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Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: When angels decend (and not scatter)
« on: October 19, 2016, 06:00:23 PM »
I'm looking at 1850 for the list. I might be a bit spoiled on FNP especially the idea of BA being able to have it in 75% of the army

Discussion: Blood Angels / When angels decend (and not scatter)
« on: October 18, 2016, 05:23:56 PM »
Ok yes people want an op demi company that dosent follow out fluff. However. The archangels demi company offers a very fluffy alternative which is near on the main when assisted by an Inquisitor.

May I suggest running 3 squads of vanguard vets, one termi squad, and one sternguard squad for your demi company, some grav cannon or las cannon devs for your aux, and 4 sanguinary priests for your vanguard and sternguard squads. Add in 1 or 2 inquisitors with 3 servo skulls each and you have an interesting list.

Let's talk about it shall we? The archangels demi company can deep strike turn 1. Rerolls failed reserve rolls, and scatter a d6 less. Now let's add in the servo skulls from the Inquisitor that reduce the scatter dice by 1d6 if the first model of a unit is within 12 inches of it. They also stop infiltrate and scouting units from gaining much ground.

I suggest 1 line of servo skulls as close as possible to the opponent to stop scout moves, while having a second line of skulls for your angels to drop in and take a spot on the board without error(barring terrain instances that could cause mishaps).

As always feedback is welcome.

I'm going to run were guard and vanguard in the archangels host, use 2 thunder/storm tremis and 1 lightning claw squad in the orbital I intervention force for the detatchment. Charging from deep strike while disorganized is way too good, zealot at half squad size could work out late game for mop up duty.

On the other hand how about 5 librarian dreads supporting a death company host. While death co can take stormraven DTS they can also be put in the formation of stormraven for extra missile goodness. The support alpha strike and add in the formation flying for extra goodness. This is going to be a fun time to be a blood angel.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: On dev squads: equipment?
« on: September 15, 2016, 12:52:59 PM »
Except scytheguard will remove monsters, 2+ and vehichles with equal ease. If I want fire support for my BA, I'd much, much rather have fast predators or vindicators. Those play to our strengths.

On a side note is it actually confirmed that we can have heavy flamers for our devs? Either way, heavy flamer devs do the same thing that most of our units already excell at: killing mass infantry.

BA are the only ones who can take mass heavy flamers. They are on our heavy weapons list.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: Angel's Blade, What does it mean for us?
« on: September 15, 2016, 12:28:24 AM »
I have to say, the formations themselves that have been leaked look quite decent as far as bonuses are concerned. The zealot in the decurion is however from when the units have lost half the models you started with, and that is a pretty poor bonus in my view since you can't even get a benefit from it if that happens when in close combat.

we can be good Kvekan. in the archangels demi-company you do get to use ANY combination of sternguard, termis and vanguard. so you can have 5 squads of vanguard vets with jump packs. the redthirst, with superior weapon selection and Furious Charge they are uniquely qualified to take out most light and heavy infantry.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: On dev squads: equipment?
« on: September 15, 2016, 12:24:52 AM »
a lot of people miss the inferno pistols and hand pistols and heavy flamers. but just remember they will work like scytheguard. make sure your templates don't overlap your guys for maximum flamer goodness

Discussion: Blood Angels / On dev squads: equipment?
« on: September 14, 2016, 02:38:34 PM »
Of course with the new supplement hitting in less than a week I thought we should talk about devistator squads, something I never thought of using in a blood angel army. What in the world could we equip our dev squads with? It boggled my mind until I realized what their true function was.

I contest that the dev squad should be a 5 man squad with a Sargent with dual hand flamers, and the squad should have 4 heavy flamers. So now we wonder how to get them to range. A drop pod is always good. But las/plas razorbacks are also amazing for us due to overcharged engines.

The question remains? With all of our ability for anti armor in meltas spam, would you rather use grav cannons/ grav amps? Or let them fill another role? What would you do?

