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Riddle me this brothers of the imperium? When running an 1850 game and you have your tempestus at 800 pts what do you use for an ally? May I suggest a more up close and personal as well as defensive on the advance option to my previous suggestions. Speaking of the Black Templars.

So here's the idea. You have a land raider spearhead for near unkillable land raider and inside are 2 squads of centurians along with Grimaldi's with a crusadersquad and his cenobites. Drop podding in is an ironclad dreadnaught to have him and the centurians form another formation. The land raiders provide a wall for your primes (if you prefer to use them) to start out behind (which immune to all but explodes results) and as the land raiders flatout ot tank shock forward they get the assault centurians to the fight. Also don't forget about the threat of the ironclad drop pod on turn one as well.

So what to you think? Is this a good ally for the militarum's best? Should it be all tempeatus with tactical shooting and grab shute insertions? I hope this helps with all of your curiosities of a very obscure but versital Dex.

Let's talk about a strong tactics choice I've found just this weekend. Deep strike. There are a couple of questions when we talk about deep strike and the tempestus. First we have to assess the usefulness of our transports, tarox primes and valkyres, and also how detrimental is it to deep strike into terrain.

Let's talk about the primes first, they are fast vehicles, using both the hotshot volly gun, and your choice of battle cannon or Gatling gun at the cost of 80 to 90 points. Not an inexpensive unit. But I've seen these engines carry a game for me from the 24 to 18 in range. So are they worth it? Of course. They get your scions and CMD squads where they need to go while also giving fire support afterward.

But if you need to trim points it's ok....because they are some of the safest depends trikers you can use. And you should be somewhat "reckless" with them. Now by reckless is to drop them inside of terrain. Because they have move through cover they auto pass the dangerous terrain tests that deep striking in cover forces. And now we come to various squad sizes. Do you want lots of special weapons? 100 points will net you a 5 man squad with 2 plasma guns or hotshot volly guns (I prefer plasma guns due to the higher strength and better ap). To add 5 more scions to the squad is to add an extra 70 pts to the unit. The question is whether or not you was elite shots from specified locations or mass shooting from the opponent's half of the table. There is the problem of deep strike mishaps. So you must pick somewhat open terrain, though in most friendly games the 25%rule isn't unforced and the "toe in" rule is usually the norm, in a tournament setting it could be an issue.

Of special note is the formation, where 4 primes are filled with 3 tempestus squads, 1 command squad and a commissar. This formation my not be able to deep strike but it has the firepower of the primes and also gives twin-linked to all scion weapons as they leave one of the transports. While I have not tried this formation yet I can see the effectiveness by bringing this along with any "gets hot" weaponry.

So what do you think? Knowing that if you deep strike into cover your safe from dangerous terrain tests, so the only problem would be those pesky mishaps. Or, do you prefer the fast primes to deliver and support?

I must dis agree with vets and CMS squads being better shooting. With 5 twin lightning claw vets, zeik, Azrael and a Chaplin, you have quite the death squad if properly housed in a land raider. Add in the library powers and enjoy fortune for your armor/ok nviln saves. They literally shred through infintry squads. And you you're going against terms then you should be using other squads with ap2 and swarmfire to deal with that.

Discussion: Tyranids / Question about tournament lists
« on: June 14, 2016, 07:53:25 PM »
While I've only played a single game , a demo game even before I continue, I have done a bit of research I to the nids for both painting purposes as well as dark heresy starlings.  So my first question. Is, why is it that 3 to 6 flying hive tyrants are the only competitive lists for 7th ed. Ive came up with a list (1850) that could give any opponent really a run for their money based off fielding a ton of threats and capitalizing on my opponent's choices.

Am I trying to play nids hard mode? I just don't see how an entire army can henge on a bunch of flying monstrous creatures.

I have to keep this short for now but when i get time I will post my list and see what you all think about it, until then please let me in on the tournament player's mindset for nids.

sFor my local shops escalation league I've done really well with them. Their orders are amazing if you need spot removal. They look like they shouldn't work with only 5 units in the Dex but they are really good if you play them correctly

As a minor note my Inquisition detatchment is an ordomallis Inquisitor with a daemonblade along with 6 death cult assassins, with 2 evisiorator priestesses. They should be in a land raider godhammer.

Brothers and sisters of the imperium head my words! In the coming days we shall see knights align with the 666th chapters very own purifiers to support out Scions and command squads!

Right ladies and gentlemen, I've chosena second allied detatchment in the form of a nemisis strike force. To begin we need heavy weapons to back our boys in light Blu, and terminators/pallidens with psycannons shall lead the charge. Leading this detatchment will be Castilian Garren Crowe, who will lend his fighting spirit and prowess to the Inquisition detatchment in the form of both hammerhead (fear the death cult assassins), and with the cleaning fire power for air control.

Why did I choose grey knights to run with the tempestus? We have no real tanking ability, and while we are a dagger, the grey knights are a hammer. With them riding along with our ground formation in a land raider crusader the army should have great success.

