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Discussion: Eldar / Re: Doom isn't the Primaris power: done on purpose?
« on: November 13, 2013, 08:56:43 AM »
guide as a primaris power is to make the elder more shooty than melee. they WANT us to keep kiting our opponents during battles

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Answer to Centurian Grav guns?
« on: November 13, 2013, 08:50:57 AM »
I've found a falcon (you can load with Fire Dragons if you wish) with holofields and a scatter laser does the trick when you have that pesky SM player who wants to hold them in a Land raider crusader. I feel the falcon has been overshadowed by a lot of the Heavy support units, namely the wraithknight (for some reason they just don't strike my fancy). try the falcon with Dragons out, you'll love it

they could come into their own in the lower cost games, think about this, 1 group of 10 guardians + warlock + an HQ (farseer probably) in a shooty wave serpent x2 for the force org chart (same way a SM player would use a land raider redeemer/crusader to give fire support his thunderstorm assault termies in the field) with a squad of War Walkers should be around the 1k point total. Now you have a 1-2 punch where the War Walkers whittle away at the target squad and the guardian's come in and finish up with flamer, power weapon, etc.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Poll: Do you like the Phoenix Lord models?
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:48:46 AM »
LOVE Them, 3 of 5 (Asurmen, Maugan-Ra, Baharroth). So nice a sculpt and such awesome units

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Insights #16 Striking Scorpions
« on: October 01, 2013, 11:47:09 AM »
Infiltrating Karandras with a unit has a lot of benefits. Not only is he an absolute beast in CC with his S8 Scorpions Claw, he also gives your unit Fearless, which will help you to sucessfully withstand the opposing shooting and make it to CC where the Scorpions shine.

I have a scorpion themed list which some armies just cant handle. It involves 2 units of scorpions karandras+d-cannons infiltrating.

Seems like a cool list, but you canīt infiltrate units using Karandras that arenīt Infiltrators from the beginning. So infiltrating D-Cannons wonīt work.

Ok ill have to re-read the rules. Damn i played it twice... probably need to get the newest FAQ too.. thanks anyway

Sadly there is no FAQ regarding this... A lot of people actually say itīs legit and some tounament organizers will even allow it.

There have been tons of discussion about this topic, but basically it comes down to this:

While the "Infiltrate" special rule does transfer from a Character to his unit, the unit still canīt be infiltrated because of what Iīll call "Deployment Timing" here.

Infiltrators that want to infiltrate deploy after all other units have deployed or have been declared to be in reserves. This is stated on both page 36 and page 121 of the BRB.

As I said the rule would transfer, but a Character canīt join a unit before Deployment. There are 3 ways to join a unit for an Independent Character in 40k 6th edition:

1.) The Character moves into coherency with the unit and joins.
2.) The Character and the unit are kept in Reserves, declared to be one unit and deploy together
3.) The Character is deployed within coherency of a squad heīll join at the beginning of Turn 1, after    deployment

These rules for Idependent Characters are stated on page 43 of the BRB.

Now letīs assume we have a Character with Infiltrate, say Karandras and a unit of something we want to infiltrate that doesnīt have "Infiltrate", say Wraithguard.

During Deployment weīll have to deploy the Wraithguard before Karandras, because "he deploys last" (BRB p36/121) and as they donīt have "Infiltrate" without him, they can only be deployed normaly. After regular deployment is done, we can now deploy Karandras. He can eighter infiltrate alone, or join the Wraithguard, but heīll have to be placed into coherency with them, not being able to utilize his rule.

As stated before, a Character can join a unit in reserves. This is why you can for example place Karandras and his Wraithguard in reseves and outflank them. This is perfectly fine, as the rule does transfer.

The trick here is to put the unit (Spiritseer and scorpions) into a wave serpent and make them outflank. be3casue the seer joins the unit in reserve then once outflanking time comes in you've got conceal+stealth for the turn they get out of the transport (should usually equal a 2+ cover) then have fun with your disruptive maledictions and blessings.

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Insights #16 Striking Scorpions
« on: September 30, 2013, 11:30:24 AM »
I honestly don't see the point in the claw now, other than a target for snipers, Sgt Tellion, or some sharpshooter like that. I realize it's ap2 at s6-8, I do believe I will continue to use chainsabres for the catapult/s+1 rending (again I like the wonderful crit system). 10 less points for 1 less str and not a priority target, really good for the deceptive style of the scorpions in my opinion.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: Do DA suck?
« on: September 29, 2013, 10:14:22 PM »
it depends on your play-style on whether you like an army. I personally like Ravenwing, they can start 1/2 way into the 24 inch area "no man's land" at the beginning of the game and have some incredible special units. but if you don't have the mindset of what you are going to play it will not be fun, and then you will loose due to hating the very army you play cause "it's not fun!"