Discussion: Blood Angels / Angel's Blade, What does it mean for us?
« on: September 14, 2016, 12:32:19 AM »
Brothers, Sons of Sanguinius! I'd like to talk about the spoilers seen from Faeit 212. I see a lot of people posting on there, and I won't say scared but, worried about the blood angels not having objective secured on their units in their blooded demi-company. I will admit I feel it will be like that of the exertminatus campaign supplement, But I can't say I really worry about having Ob-Sec on my units when I play Blood Angels. I don't really think it fits for the sons of Sanguinius. even with our Baal strike force detachment we gave up ob sec for a bonus +1I on the charge. added with a Sanguinary Priest this makes even a vanguard veteran squad very scary as they can mulch a tactical squad off a point. I don't usually try to use CAD's, that's my decision as a player, if I have the choice. Tournaments make people forget their army's feel, its nature. And I've had the hardest time trying to MAKE an army do what I wanted it to do. I instead let the army make itself. Tac squads in Rhinos or on foot. assault squads in drop pods or Las/Plas razorbacks, even Sanguinary guard have their place at my priest's side. did I care about Ob-Sec? not really, I KNEW my opposition wouldn't dare go for an objective with the might of the blood angels baring down on them. With that thought in mind I started winning games. I started getting to understand my army and choices and the game became more fun, challenging, and yet easier at the same time.

Lets talk about the blooded demi company. according to the Faeit's intel it's 3 tac, 1 dev, 1 assault, 1 captain (or chaplin), 1 dev, 1 dread, and one command squad (or furioso if chappy was chosen). so they get the red thirst, and if you run an aux formation, you get zealot on all the angel's blade so long as you don't take max squads. ok so we can get Grav devs in a drop pod, lay down some hurt and have some fun with a sumo style furioso, and have a heck of a deathstar with jump command squad with our captain leading the charge. ok nice....ish.

lets look at the other spoiled core choice, the archangles demi company, 1 termi-captain, 2 furioso dreads (I'm speculating these could be optional), 5 squads of any combination of termies, assault termies, sternguard vets, and vanguard vets. WOW! ok so special rules....stubborn, turn 1 reserves for the formation units, reroll failed reserves, 1d6 scatter, and reroll warlord trait. so I can see lots of uses for this. 3 squads of sternguard with either drop pods or razorbacks with las plaz could be amazing at 195 each (I'm a fan of special issue ammo) what about vanguard, 2 squads of those can cover the distance from deployment zone to target incredibly quickly and reliably if you take 2 or three with storm shields and T. Hammers. if you want to go with termies that's cool too but there are other formations for them. let's look at that now...

the Archangels orbital intervention force: 3 squads of any combo of termi's. that's it. you get to roll one reserve (reroll-able) for the entire formation, deep strike them where you please, then either disorganized charge, or double shoot (depending on their loadouts). ok so if we have to disorganized charge stuff the turn they hit the board lets multi-assault! tie up those pesky ranged units and the have zealot because you are running yer sternguard and vanguard as the core formation. When you add in shred from lightning claw termite's and you have some serious threats behind enemy lines.

I'm not sure what the future holds for the blood angels. From the rumors I'm very excited for us. what do you think? what are you looking for in the update? let's hear it. For Sanguinius!

Discussion: Eldar / Re: A little help.
« on: August 16, 2016, 04:43:45 PM »
Are you playing for flavor or competition? For flavor I suggest a autarch with fusiongun, mandiblasters and the shard of anaris with the fire dragons, mounted in a falcon with either a brightlance and cannon upgrade. The falcon can hold 6 passengers so you can hit what you need to when you need to.

I suggest getting 2 more scorpions to make it a 10 man squad, they are amazing when you infiltrate them and have them obscured (stealth and shrouded to the shoot or attack in melee)

Banchees take a bit more to get combat ready, if you want to use them the i suggest getting an avatar of khaine. He will give them furious charge, rage, and fearless.

Also think about a 5an squad of spiders to get the formation off the ground. Power blades can destroy marines with rage and strength 4.

Keep your dire avengers as your troops, with a wave serpent they will be better at  ob sec  than guardians. And they have better range.

I hope this helps.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: the forgotten Eldar assault units
« on: August 11, 2016, 01:42:24 PM »
I've rn banchees, an avatar, scorpions with an exarch in my last game and they did fine. The trick is to keep the banchees invisible if you can with either a farseer, spiritstones combo, or eldrad. They don't have to be with the banchees but they need to be in range. Also the avatar keeps them hitting hard and fast the first turn with his buff bubble. I'm considering running a cast of player to give them crusader, roll 2 dice for running and take the highest,  neurodisrupters and the level 2 shadoeer for fog of dreams or an extra shot at invisible.

