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Discussion: THE LIST / Black Templars escalation league list
« on: January 18, 2017, 06:27:36 PM »
Starting a weekly escalation league next week. Its starting at 750 and moving up 250 pts every week until it hits 2k.

Here's my 750 for my first game next week-

Chaplain 105 pts
Power armor, grenades, crozius, plasma pistol, rosarius

Crusader squad 205 pts
4 initiates, 1 with grav cannon, 1 with melta gun, 2 initiates with bolters
Sword brother
4 neophytes with shotguns
Rhino with dozer blade

Crusader squad 205 pts
Sword brother
4 initiates, 1 with grav cannon, 1 with melta gun
4 neophytes
Rhino with dozer blade

Assault squad 150 pts
5 assault marines, bare bones
Razorback w/ las plas, dozer blade

Predator tank 85 pts
Autocannon, stormbolter, dozer blade.

The list maximizes high strength shooting, and I think it does pretty well in a points value this small.

So I would love to get community feedback, possibly some help playtesting and fleshing out rules once I get a working minimum viable product together. Would you guys be interested in playing a 40k car combat game inspired by death race? I have some rough ideas on loyalists and tyranids participation in the game but I'm pretty lacking in knowledge on other factions and would love the wealth of ideas you guys might have. Right now I'm conceiving two basic scenarios to get on the table, one of which is just a classic arena styled kill em all match and the other one is a cat and mouse chase scenario. Anyone have experience playing gorka morka that they'd be willing to share? I figure eoght now I want to draft basic play rules that can incorporate many of the aspects of standard warhammer 40k, ideas on how the many xenos and chaos factions could participate, and try and add some structure as it develops.

Discussion: THE LIST / Black Templars Demi company
« on: November 25, 2015, 07:19:08 PM »
I've been postulating on how to make good use of the Demi company with BT tactics. Here's an early idea I've been conceiving at 1500 pts



3x ten man tactical squads with grav cannon and melta gun inside rhinos


1x five man assault squad with powerfist in a razorback with Twin-linked assault cannon


1x five man devastator squad with 3 missiles upgraded with flak in a razorback with twin-linked lascannon

10th company task force

3x five man scout squads with combat weapons in speeder storms

Surprisingly the scouts are the bread and butter of this list's close combat element. Scouting and infiltrating helps close the gap and with the righteous zeal and the newly upped BS and WS you'll have a cheap hammer unit hitting reasonably hard. The Cerberus launcher is a weak shot but if you can make the assaulted unit blind, you'll have a good shot at winning combat.

Everything in the demi company is built to take the objectives and to weather the pressure your opponent puts on. I've chosen to just build up a demi company instead of trying to fill out a battle company because my meta plays a lot of kill points games. I'd rather have a good number of sturdy killy units than a lot of cheap units or a few elite units.

So, inspired by the old custom vehicle generation rules, I would like to design some custom character generation rules. I feel that with help from forum members with testing, we could come up with a fun comprehensive tool to generating our own named characters to help complement the armies we play, Anyone interested in lending a hand?

Discussion: Tyranids / Dirty work: Hive Fleet Manticore
« on: October 15, 2015, 02:07:25 AM »
Hey guys, I've done a lot of work on my space bugs by I've totally spaced it on delivering eye candy. I apologize for poor quality, ill step that up too when I base them.
Right now the army consists of

1 swarmlord (magnetized)

1 hive tyrant (magnetized)

28 genestealers

3 lictors (still need rending claws to finish those guys up, they're the ones converted from venomthropes)

2 brood lords (one of them is the spawn of cryptus)

10 ripper bases (very proud of the basing I've done on those guys)

30 gargoyles in total but only 16 have been painted up enough to show off.

I still have a haruspex/exocrine, 90 haunts, a mawloc, and 5 zoanthropes to work on. -sigh-, a hive mind's work is never done.

40K Rules Questions / preferred enemy, other rerolls and gets hot tests
« on: September 25, 2015, 08:58:29 PM »
Have I been misunderstanding something or does the ability to have a reroll to hit also affect gets hot tests on plasma weapons with templates? The way I understood it when you rolled the gets hot test for a weapon like a plasma cannon, it took place BEFORE the shooting attack itself but AFTER you declare targets. Can someone clarify?


I think I wanna use these models and some scions to make my tactical sisters. For $20 American you can't beat this kit's contents. It essentially gives you full female minis if you just want to put bolters or chainswords in their hands but it also gives you a good sculpt of female arms and legs if you want to integrate them into IG squads, maybe make some inquisition models, yada yada. This kit is single handedly solving the problem I've had seeing other sisters conversions where they've been just head swaps.

Discussion: Adeptus Mechanicus / eisenkern tank hunters
« on: September 22, 2015, 09:26:06 PM »

These seem like a cheap means to give you female parts to build plastic sisters. I figure you could implement some tempestus scions to add the Imperial symbols and imperium aesthetic without having to spend an arm and a leg buying specialty parts from 3rd party.

Discussion: THE LIST / alpha legion conceptual list 1500 pts
« on: August 17, 2015, 08:24:04 AM »
 chaos sorcerer 100 pts
Sigil of corruption, mark of Tzeench

I chose this just so I could give my warlord a 3++. (WHY THE HELL DO YOU CHAOS PLAYERS HAVE TO PAY 40 PTS FOR A 3++)

Chaos Marines squad 200 pts
8 man with melta, combimelta and rhino w/ destroyer blades, mark of khorne

Chaos Marines squad 200 pts
8 man with melta, combimelta and rhino w/ destroyer blades, mark of khorne

Cultists 100 pts
10 guys w/ autoguns
10 guys w/ combat weapons

Cultists 100 pts
10 guys w/ autoguns
10 guys w/ combat weapons

Chose to take these guys in groups of 8 because with the mark of khorne the points seem to even out, and I like my objective grabbers having counter attack. Melta for some nice armor killing.

