 attacks with their weapons and at are x 2 they are going to obliterate anything they come into contact with.

Now want if ground support. We need more Dan a to thin out screens right? Lets look at my Barak look detachment.

Company master Balthazar
     (Lion's roar, relic blade)
Azrael (warlord)
3x tac squads
     (Combi plasma, plasma gun)

This give syou boots on the ground while maintaining some fashion of take down ability. Of course nothing stop a you from running Balthazar in the land raider with the other deathwing, remember most HQs have the keyword, and just let him beat on all the unsuspecting big bads.

On a side note I guess you could call this a 'great hunt' list as the land raider is taking a group of knights to face the greatest beast on the table.

What do you think,in always happy with constructive critisisim. And also bit I have not played with this list quite yet and will get some games in with in the week.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: Blood Angels 8th theory
« on: February 15, 2018, 08:11:58 PM »
Honestly I think the captains main place should be with your tac squads. Being primaris means he has one more wound and attack, not much else. His master crafted autobolt gun is assault 2, 24'. So he needs to be supporting with covering fire. If found grab to be the way to go with my tacs. 2 squads grab and 1 squad flamer based to be specific. They should be able to mow down the screens and some of the heavier units. Hellblasters are also a great choice. A unit of 10, while not as powerful as the dark angels guys are still amazing. For BA I suggest blade and pistol or carbine drivers. They benefit from the thirst and can really cover ground on grav-shute insertion. Good this helps

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Ynnari Strategies Post Nerf
« on: December 14, 2017, 05:28:54 PM »
In 7th during a league when the unfair first came to be I was tabling people turn 1.5 to 2.5. Usually this happened with howling banchees from a raider and flooding my opponents gun lines. Then soulbursting into the next unit. Followed by inch hi with an starch doing the same thing to another squad. It was nuts how quickly the army an an reader through marines. I can see the reason to nerf. But a good ynnari army will be using all 5 per turn anyway. This just makes 8th ed more complicated.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Will you use the new bonesinger
« on: October 27, 2017, 07:55:02 PM »
The data sheet said that the heal was instead of smite. But I don't think the ability has a name

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Will you use the new bonesinger
« on: October 27, 2017, 04:14:35 PM »
I wonder how the healing ability will work. If it functions as a psychic power. I can think that because it 1 it happens in the psychic phase, and 2 it is used instead of smite. Will you only be seeing one per army in matched play?

Discussion: Eldar / Will you use the new bonesinger
« on: October 26, 2017, 07:26:28 PM »
So this model has been out of the game I know since 4th ed. The bonesinger is back and looks to be our tech marine. We have a d3 damage melee weapon, smite, and healing d3 wounds to a vehicle or wraith construct instead of smite during the psychic phase. 4 power or 70 points. Do you like this latest edition? Is it worth it? Will you use it?

With all the new and shiny craftworld goodness coming out I find it interesting how 8th is changing but not. We now will be having several detatchments rather than formations but won't we get the same style of gameplay? For instance,if you have access to YouTube you know most of that the spoilers have said about the aeldari in its. I can see an army being a convergence of several craftworld or a full on brigade detachment of a single detachment. I see banchees finally coming to light as a nasty deepstriking force from a strategem. I see guardians who are near impossible to hit due to craftworld and warlock shenanigans. What will you be fielding in the 'dex to come? Why? What do you like about it?

if I'm reading this correctly, the inquisitorial henchman formation only allows for one unit of warrior acolytes and specific models of everything else in the formation. this formation comes from the imperial agents codex, which was supposed to be a throwback to the way you could forma n inquisitorial henchman warband in the inquisition digital dex. however according to the new faq you have to have "a unit/units of" prefix to use more than one model of the same unit. I have not been able to get clarification from GW on this question so I'm asking here. if there is no way to bring more than one crusader or deathcult assassin, then why even word it like it is?

That's the bonus, stick them behind it, not ideal to lose the raider but a free extra move could be just as good if it blows.

Didn't think of that but tour's right they can still make a run or move. The question is, run? Or move? Based on the situation the run will, on average, be better because of the bonus 3 inches, and you're more than likely going to loose the transport on your opponent's turn. So why not run them unless you can get an assault off? If they wreck the raider turn 1.

Can't use the raider unless you plan to mount them in your first turn.

that's the object. while you can't start out in them you can still get in raiders turn 1. it's a bit extra on your part but it gets the wraiths or banchees where they need to be

You also don't loose any movement on the transports. You just have to bre prepared in case you dont get first turn and wither that fire while you get into the transports.

I also noticed GW was out of banchees the past 2 weeks. It's almost like not having to bring allies made them worth the risk of loosing first turn. Then again, if they do loos their transport they can still run d6+3 inches. And then cause another soulburst, one way or another.

Can't use the raider unless you plan to mount them in your first turn.

that's the object. while you can't start out in them you can still get in raiders turn 1. it's a bit extra on your part but it gets the wraiths or banchees where they need to be

Discussion: Blood Angels / Quick question about captain k.
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:57:21 PM »
I've been wondering if you can use captain karlean as your termi captain since he was a data slate before the angel's blade release but not actually in the forge org for the AB strike force.

Can anyone help me on this one?

Wraithblades mount in a raider with another carrying banchees. Have the banchees assault first but then follow up with the blades. So 6 t 6 with rage an w4

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: working with the Angel's Blade
« on: January 10, 2017, 02:13:16 PM »
The priest in a drop pod is fine. But remember that you won't be able to take the priest in the tremis squads according to the new faq. Because the priest isn't part of the main formation they can't join the unit because they don't have the same rollreserves on turn 1 for this unit. It sucks and we got hit hard by it.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:25:48 PM »
If the blood angels would have gotten an update to the the vanguard vets, a la cheaper upgrades, it would have been. But the way they justified it was, you need to bring 3 squads atleast of deep striking, marines at full capacity with no way to, thanks to the new faq not allowing models from the same faction to join units in a formation and gain the benefits of that formation, give them any survivability to last long enough to charge. I've just recently got my 3rd full squad of vanguard vets and haven't been able to play a game since Christmas. I supposed it's consevible to have a change to the meta. I've also seen barrels where the death company can wreck other armies. But I really haven't seen too much of a change. It looks like traitors legions made a bigger impact as well as traitors hate.

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