I could really write a post about how banchees can work and maybe should.

I hate so drag this out, I've been trying to find the faq that limits it to one per model and I can't seem to find it. It isn't even in the first draft stuff from the that has been posted for review on Facebook. Could you provide me with a link for where you found that rule? I don't want to play the army wrong.

It's under army lists in the BRB faq.

Q: How many Relics/Artefacts can a single model be equipped with?
A: A model can only be given a single Relic/Artefact of any kind unless specifically noted otherwise.

Ok so no more crazy priests, good to know. Thanks man I appreciate it.

I hate so drag this out, I've been trying to find the faq that limits it to one per model and I can't seem to find it. It isn't even in the first draft stuff from the that has been posted for review on Facebook. Could you provide me with a link for where you found that rule? I don't want to play the army wrong.


You are not allowed multiple relics on one model...

I believe this is incorrect. The Dex actually states "you may only have one sporadic relic per 'army' it never says anything about per model.

Back on topic now. I've always been a big fan of death company and if you wanna try something that not many people run go with Tyco the lost with foot death company, he's amazing

Riddle me this brothers of the imperium? When running an 1850 game and you have your tempestus at 800 pts what do you use for an ally? May I suggest a more up close and personal as well as defensive on the advance option to my previous suggestions. Speaking of the Black Templars.

So here's the idea. You have a land raider spearhead for near unkillable land raider and inside are 2 squads of centurians along with Grimaldi's with a crusadersquad and his cenobites. Drop podding in is an ironclad dreadnaught to have him and the centurians form another formation. The land raiders provide a wall for your primes (if you prefer to use them) to start out behind (which immune to all but explodes results) and as the land raiders flatout ot tank shock forward they get the assault centurians to the fight. Also don't forget about the threat of the ironclad drop pod on turn one as well.

So what to you think? Is this a good ally for the militarum's best? Should it be all tempeatus with tactical shooting and grab shute insertions? I hope this helps with all of your curiosities of a very obscure but versital Dex.

Let's talk about a strong tactics choice I've found just this weekend. Deep strike. There are a couple of questions when we talk about deep strike and the tempestus. First we have to assess the usefulness of our transports, tarox primes and valkyres, and also how detrimental is it to deep strike into terrain.

Let's talk about the primes first, they are fast vehicles, using both the hotshot volly gun, and your choice of battle cannon or Gatling gun at the cost of 80 to 90 points. Not an inexpensive unit. But I've seen these engines carry a game for me from the 24 to 18 in range. So are they worth it? Of course. They get your scions and CMD squads where they need to go while also giving fire support afterward.

But if you need to trim points it's ok....because they are some of the safest depends trikers you can use. And you should be somewhat "reckless" with them. Now by reckless is to drop them inside of terrain. Because they have move through cover they auto pass the dangerous terrain tests that deep striking in cover forces. And now we come to various squad sizes. Do you want lots of special weapons? 100 points will net you a 5 man squad with 2 plasma guns or hotshot volly guns (I prefer plasma guns due to the higher strength and better ap). To add 5 more scions to the squad is to add an extra 70 pts to the unit. The question is whether or not you was elite shots from specified locations or mass shooting from the opponent's half of the table. There is the problem of deep strike mishaps. So you must pick somewhat open terrain, though in most friendly games the 25%rule isn't unforced and the "toe in" rule is usually the norm, in a tournament setting it could be an issue.

Of special note is the formation, where 4 primes are filled with 3 tempestus squads, 1 command squad and a commissar. This formation my not be able to deep strike but it has the firepower of the primes and also gives twin-linked to all scion weapons as they leave one of the transports. While I have not tried this formation yet I can see the effectiveness by bringing this along with any "gets hot" weaponry.

So what do you think? Knowing that if you deep strike into cover your safe from dangerous terrain tests, so the only problem would be those pesky mishaps. Or, do you prefer the fast primes to deliver and support?

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