Discussion: Eldar / Fending Off a Drop Pod Assault
« on: September 29, 2013, 01:24:55 PM »
one of the people I pay 40k with has locked his strategy around Drop Pod assault. I have terrible luck with die rolls and I was wondering what a good counter measure would be for discouraging the metal rain from hitting my side of the table. any thoughts? no matter what I try I always seem to fall to the drop pod vomit of guys

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Insights #16 Striking Scorpions
« on: September 29, 2013, 01:07:32 PM »
make things worse by adding a Spiritseer for empower/enervate. s10 exarch at I5 /w 3 attacks. Pen land raiders on 5+ or a 50/50 shot to glance

Discussion: Eldar / Re: Eldar Anti Air
« on: September 28, 2013, 05:37:08 AM »
the problem with the avatar is the same as with any ground unit. your still firing at bs1, no rerolls for the high BS. I agree that volume of shots are required for anti-air for elder. however I won't (because I don't have the model) discourage the use of a crimson hunter (I would go for the brightlance option for max damage at less shots, but with an exarch your are rolling to pen more than to hit, just don't roll a 1) it is a hunter for a reason, so let's make it rain burning wreckage.

Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: My 1500 point army idea
« on: September 20, 2013, 11:59:28 AM »
My question about the techmarine is this, does the servo harness give more than one extra attack, because it's a servo harness 2 power fists and a melee specialist weapon on left hand or does the basic rule book (soft back P. 24) "only 1 extra attack no matter how many arms you have" rule apply here. again I've heard that the servo harness is different in the new SM dex (allowing the use of both arms and more than the normal +1 attack for multiple weapons, but I have not actually read the entry yet. Am I thinking about this too much?

General Discussion / Re: The BIG 40K Poll: What Army Do You Play?
« on: September 19, 2013, 01:46:03 PM »
Eldar and Dark Angels 

Discussion: Eldar / Re: are Farseers useless?
« on: September 19, 2013, 01:36:38 PM »
I think there was a huge shell shock when GW gave us "ghasp" Power tables, I've found a farseer really fun with Death Mission (almost, ALMOST!!!! avatar quality warrior). I am happy with the new changes, because they aren't mandatory anymore, they are a balanced unit, and I mean that they can be support or offensive (I still believe eldritch storm is amazing), they have incredible weapons in the singingspear/witchblade/shuriken pistol(yay crit system!). But back to the reason for the post. No I don't think farseers are useless I think they actually gained power in gaining more versatility.

Discussion: Dark Angels / My 1500 point army idea
« on: September 19, 2013, 12:53:10 PM »
my list is as follows:
Librarian: Mastery lvl 2 with plasma pistol
Techmarine /w lightning claw, servo-harness, and Stormbolter
3 man servitor Squad /w 2x heavy bolters

1 6 strong RW Attack Squad (Melta-gun X2,Vet Sgt /w meltabombs)
1 6 strong RW Attack Squad (Plasma gun X2, Vet Sgt /w meltabombs)
1 7 man Company Vet Squad (all armed with Lightning Claws) and mounted in a rhino
3 land speeders (/w heavy bolters and assault cannons)

I plan on putting the techmarine, Azzy, and librarian with the company vets to make a huge melee threat while harrying the opponent with bolter fire from both the land speeders and bikers. rather straight forward, for an expansion to 2k pts I think adding a 5 man devastator squad with plasma cannons and a shooty termi squad would be my choices. Any thoughts, and would a chaplain serve better than the librarian (prescience vs. Zealot)

The main question I have is about the Servo-harness, in the New SM dex, from what I understand, they state that the Techmarine gets attacks from Each servo-arm as well as their normal number of attack, however in our own DA Dex we don't get such luxuries. that's why I added the lightning claw to the Techmarine, even with that question he still get the 2 weapon fighting at either I4 or I1(depending on ap and if you need shred).

Discussion: Dark Angels / to add a techmarine or not?
« on: September 15, 2013, 02:29:43 AM »
I'm wondering if it would be beneficial to add a servo harnessed Techmarine to my command squad for my Tri-Wing melee squad (a command squad with both Azrael and a fully kitted command squad with 3 power swords, 3 Plasma Pistols, a Company Champion and an Apothecary) and carting them around in a rhino. I know that it's a good bit of points for one model, but it's an amazing unit to have in the squad (iron halo equivalent with the lion's helm +a flamer and twin-linked plasma pistol at ranged with either 2 power fist (equivalent) hits or the power weapon for the fast and lightly armored critters. I've thought about putting one on a bike and adding it to a RW Command Squad with a librarian on a bike but it still looks like a cost of anywhere from 90 (techmarine with servo-harness+ power weapon)- 110 (techmarine+ bike+ servo-harness+ powerweapon).

Any thoughts, or am I just shooting for too much? also what are your thoughts on servitor squads? The prospect of 2 more plasma cannons in the field is rather intriguing, all be it with the 3- mindlock chance each turn (they should be out of reach where it is a bit more forgiving should mindlock take place)

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