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if I'm reading this correctly, the inquisitorial henchman formation only allows for one unit of warrior acolytes and specific models of everything else in the formation. this formation comes from the imperial agents codex, which was supposed to be a throwback to the way you could forma n inquisitorial henchman warband in the inquisition digital dex. however according to the new faq you have to have "a unit/units of" prefix to use more than one model of the same unit. I have not been able to get clarification from GW on this question so I'm asking here. if there is no way to bring more than one crusader or deathcult assassin, then why even word it like it is?

That's the bonus, stick them behind it, not ideal to lose the raider but a free extra move could be just as good if it blows.

Didn't think of that but tour's right they can still make a run or move. The question is, run? Or move? Based on the situation the run will, on average, be better because of the bonus 3 inches, and you're more than likely going to loose the transport on your opponent's turn. So why not run them unless you can get an assault off? If they wreck the raider turn 1.

Can't use the raider unless you plan to mount them in your first turn.

that's the object. while you can't start out in them you can still get in raiders turn 1. it's a bit extra on your part but it gets the wraiths or banchees where they need to be

You also don't loose any movement on the transports. You just have to bre prepared in case you dont get first turn and wither that fire while you get into the transports.

I also noticed GW was out of banchees the past 2 weeks. It's almost like not having to bring allies made them worth the risk of loosing first turn. Then again, if they do loos their transport they can still run d6+3 inches. And then cause another soulburst, one way or another.

Can't use the raider unless you plan to mount them in your first turn.

that's the object. while you can't start out in them you can still get in raiders turn 1. it's a bit extra on your part but it gets the wraiths or banchees where they need to be

Discussion: Blood Angels / Quick question about captain k.
« on: March 13, 2017, 02:57:21 PM »
I've been wondering if you can use captain karlean as your termi captain since he was a data slate before the angel's blade release but not actually in the forge org for the AB strike force.

Can anyone help me on this one?

Wraithblades mount in a raider with another carrying banchees. Have the banchees assault first but then follow up with the blades. So 6 t 6 with rage an w4

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: working with the Angel's Blade
« on: January 10, 2017, 02:13:16 PM »
The priest in a drop pod is fine. But remember that you won't be able to take the priest in the tremis squads according to the new faq. Because the priest isn't part of the main formation they can't join the unit because they don't have the same rollreserves on turn 1 for this unit. It sucks and we got hit hard by it.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?
« on: January 05, 2017, 04:25:48 PM »
If the blood angels would have gotten an update to the the vanguard vets, a la cheaper upgrades, it would have been. But the way they justified it was, you need to bring 3 squads atleast of deep striking, marines at full capacity with no way to, thanks to the new faq not allowing models from the same faction to join units in a formation and gain the benefits of that formation, give them any survivability to last long enough to charge. I've just recently got my 3rd full squad of vanguard vets and haven't been able to play a game since Christmas. I supposed it's consevible to have a change to the meta. I've also seen barrels where the death company can wreck other armies. But I really haven't seen too much of a change. It looks like traitors legions made a bigger impact as well as traitors hate.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: working with the Angel's Blade
« on: December 26, 2016, 07:45:05 PM »
I believe it really depends on points cost. While reading through the new core faq I realized that we won't be able to drop a sanguinary priest into our squads for the archangels if we deep strike them. So I'm thinking about something even less used now.

We do have access to fast transports, with free flamers. (Or if you would prefer the cost of a razorback with fast coupled with a h.flamer turret.) So what about running a 3 unit squad of dual h flamer land speeders? For 60 pts per speeder you have a fast 2 h flamer per unit squad that can cover ground and deal with infintry. While still covering our razorbacks which provide support for the sternguard?

As far as the DC option goes I say run them on the table, hope for first turn, and go all out. You can have a Chaplin in each of the core squad. Drop pod the DC dreadnaughts and watch your opponent squirm to keep them away. I actually prefer running the land raider formation with a squad of DC there. It's always fun to watch the hurricane bolters work out when used correctly.

Discussion: Blood Angels / working with the Angel's Blade
« on: December 22, 2016, 10:56:18 AM »
Jump infantry has always been a huge, and I do mean HUGE, part of the Blood Angels. it was a Massive blow that we didn't get the codex space marine vanguard vets. So why play the Archangels demi company with a support choice? Simple. It fits out play style.

Lets begin with what we must take (disclaimer: 1500 to 2000 points is the best way to get this formation detachment on the table). A terminator captain (135 pts) he has a Thunder-Hammer, storm bolter combo, and 2 furioso dreadnaughts (kitted out as you see fit). You can go ahead and put the dreadnaughts in drop pods. or run them say along side a razorback, your choice. what to do about that captain...more on that later. Now to what we may take, any combination of 5 units of terminators, assault termi's, Vanguard, and/or sternguard. lets put our captain in a stock termi squad, either version should work based on your playstyle. Now what about the other 4? well lets go with 2 full 10 man squads of Vanguard (stock loadout) 1 (5 man) squad with power weapons and Storm shields, and lets put a sternguard squad with a heavy bolter turret razorback in the mix for some more shooty support. so that is our core choice. So what does this do for the BA? we get to roll reserves turn 1, reroll failed reserves, AND roll 1 less die for scatter. we make our presence known on turn 1 and then we can benefit from our command benefits on the turn they need to be there.

