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Discussion: 40K Rumors / Notes from the 40k 8th Edition Stream
« on: April 24, 2017, 06:29:20 PM »
Pulled this directly from Reddit and have done zero fact checking of my own because I'm more of a 'I hate everything until I see it in action myself' kind of person.  However, it is worth discussing and I'm curious what others think about what has been revealed.

Quote from: mcimolin on Reddit
What we know so far:

    Rules are written in Scottish
    New faction coming out with 8th, some with the release
    Getting rid of AV for vehicles
    Vehicles and MCs will get less potent as they take wounds (lower WS/BS, etc)
    "Everything will be able to hurt everyone." Specific example of a lasgun taking out a tank
    Heavy weapons will do more wounds than regular weapons (see SW:Armagedon for an idea)
    Stat lines no longer capped at 10
    Stat lines will have to work much harder now as there's more going on
    Unified statline for all models
    Movement values returning
    Armor modifiers returning for weapons
    Templates are removed, no note on how they change but likely going to multiwound weapons.
    If you charge you get to attack first
    Big focus on making CC better
    Big focus on making the game more accessible: Cheaper, easier rules, etc.
    1500 pt games designed to take 90 minutes
    3 ways to play: Open, Narrative, Matched
    Narrative play will use "Power levels" for each unit. Balance a game around the power levels
    Matched play will have a point system very similar to the current game
    Open play is basically do what you want
    Warhammer 40k app like AoS app
    Main rules will be like generals handbook for AoS, updated annually with community feedback
    Top 3 design choice: Game that worked for all 3 ways to play (story, narrative, competitive). Make the game more accessible: cheaper, rules, painting, gaming, etc. Get back to Imperial vs Chaos; Make Chaos great again!
    Hopefully more balanced than previous editions. Tons of playtesting went into this new edition.
    Command Points:
        Designed to make thematic armies better
        Armies must be battle forged w/ force org chart
        Multiple force org charts; 14 at launch. Harder to fill charts give more points
        Give rerolls, can interrupt charges, etc
        Gone when used
        Can only use 1 per phase
        Designed to modify tactical situations
        Basic ones in main rulebook with faction specific ones in codexes
    All new rules will be out day 1 with 5 new books: Main rules, Xenos, Imperial Chaos, one other
    New codexes will have fluff and art as well as rules to make your faction a little more specific (Chapter tactics, command point uses, force org charts)
    Should be less expensive than current codexes. Main rules and unit rules will be free with future units getting warscroll style releases between updates.
    Major story progression over the next few years but not going to remove what's come before. IE not AoSing the setting
    If you feel you recently bought a rulebook and feel you got ripped off they're extending their return policy to 8 weeks from the announcement (last Saturday). If you have proof of purchase they'll give you a voucher for the value if you contact their CS.

For me, everything looks too AOSed for my tastes.  If I wanted to play AOS, I would be, and having 40k not that different to Fantasy is not a step forward in my opinion.  I liked that they were two different games with different mechanics and different ideas on how things worked built in separate directions.  A player could decide they liked one and not the other instead of playing what sounds like the same game with different skins.  There's a lot I don't like, like Lasguns wounding Land Raiders, but I recognize that is because I see a Land Raider as a 4 'wound' model and sixes happen, so I'm not seeing the big picture of what else is changing along with these basic ideas to balance it.  I'm expecting massive changes in the balance, but my little brain can't wrap around it. 

And as always, I'm worried about my specific armies.  Nids and Genestealer Cult look like they'll get hurt by this.  If Acolytes and Genestealers both strike first on the charge, why would I ever take a 17pt Genestealer with four Rending attacks on the charge when the 8pt Acolyte Hybrid does the same damage and the same attacks and the same attack step on the charge.  And the Carnifex losing BS after getting shot...  It already is nearly blind compared to the rest of the Nid army.  Or worse, a Tyrannofex, rolling 5s to hit with a S10 weapon...  But again, I'm no game designer and stuck in my old thinking, not new thinking.

What's raising flags or making you excited to see?

Discussion: Eldar / Considering Eldar
« on: July 02, 2014, 12:22:21 PM »
So I left Warhammer 40k tabletop back in the first year of 4th edition but kept up in the fluff, books, pretty much anything that wasn't models or Dawn of War.  I'm getting back into slightly against my will but remembering just how much fun it really was to play.  But, I'm still running a 3rd edition Tyranid and Space Marine army list and I think it's time to start from scratch with all the new toys that 7th edition has to offer. 

This leads me to the Eldar.  Decent Armor, specialized units that remind me of the Tyranids in that each unit fills a role on the field specifically, and flying support with a Titan-type thrown in.  Eldar always have what I considered some of the scariest guns on the field but I've never been into the whole jetbike idea as a useful unit.  So I'm just looking around, trying to figure out if I want to start something in with the Eldar.

Would I be offbase thinking of the Eldar as a run and gun army?  Something that can almost swarm forward using jetbikes and Guardians while Wraithguard in a Wave Serpent deposit S10 firepower directly into the lines of the enemy.  Swooping Hawks attacking from a flank while Dire Avengers hold objectives and Banshees and Scorpions take them from the enemy.  Am I missing obvious nuances or weaknesses thinking of the Eldar this way?  Points-wise, things are looking pretty cheap for bog-standard after going through the codex, which is a nice change from the ridiculous price of Tyranid MCs, but I would like to hear what experienced Eldar players look at when they see their army, or look for when making additions to that army.  How should I shift my way of thinking to utilize an Eldar list to its full potential?  It would take me quite a while to build up past a 750pt army, so this is more for smaller games since I do have to modernize the other two lists in my army boxes.

40K Rules Questions / Heldrake
« on: June 25, 2014, 10:18:51 PM »
So, I'm seeing a lot of things about the Heldrake on Fritz's YouTube and I don't play Chaos but have a friend who does.  So essentially, I need to learn all of his rules because he is just starting the hobby.  But, in the Vlogs, there's talk of a Heldrake using Vector Strike?  Is that a thing in the rules?  I see it in flying MC, but not in 'Fliers'.  Am I just missing it, misunderstanding what I'm hearing about an unfamiliar unit or what.  Chaos and vehicles in general and definitely fliers, is not my forte and this prolly a stupidly obvious question.

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