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The thing to remember, and this applies to every army, that we currently have the basics in the Index books. Wait until proper codex books come out and I'm certain we'll start to see those flavour rules coming back to everyone.
40K Rules Questions / 8th ed questions
« Last post by Eryx_UK on June 22, 2017, 03:39:53 PM »
First set of 8th ed games at our club tonight and a couple questions came up that we couldn't find in the rulebook, so I guess we are being blind and missing something. Can anyone give us page numbers if we have please. Thanks.

1. Can you use psychic powers in combat? Initially we thought no but there is nothing in the psychic powers section to say one way or another.

2. Can you charge a unit you cannot see? The example was a unit behind a ruin wall. Nothing visible at all. Rules just say pick an eligible target.

I like 8th but as someone with a large ad mech army its hard to not feel as if ad mech has had both its unique rules and power level completely gutted. That being said I'm not here to list complaints, instead, I wanted to talk about how to make or beloved army work! I'll be posting in this thread when I get games in and an army together again. Post blow if you have any information/ how do you play admech in 8th?
Discussion: Orks / Re: Overall 8th edition thoughts for orks
« Last post by DeffBossGitKrusha on June 22, 2017, 12:47:47 PM »
That's a lot to take in lol. 
Burnas, I was surprised by them being D3 but i kinda get it. imagine how powerful they be at D6. Imagine 15 strong unit at D6. Super burny. I think of it a little differently. How many flamers are in a unit? don't really know.  IG used to get a unit with 3 of them Space marines had some units with two. Chaos had a way to take 4 in a squad. So, to me having 5 is like rolling a 5 having 10 is like rolling 2 fives. but it could be more. I think that's one reason we're given a D3. (Or they just though we liked more random... )
Still they're a solid choice as far as I can tell. I've read of people using them do burn down flyers.
Why is the stompa almost 1,000 points. Don't know.  I haven't spent any time thinking about using mine. I'll definitely put a KFF Big Mek on board.
I don't trust my dice but I'll field a SAG Mek if I have the points and the slots just to see what will happen. For me it's best to have no expectations and just see how it goes. Can't help you yet with the Kult of Speed. I wasn't a fan and never got into it. The change to twin linked kinda really hurts. I don't have any faith in my dice so more dice sounds good but I doubt it'll be better.
Community: Vassal / Anyone still here?
« Last post by Leftovers44 on June 22, 2017, 11:50:47 AM »
 I am looking to start playing many more 40k  games and the club isn't always active everyday of the week so vassal seems like a great way to get in a ton of extra games. ?I was just wondering if any of you guys where still active with using vassal for some 8th edition games if I got it all set up?
Discussion: Orks / Overall 8th edition thoughts for orks
« Last post by new@40k on June 22, 2017, 07:31:24 AM »
Why are burnas only d3 hits when every other flamer is d6? I realize that burnas can be used as a power weapon in cc but I don't want my burnas getting into the assault if I can avoid it. I want 20 of them in a battle wagon with deff rolla acting like a mobile bbq. Why is the Stompa almost 1000 points? I realize it has 40 wounds but its the biggest fire magnet in the universe and with bs 5+ it's fire power although impressive will more often than not underwhelm you. Getting rid of blast templates is a blessing and a curse for orks, overall it's great for horde armies but it was also our most reliable way to actually land shots. Okay that last point is kinda crazy cause no templates is amazing for us but it makes the shokk attack gun super unreliable now and that makes me sad. My old speed freaks lists just don't seem to be viable anymore with the massive points increase to vehicles and the massive advantages to running blobs of boyz/stormboyz now. Overall orks look much improved and I'm happy about that but I feel like gw has basically determined that orks need to be played with the horde mentality to have a chance of success. I feel like I'm on an island with my thoughts cause everywhere I go I see people so excited about orks now. These are just my opinions and I would be curious to know what you guys think about the points cost of our units and our special rules.
Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: The new 8th Ed. BA Units
« Last post by SharkoutofWata on June 22, 2017, 01:47:48 AM »
I could not disagree any harder.  Without an Invul, models die so fast that it's not often worth the effort and there's better units point for point that I want to spend my CP reroll on from a Deep Strike charge.  Any competent player will screen good units with bad ones, making a significant learning curve but when they do it right and fallback or die in Blood Angel's turn, the Sanguinary Guard evaporate.  The risk and reward from an Assault kill is pretty unforgiving for both players and I'm sure the meta will settle with the winner being cheap units that can be sacrificed after their strike without costing you an arm and a leg.  We got that market cornered with Death Company.