So lets take a look at the command benefits. We've got the typical reroll on Warlord Traits for the BA codex, The Red Thirst +1 initiative when charging, and zealot once a unit has lost half of its starting number. A lot of people don't like this trait due to it's reliance of loosing models. But there is another way to look at it. All players should know they will loose models. 40k is a wargame, guys WILL BE LOST. Do we like it? Maybe not, but it WILL happen. This trait will make any unit in this detachment be feared. It's about making the opponent choose whether or not to hurt a squad or devote an abnormal amount of firepower to completely wipe a squad (we'll talk more about threat presence in a moment). the thing is to force your opponent to make a choice, to hurt or attempt to kill.

For aux choices I like assault squads (with jump packs now). either on the table OR in a drop pod they can take 4 flamers if you count hand flamers, or 4 meltas if you count inferno pistols, or 4 plasmas if you count plasma pistols. You could even add in an eviscerator and you have a prominent threat at short range.

Lets talk about threat presence depending on what you've taken as your demi-company choices, you can pressure your opponent's back line or run a mobile siege of heavy bolter/assault cannon/[las/plas] (remember our razorback's are fast)/heavy flamer barrage. then your Elite Assault marines drop from the skies. your opponent now asks the questions, or better yet for us knee-jerks, what to shoot at. we hope they choose our main force, allowing our razorbacks/dreads (if placed on foot) to close the distance and catch the opponent by surprise when we assault in turn 2. KAELRICH! you may yell, THEY'RE SITTING DUCKS! Why would you consign your vanguard squads to death!? Because they won't die. They will have help to increase their threat presence. We have 5 HQ choices to play with, which can be Sanguinary Priests (with jump packs). I have won more games on FNP with BA because we Refuse to Leave the field. I prefer to have 4 priests, one without a jump pack with the sternguard squad, 3 with jump packs at with the vanguard vets. so now we have more survivability for our descending angels and an easier choice for the opponent to try and take them out before they can charge (with +1 S,I, and WS).

So what do you think? are you willing to try it?

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: When angels decend (and not scatter)
« on: October 20, 2016, 05:25:38 PM »
I was thinking something along the same lines. If you pay for the infernos pistols, and the stormshield on the sgt and maybe 2 other guys. You can deep strike near a servo skull and unload nearly any transport, the forcibly unload the transport (seeking or exploding it).

I was also thinking about storm bolters and storm shields for them. If you need to you can set them up in the backfield and they have the mobility to move from point to point if necessary.

To change the subject for a moment. How would you deliver sternguard? Drop pods sound interesting. But, in my opinion, one of BA's strengths is our las/plas razorbacks. They are fast so they can use both weapons on the turn it moves 12. My experience with them is they imobalize way to easily. And cost a whopping 85-90 (with dozer blades) a piece. Which is the better option?

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: When angels decend (and not scatter)
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:00:23 PM »
I'm looking at 1850 for the list. I might be a bit spoiled on FNP especially the idea of BA being able to have it in 75% of the army

Discussion: Blood Angels / When angels decend (and not scatter)
« on: October 18, 2016, 05:23:56 PM »
Ok yes people want an op demi company that dosent follow out fluff. However. The archangels demi company offers a very fluffy alternative which is near on the main when assisted by an Inquisitor.

May I suggest running 3 squads of vanguard vets, one termi squad, and one sternguard squad for your demi company, some grav cannon or las cannon devs for your aux, and 4 sanguinary priests for your vanguard and sternguard squads. Add in 1 or 2 inquisitors with 3 servo skulls each and you have an interesting list.

Let's talk about it shall we? The archangels demi company can deep strike turn 1. Rerolls failed reserve rolls, and scatter a d6 less. Now let's add in the servo skulls from the Inquisitor that reduce the scatter dice by 1d6 if the first model of a unit is within 12 inches of it. They also stop infiltrate and scouting units from gaining much ground.

I suggest 1 line of servo skulls as close as possible to the opponent to stop scout moves, while having a second line of skulls for your angels to drop in and take a spot on the board without error(barring terrain instances that could cause mishaps).

As always feedback is welcome.

I'm going to run were guard and vanguard in the archangels host, use 2 thunder/storm tremis and 1 lightning claw squad in the orbital I intervention force for the detatchment. Charging from deep strike while disorganized is way too good, zealot at half squad size could work out late game for mop up duty.

On the other hand how about 5 librarian dreads supporting a death company host. While death co can take stormraven DTS they can also be put in the formation of stormraven for extra missile goodness. The support alpha strike and add in the formation flying for extra goodness. This is going to be a fun time to be a blood angel.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: On dev squads: equipment?
« on: September 15, 2016, 12:52:59 PM »
Except scytheguard will remove monsters, 2+ and vehichles with equal ease. If I want fire support for my BA, I'd much, much rather have fast predators or vindicators. Those play to our strengths.

On a side note is it actually confirmed that we can have heavy flamers for our devs? Either way, heavy flamer devs do the same thing that most of our units already excell at: killing mass infantry.

BA are the only ones who can take mass heavy flamers. They are on our heavy weapons list.

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