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Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by mcphro on October 17, 2017, 06:01:40 PM »
Ok so Iynaden and Ulthwe spoilers have now been leaked by GW... interesting!

But I want to place a filter on this. We need to see the whole army book before I pass judgment. But the filter for me atm is this...

Last weekend I had to face 12 Astra Militarum tanks. No infantry! 60 wounds of Toughness 8. Sure.. I didnt know I was going to face is and I had a fairly 'balanced list'... So double shooting for half moves and reroll multiple dice for catachan rules... was brutal and I conceded 'half way' through turn 2.

So how would Eldar deal with that!

Ok on to the review...

First up - Stoic Endurance
Cant loose more then one model from a single failed morale tests = 20 guardian squads!

Wraith constructs pretty much dont loose effectiveness as they get wounded... NICE! They will battle hard till they die and forces the opponent to focus them down. Stick them in cover for the 2+ T8 save.

Empower/Enervate - is pretty cool. want to make that nast enemy unit fumble less effective, or your more effective, nice.

Guided Wraithsight - Im happy all the strategems ive seen so far are 1CP. Cheap... means you can apply it lots of times. This means if you charge with 4 Wraithlords you get to reroll all failed shooting and hits in hand to hand. Essential for that wraithguard.

Black guardians, we could predict and if you read their current rules they could deep strike. Im hoping they still can. 20 guardians Deep striking in turn 1 right into the enemies lines with 40 shots with a 6+ FNP is quite nice. What about 6o guardians doing it?

The strategems are nice, +1 to hit or 4+ inv save... it all helps.

The Autarch - Is now a tax. If you want the 6+ get a command point back is nice, and combined with 60 guardians (if he was on a jet bike and moved to where they deep struck) means hitting on 3's, reroll 1s, use command points for adding 1's to hit of 4+ on the squad they declare a target on and you have a lot of rending goodness. And any loses you have a 6+ FNP. Nice.

Eldrad they said a 'considerable points reduction' - id say they caught on not many people put him on the field. They did say he was one of the best psykers in the game. lets see his rules when they come out.

Mind war - You have to get him in position first. But follows with the synergy of other units like Hemlock wraithfighters. You could cause a lot of wounds with it.

They didnt mention the Seer council... maybe its a surprise!

Thoughts so far
Can anybody else see a split Eldar army from multiple craft worlds?
Want to take Wraith units - Take a Iyanden host with a cheap 45 spirit seer and 3 wraithlords.

Want Eldrad and 3 x deepstriking (we assume) 20 man guardian squads for that huge alpha strike they have to deal with .. take an ulthwe detachment as well...

Add Harlequins... I could see 5-7 guardian squads deep striking in front of the enemy, with a harlequin detachment charging from your own lines... which do you deal with first?

I wonder what Beil tan will bring to us tomorrow.. ill be so gutted if the court of the young king isn't there!

- my 2 cents

Discussion: THE LIST / Re: [2000] Heretic Astartes - Alpha Legion
« Last post by Akaiyou on October 17, 2017, 05:56:01 PM »
Glad to hear you had a good result and apparently a good time, which is far more important IMO. Question tho: Did "A Tide of Traitors" strategem for the cultists come into play, or was it not really needed or applicable?

Congrats again!

Tide of traitors sucks lol well in the game i played it did the morale was about to kill off every cultist and i had to spend 2 cp just to keep them alive in order to spend another 2 for tide of traitors. 4 cp on cultists not a good investment wont repeat that mistake again.

If they could arrive from any edge then it would be worth it.
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: [2000] Heretic Astartes - Black Legion
« Last post by Akaiyou on October 17, 2017, 05:48:40 PM »
Played this list vs the new Imperial Guard codex with a mighty shadowsword tank 3 battle tanks, 2 basilisks and 1 manticore with some allied space marines.

I had first turned moved and advanced used smoke launchers on rhinos. advanced bikes and shot up some marines everything else was in deep strike position.

Smoke Launchers were amazing turn 1 nothing died until the shadowsword fired and blew up a rhino.

The following turns were about trying to get to that shadowsword which wasnt easy becasue the marines were zoning my deep strike and it was all the way at the rear. While my opponent was sitting back blasting me off the table i was holding objectives and attacking him off of them.

Abaddon got to deep strike on turn 3 near the shadowsword but about 14" away . My opponent got cocky decided to rush abaddon and 'crush them!' after failing to shoot at him (had a rhino closer phew! close call)

The mighty shadowsword assaulted abaddon and slapped him but found that his saves were strong and he only takes half damage. 2 wounds lost.

Abaddon unleashed 10 attacks total in return and did 15 wounds round 1. Then Khorne took notice and said "Hey! I want a new skull please" and Abaddon obliged unleashing the Fury of Khorne stratagem and wrecking that shadowsword with ease.

As i had the objectives and my opponent no longer had enough means to blast me off them I won the came as my opponent conceded after the followin gturn when i proceeded to claim slay the warlord and line breaker while hiding remaining models on objectives.

Had my opponent been patient and not put that shadowsword at risk he wouldve tabled me most ikely as I couldnt hide forever from the basilisks. The 13th Crusade smashed Cadia all over again
Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by Chmmr_X on October 16, 2017, 09:20:28 PM »
Rymor is ynaari rules dont change...  so i read...

The rules don't change no doubt. But I referring more to the faction rules like Biel Tan, Iyanden, Cult of Strife (when they get their own codex), etc.
Discussion: Space Wolves / Re: Is there 8th Ed rules for
« Last post by Eryx_UK on October 16, 2017, 07:02:23 PM »
He has a brief appearance in the story for Wrath of Magnus but there are no stats for him in 40K as yet. I do fully expect him to be one of the next loyalist Primarchs to turn up in the next couple years.
Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by eldarglim on October 16, 2017, 12:57:00 PM »
Enervate: choose an enemy unit within 18" of the psyker - your opponent must subtract 1 from all wound rolls made for that unit in the fight phase until your next psychic phase

enervate can create a situation where your unit is wounded on a 7
Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by mcphro on October 16, 2017, 12:22:00 PM »
Rumor is ynaari rules dont change...  so i read...
Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / New Death Guard Codex HQ Review:
« Last post by Rob40k on October 16, 2017, 10:54:04 AM »
Please check out my HQ review:
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: [2000] Heretic Astartes - Death Guard
« Last post by PepeTykki on October 16, 2017, 07:34:15 AM »
I think you need some backline in your list here. If you relly souly on Mortarion to do all the damage, he'll get focused down. you need something to keep dishing out damage after Mortarion is gone and if he's not gone then more power to you. And having a strong or even medium backline can help you get rid off some key units in your opponents list.  get some helbrutes or something like that. I think 2 brutes with missile and las just shooting away in the backline would do just fine and they might even take some pressure off Mortarion. Other than that I would personally drop the cultists and add more poxwalkers but thats just my pref. (and I hate cultists)
Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by Chmmr_X on October 16, 2017, 06:33:00 AM »
Nice read Mcphro

I think Eldritch Storm may work similar to how Vortex works, in that it causes mortal wounds to the nearest target or something like that. Gaze of Ynead is another good example to look at.

I wonder though, with all the craftworld rules and all that... how will it work with Ynnari? Ynnari is going to combine Craftworld with Harlequins and Dark Eldar after all. Will they lose all that?
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