Chaos raptors 200 pts
10 man w/ two melta guns

Some various deepstriking fast moving melta with a lot of wounds.

Terminators 240 pts
Chainfist, 5 power mauls, a heavy flamer, 3 combimelta

Really beefy close combat option with anti tank and anti infantry.

Havocs 150 pts
4x autocannons, a rhino

Chaos fireraptor gunship 210 pts
Reaper battery

First concept for a legion style alpha legion space marine list. The fire raptor rules are from the old experimental rules because I'm not sure which IA the chaos fire raptor rules are. The sorc sticks with the havocs as they shoot things from afar, the chaos Marines in rhinos go handle objectives, and the terminators and space marine raptors drop down and bolster support, or infiltrate if I roll master of deception. The list is a bit out of my comfort zone because I'm just getting into chaos.

Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / considering starting a chaos legion
« on: August 16, 2015, 08:51:17 AM »
In anticipation for the next chaos space Marines release,I'm really hoping to see a legion style book, less on the 4 chaos cults and more on the 5 first foundings that do not affiliate with one particular god. I'm hoping to see a wider array of tactical options rather than kissing up to a particular god or using more of one type of unit. I'm even willing to bet money that chaos is heading in the spicy direction that eldar went with units gaining free advantages, space Marines getting free vehicles, and ad mech getting free upgrades with war convocation. So I want to start a nonaffiliated renegade legion, and I'm leaning toward either Night Lords or Alpha Legion. Both of them seem to have fairly unique way of operating that I think would be fun to capture fluff wise. So how would you guys go about starting either of those legions?

40K Rules Questions / 1+ feel no pain?
« on: August 05, 2015, 04:18:01 AM »
So I've been hearing that iron hands can use multiple sources to possibly give a warlord and his unit a 1+ feel no pain. Basically you take Clan Raukaan, equip a character with the gorgon chain, take the warlord trait that adds +1 to feel no pain, take a command squad with an apothecary, and roll for endurance off biomancy. SURE, there's a lot of moving parts to this plan, so I think you're not going to get the 1+ very often, but you'll see a 2+ reliably if you count on a formation like the librarius conclave. Now, I've heard in discussion that you can't actually get a 1+ anything in 40k, but it seems like feel no pain is one of those special cases that exist outside saves and attribute tests.

Discussion: Adeptus Mechanicus / ad mech ally
« on: July 18, 2015, 03:51:31 PM »
I know nothing about ad mech other than the models look sweet and I want to supplement my imperial forces with 500 pts of these guys. What would you recommend I take?

General Discussion / this table aint big enough for the two of us...
« on: July 03, 2015, 02:02:59 AM »
I was first made aware of this in a video Fritz made ages ago, but with the trend GW is going in with effort to increase the amount of models we can put on the table, many armies are losing the ability to maneuver, being limited by a 6x4 space. Now while its true 1500 pts seems like the sweet spot to play this game, a lot of organized events and competitive meta host tournaments in the 1750-2000 pt range. Now, along with the increase in models we have an increase in high strength low AP weapons. Suddenly, space marine stats which used to be the golden standard 3 editions back are being picked up by handfuls. All of a sudden people are scoffing at the prospect of a 3+ save. Naturally, the remedy to fixing this was to encourage playing with more line of sight blocking terrain, because as we learned GW was taking a more cinematic approach to 6-7th ed. Unfortunately bigger pieces of terrain means even LESS room on the table. So now we're averaging a 1500 pt list with 60-80 models on the table, and scenic pieces that can fill a 1x1 section. Should we institute a new standard table size for games exceeding 1500 pts? More room means models don't get bunched up and pie plated like noone's business, we would have more breathing room to work out plans to deal with super heavies and gargantuan creatures.

Discussion: THE LIST / 1500 pts of nids, first game today
« on: May 20, 2015, 11:18:41 AM »
I'll be playing this list today at my flgs. Wanted some feedback.

2 flyrants, each with bone swords and a twin linked devourer

Spawn of cryptus with his 8 genestealers

2 groups of 10 genestealers with a brood lord each

2 groups of 5 ripper swarms with tunnel swarm upgrade and spinefists

3 lictors, each their own brood


12 gargoyles with toxin sacs

The genestealers and spawn of cryptus acts as a vanguard, along with the lictors, infiltrating, head hunting, and supporting the rippers when they come in. I expect my flyrants to do most of the heavy lifting this game so I gave them tools to hurt light armor as well as kill characters. If I'm lucky one of them will roll warp lance to knock down heavy armor. Gargoyles are a secondary support, giving me something on the table at the start of the game and making used of poison and blind when they reach assault.

Its still unconfirmed but there's been scuttlebutt on the news and rumors websites that with the upcoming Codex: Space Marines update, both Legion of the Damned as well as Black Templars are being dropped. I know with that in mind many Templars players are worried about Templars getting squatted. I can at least confidently say that GW has said time and time again that GW doesn't plan on dropping support for armies any time soon. So with that said, how would you guys feel about being moved to a separate book again? I expect a sort of mini dex out of this, much like skitarri and cult mechanicus. Thoughts? Comments? Criticisms?

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