Vindicators are not what they should be.  They are a failure.  4+ to hit with D3 shots after moving, D6 only if the unit is 5+ models.  I've seen them act as midfield control but they are hard countered by a single Land Raider or similar unit.  Even three of them is scary for about a single turn, then they're outpositioned or outranged.  If they could shoot at full BS after moving or if they stayed at D6 shots always, they'd be very very good units, but as they stand, they're little more than gun emplacements and targets.  I've fought against them twice now and been on the table next to them three times and each time they have been abysmal.  With the faulty BS they're not real squad killers and with the low amount of shots they're not Vehicle/Monster killers.  They just missed the mark by a smidge but it shows HARD.

You shouldn't compare Dante to Azrael.  Dante is 100% a beatstick while Azrael is a buff character.  Comparing a sword to a screwdriver.  Yes you can poke people with both and yes you can turn a screw with both, but they are made for their roles.  Dante just makes the murder and does it very very well.  I want to try out the Sanguinor in a list though to see how they compare.  I'm seeing some good possibilities from that model, and for cheaper.  I actually expect him to be more viable than Dante because of the price.

I haven't actually tried out the pistols for the same reason though.  Points.  I have a hard time bothering with pistols in general when there's no penalty to Bolters and combat rarely lasts till my next turn.  When it does, I'd rather fall back and pop the now freed up unit with something really meaty, like a Land Raider or Baal Predator.  If something has survived my many many attacks for most Blood Angel units I field, I need a D6 weapon to come finish the job.  I've noticed my army almost entirely consists of CCWs or full bodied Special/Heavy Weapons.

Priest is an autoinclude.  Even just bumping one unit to S5 means wounding on 3s.  And the Narthecium rules are GOOD.  Terminators, Sanguinary Guard, Characters, they all benefit so much from having that ability to heal every turn.  Even in a different style list, Devestator squads of 8~ with a Priest hanging out next to them means four ablative wounds that keep coming back.  That's no laughing matter right there.  There is almost always a reason to take a Priest in whatever sort of list you're building somewhere in there.

Discussion: Blood Angels / Re: The new 8th Ed. BA Units
« Last post by Kvekan on June 22, 2017, 12:44:53 AM »
Sanguinary guards look really good to me now, especially with plasma pistols. I'm gonna take 5 with plasma pistols and 5 with angelus and Sanguinor as warlord dropping near them together with an ancient. The heirs of azkaellon is a great rule, 2 wounds make them much more durable and the best of all, their weapons do d3 wounds each, that is huge.

I think they will be a killer unit. I'm also thinking preds with the new auto cannon will be sweet doing 3 wounds a pop. The vindicator will probably perform a lot better than it did before as well, considering I usually got 1 shot off per game before being shaken or destroyed.

Dante is really lackluster in my view. He has no special rules appart from the generic chapter master rule. Compare him to Azrael of the dark angels and he looks even worse.

Edit: I'm thinking the +1 strength aura is awesome for now, until we know what kind of chapter rules we get in the codex. the difference between str 4 and 5 is huge, 5 and 6 not so much.
Discussion: Painting / Re: Glaze leaves shiny "water stain"
« Last post by Sensenbob on June 22, 2017, 12:32:50 AM »
Hmm it's pretty hard to describe the effect but it really doesn't look like it should be like this.
It's patchy and unevenly shiny but only if you hold it against the light.
Without reflection, the color looks really fine, so there's no "pooling" like with Shades.

I guess i'll try the wash-thing and use a really thin, almost dry coat. Maybe even thinning the glaze with more water.
Thanks anyway! ;)
Discussion: Painting / Re: Glaze leaves shiny "water stain"
« Last post by SharkoutofWata on June 21, 2017, 09:31:20 PM »
As far as I know, that's the desired effect of a glaze. At least that's why I use it over a wash in certain applications. For a wash you are using too much of it in one spot. But a glaze is for a more 'living' surface like plasma coils or lenses or that type of thing. That is just my personal experience but I'm a pretty basic painter.
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