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Discussion: Eldar / Re: NEW FAQ & YNNARI NERF
« on: November 17, 2017, 05:06:01 AM »
That's a tad pants, so Ynnari are basically going to be a small detachment of Yvaine, WotP target unit (Reapers, Wraiths etc) and filler, hopefully we'll see some kind of bloodpoints/tally etc down the line

I just want my Saim-Hann back

would be great if they have windriders back as troops, with maybe the old 1/3 weapons restriction

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Ynnari question for a friend
« on: October 08, 2017, 10:55:16 AM »
Correct, the unit isn't in play until after the transport is removed, it used to work in 7e if the vehicle didn't explode but not in 8e

I'm thinking many of the strategems will be balanced out versions of the formation bonus' from 7th

Maybe a Wraithknight Psyker as the big model

Hopefully the not Wave Serpent tanks will get a buff rather than Serpents getting kicked in the Spirit Stones

Points wise obviously Avengers need a tweak

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar 8th preview
« on: May 24, 2017, 04:18:54 AM »
I can certainly see Guardians going back to 4+, hopefully with a points reduction and maybe a psychic power or two to buff, although keeping tanks at 3+ would be fine

Making the Phoenix Lords playable might be fun, I'm hoping they each provide some kind of buffs for their respectively Shrines

Fairly sure the Avatar will provide immunity to Battleshock

I can see Battle Focus being set to a fixed distance move immediately before/after shooting

Nicely done

Any chance of the list ?

best of luck, didn't quite get my clowns done in time for 7th, fingers crossed 8th is clown friendly

Sadly you were right. Feels like a really lazy solution to a non-existent problem.

I'm still undecided, I think part of it is the limitations of a D6 system, if it was a D10 or higher then 1 in 10 'lucky' hits might feel a tad more reasonable

also now everything wounds everything on 6's

Where did you see that? I know they've said that everything can hurt anything but I don't recall seeing anything about 6's wound anything. I did however see that they've mentioned combining fire and I suspect that will be the route they go down to enable anything to wound anything. They also said that 500 guardsmen could take out a land raider with lasguns, which would lean towards that version of the rules.

That was just something folks guessed at from the Las-Gun / Raider example as 500shots@4+, 250hits@6, 41 wounds, assuming a 3+ save, does approx 13 wounds, which based on speculation that Wounds would be about triple Hull points would give a Raider about 12W, but its all guess work at this point, and of course the combined fire tease could totally invalidate the hurt everything on 6's

Hopefully nothing too severe, units that I think are in for a tickle from the nerf broom

1) Scat Packs,  a tricky one to call, given the changes to vehicles I'm not sure they will be as nasty as before, also now everything wounds everything on 6's will Shuriken Cats / Cannons get some tweak to make them worthwhile options

2) Warp Spiders, the movement will get toned down and I'm fairly sure current Flickerjump will go, the Spinners might become 'flamers' again

3) I could see Guardians going down to 4+ to hit, but maybe the Warlock attachment having a +1 power (I think with BS effectively going away that Falcons, Walkers etc could stay at 3+ to represent those being having trained and experienced crews)

4) Not nerfs but with the movement stat coming back I think our faster stuff could well go up to 7/8 and slower ones down to 5

5) Soulburst, needs to go and we all pretend it never happened

Doing the Clowns proud, good work

My local group seems to be on the verge of flatlining for good and I'm kind of struggling for idea's to save it

Basically we've been losing players for one reason or another for a while now, this eventually meant we couldn't afford our venue, which was a nice community hall with lots of tables, decent lighting and every a sizeable storage cupboard for all our boards and terrain

We discussed it as part of a group and the decision was made to relocate to the back room of a local pub, which was a bit more central which has been an issue for some players in the past.  This move has not gone very well, the pub landlord whilst a decent enough sort seems somewhat disorganised and has let us down on numerous occasions, which has caused us to lose more players due to lack of tables, shoddy lighting (we were assured would be fixed but nothing has been done for the last month).  It also doesn't help that some club members seem to take it for granted and its the same handful of people constantly trying to paper over the cracks, resulting in one of them just calling it a day

So any idea's on fixes, I'm looking at replacement venues but most of them are out of our price range on current numbers

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar FAQ
« on: July 03, 2016, 05:19:09 AM »
I sort of agree but the problem with stat and points changes is unless it is done really carefully (unlikely its GW) nothing really changes.

And whilst it's too early for theoryhammer say Guardian based units go down to BS3 but with a cost reduction of 20%, all that really happens is 3 man bike units become 4 man bike units, 10 man footsloggers become 13 man units and overall output remains the same

Pretty sure its 1-3 as the Codex Entry on P130 states it starts as 1 Support Weapon but that you can add up to a further 2 Support Weapons

Discussion: Eldar / Fluff Question
« on: June 07, 2015, 04:17:19 PM »
Not sure if this is proper to Eldar or Painting forum, if this is the wrong one please move it.

Is there any reason fluff wise that a) Aspect Warrior Wave Serpents couldn't be in Aspect/Shrine colour rather than the Craftworld colours, I'd assume each shrine has a least some Bonesingers to maintain weapons and equipment b) likewise with Wraithlords, picked up some old metal ones on Ebay and had an idea to do them in Aspect colours with appropriate weapons, ie Shuri-Cannons for Avengers, EML for Reapers etc


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