Stay tuned for an update and well see how we do

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: Psychic Disciplines
« on: April 28, 2016, 05:36:23 PM »
I totally want to have a Furioso Librarian with 3++ Electroshield...
Whole Fulmination looks nicely for a FuriosoLibby!

Shouldn't be able to do that seeing as how the lubby dread start it can only take sanguinary powers.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Returning to Eldar?
« on: April 15, 2016, 08:19:37 PM »
Corsairs are awesome, fw stuff is amazing.

The field has adapted to the crazy amounts of rules and firepower we can bring. But as always it really depends on your meta.

Discussion: Imperial Knights / Re: What do i have to do?
« on: April 12, 2016, 04:11:05 PM »
If you can find the white dwarf with the rules in it that would work

Sorry that was a bit wierd. There is a formation in the flesh tearers supplement with Seth in it. Looking at it it would be correct to say it's a formation along with a combined arms detachment.

Thought I haven't tried it yet, I don't have one of the components for the formation. I do wonder how Dante and seh would do if in the same army.

If you use the FT Strike Force Detachment, it has acess to both the BA and FT relics!

However AFAIK relics are still restricted to a maximum of one per Independent Character.
-Edit ... not sure on this one anymore, what du you guys think ?:-

It's still one per IC

What if u told you there was a formation with Seth in it. Then you could run the Dex detatchment and get Dante?

Quite a few questions about this supplement, I just got the digital version which combines options from 2 other sources into one supplement.
1. Can I use this book and other options in it inside a non flesh tearer's list? There are 4 new relics that can be taken that state as a prerequisite "access to the relics of baal." So I'm not sure about that. If I can mix and math the relics of baal with an armor from the supplement, I can make a near indestructible sanguinary priest.
2. There are warlord traits for the flesh tearers and I'm wondering if I must use these in order to use anything from the supplement.

3 while I realize that the formations are self explanatory, and this is more of a realization than anything else, you could have both Dante and Seth in a single army.

So those are the three concerns that I have. I bought the supplement from black library but it dosent specify wether it just adds or is completely different.

Please enlightening me.

It's been a while since I've posted so I figured I'd give a progress report on how well my tempestus have done. . I've been using them mostly in 250 to 500 PT games mostly due to lack of models. And you could say they play like hybred guard and dark eldar. Vehicles lead the way but, with the various orders and hotshot laslas guns you have quite the arsenal AR your command. The thing is for tempestus, in my meta of course, is that I need something more threatening inn.y army. I have about a 50/50 win loss ration in what gam s I've used them and it seems that all I need is more pollish and they will be a force to be reckoned with. I plan on allying with a knight gallant, and an inquisitorial warband for some close combat potential. I also plan on bringing a valkyres squad to deal with flyers. The only thing is to acquire the .models and get them painted.

As far as how the weaponry does for me, I'm a big fan of the tarox Gatling cannon/hotshot volly combo. 4 ap3 hits against marines is never a bad thing, the only problem is the weapon is set so far back on the prime. Other than that you want to be in the 18 inch range for your hotshot weaponry just in case you need to snipe something, so it complements the base weapon.

As far as special weaponry goes, I suggest a squad of melta scions or 2, and plasma gun scions as well. The thing to remember is that you may only carry 2 weapons in the squad. But now I realize you do want 10 scions per squad.imagine what happened you you have to kill a mo steroid creature that even a plasma gun has a hard time hitting, say a wraithlord, daemon Prince, riptide, or any of the big bugs, the elimination protocols work for ALL weapons, so yes, you can turn a plasma gun into a sniper rifle...with all the rules there in, save heavy.

So there is a progress report please keep coming back for insights on this, while limited, versatile dex.

Let's be real we can either go as an ally of another group or we can go CAD and lead the way for a small elite force. So let's talk about the various allied contingent possibilities for the elite of the military.

Grey knights: no brainier right? They bring psychics to the table, can fit their special formation in even when we are point heavy with vehicles and special weapons. They also bring in critical melee for this squad who want to, as the orks put it, chop the shooty. Also they bring in the heavy armor with terminators and paladins. Very versatile and very effective when played correctly.

Blood angels are similar in fassion but more if a shooty option with charging capabilities, the psychic powers an armor can be bought in the form a librarian dreadnaught. And can also provide fast durable tarpit units to infuriate your foes in the form of death company.

Space marines bring a good deal of versatility if you don't want to run valkyres. The stalker hunter formation is a terror of any flying unit and lots of antiarmor can be fielded with just 3 centurians with grav gun/ grav amp.

For fluff you could being the Inquisition, certainly an inquisitor with a squad of death cult assassins supported by 2 priests would be a devastating addition to the tempestus.

My last thought for the day revolves around the ages defence line with an antiair cannon and a vindicare assassin, again this is an anti air grouping, but the assassin can intercept a flyer, then later in the turn and next turn he can use his rifle or pistol due to those weapons not having the interceptor special rule.

I hope this gives more insight into the tempestus. Any thoughts? Suggestions? Other armies that help the militarum's elite? Post it. Let's see more of these guys on the tables

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