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Discussion: Painting / Re: What's On Your Paint Bench?
« on: November 07, 2017, 11:26:45 AM »
My current paint projects include:

5 Chimeras, and 10 Chimera turrets (5 Multi-Laser, 5 Twin heavy Bolters).
5 Leman Russ Hulls (Turrets are painted).
2 Platoon/Company Commanders
1 Master of Ordinance
1 Officer of the Fleet
3 Armored Sentinels
5 Rough Riders 

5 Black Templar Bikers

1 Watch Master
Two 6 Man Kill Teams
One 8 Man Kill Team
5 Deathwatch Bikers
1 Deathwatch Razorback

My first game of 8th Edition was with my new Astra Militarum army. 1500 Points vs Raven Wing. I brought a Salamander Command Vehicle, Baneblade, Pask,  2 Leman Russ tanks, a Tech-priest, and a Stygies Tank Destroyer.

The Salamander sat behind the Baneblade and added +1 to hit rolls. For roughly 100 points I do think it is well worth it. The Salamander itself is also not bad at BS3+

In addition, the Stygies tank Destroyer should not be overlooked. It's a D3 shot cannonball with tankhunter which means you roll two dice for damage and discard the lowest against vehicles.
In my first game, it preformed alright given the lack of tanks, but it was still able to inflict some damage on a Dark-Shroud. It comes it at a slightly higher cost than a vanquisher (170), but it does have D3 shots rather than one, and an extra wound from 12 to 130.

The last thing that really caught my eye was the Malcador Infernus with the chemical fuel. It's just a buffed chem-cannon from a Bane-Wolf, but it should not be overlooked as a deep-strike deterrent. 16 in ranges with auto-hit means that assaulting it with anything but a dreadnought is going to be nasty.

(Mostly) Finished Thunderhawk!
I did get a little lazy with the paint truth be told, but partly because it's not too detailed to begin with.
Removable Landing Gear
Magnetized front door and cockpit.
Red LED lights on the inside.
Magnetized cannon (I'll eventually get something better than just a piece of PVC.
Comes apart in 2 pieces for easy transport (sorry I don't have a picture right now). The  pole it sits on holds the two pieces together, the wings slide out from the fuselage to make it thinner to fit into a box.

Yes, the current stand is just a dowel put into a block with yes, wine rack peices I used as feet. It's just temporary as I threw it together with wood scraps from the garage as to have it ready for game night on Wednesdays
First saw action in a 4k point game of Templars and Grey Knights vs Daemons and Death Guard.
The laser destructor did not do a whole lot, it rolled about 10 ones throughout the course of the match, including on right on top of Mortarian.  >:(

For my first scratch build model, I'm relatively pleased with it. I intend to build a Warhound class titan next, so that should prove to be interesting.

Greetings honorable Battle Brothers!

I'm in the process of building an apocalypse-capable Black Templars Army. I figured I'd make this thread to share some of my creations and conversions while I build the army.
I do intent to update this as my army grows and I have new projects.

Current projects:
-Thunderhawk Gunship (scratch-build)
-Dark Vengeance Terminators, converted to Black Templars with shoulder emblems, and much of the Dark Angels icons removed.
-Touching up a dreadnought (His banner fell off the other weekend at a game :( )

Heavy Bolters and Lascannons are in the mail for the thunderhawk, as is more plastic. It's far from the best looking thunderhawk, but not bad for scratch. The door opens and the wings slide out for easier transport. I'll prime it in grey and give it a chaos black spray. The pain throw on the front was a simple test. Still needs the small upper wings, some details on the rear, the guns, and the engines.

Really pleased with how this guy came out.


General Discussion / Re: Take Me To Your Leader!
« on: October 27, 2016, 05:30:00 PM »
The Hero of Helsreach! Grimaldus! And his retinue!
(Yes, that is also a mouspad with him on it).

40K Rules Questions / Land Raider Spearhead and Terminators
« on: September 16, 2016, 01:30:04 PM »
So, I'm new to 40k and I'm putting together a Black Templars Army. I've already got a few troops and an HQ and I'm thinking about bigger stuff now. My question is: In regards to the Land Raider Spearhead, Can I put terminators in those Land Raiders even though they are part of a formation? How does that change force organization?

I saw the land Raider spearhead and though " I have to do that, it's absolutely awesome", and the idea of 3 Land Raider Crusaders unloading terminators right into the heart of battle  just sounds awesome to me.  Currently thinking 2 Terminator Squads and Grimaldus between the 3 tanks.

Apologies if I've posted in the wrong section.

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