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Discussion: Eldar / Re: New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by mcphro on October 16, 2017, 05:59:31 AM »
Ok I'm going to make some predictions based now on what they said in the Eldar article on the Warhammer community page, the old craftworld codex and the Index: Xenos 1 book.

Let's see how many I can call when the release the codex.

1.We are told "Older hobbyists may remember Craftworld Eldar contained rules for Ulthwe, Iyanden, Biel-Tan, Altaioc and Saim Hann" --> Ok this means we are going to get rules specific to those craftworlds (obviously keywords means their rules will only affect their craftworld)

2. Craftworlds is the 'spiritual successor' to that book. --> In other words, the substance of the book will be visible with some of the common rules (or ideas) following on from that book. COOL!

3. They are doing that, plus 'taking a step forward' with Craftworld attributes designed to represent the way these Aeldari go to war --> This is interesting. Who knows what rules they will have, but it is clear they are going to get 'something' for being their specific craftworld.

4. 'These Craftworld attributes are paired with strategems' --> same as the other 40k armies. Hmmm I wonder what Beil Tan will get?

5. New Psychic powers --> Ok im sure we will get 6 warlock and 6 Farseer powers. Do you think they might be reflected by 7th Ed codex?

(e.d Im also excited that they are releasing the Triumvirate of Ynnead - I might be able to actually by the Avatar now)

Ok lets get on with the 8th Ed Codex predictions (mcphro style)

We will see 5 new detachments, most likely with the names/ set up:
- The Iyanden Ghost Warriors
- Saim-Hann Wild Rider Host (Will be an army solely containing skimmers and jetbikes)
- Alaitoc Ranger Force
- Beil-Tan Swordwind army (I wonder if like the old codex they will play with making aspect warriors troops?
- Forces of Ulthwe the Damned (Seer COuncil with special abilities, Black Guardians units and alike) with special deployment options)

Each type will have access to special units that are accessible to their craft world.

Craftworld Iyanden
The old codex played with changing units to different detachments (e.g. making wratiguard troops). I dont know if GW will do something like this, but you already can with outrider or vangard detachments etc. But if they made them troops, 3 units gives you 3 points, so could be advantagous.

I am hoping the 'spiritseer' gets some sort of awesome 6" bubble ability for wraith units (maybe some sort of Feel no pain etc).

Maybe a wraithunit with a farseer inside perhaps?

Craftworld Saim-Hann
Ok you know it has to be Jetbikes galore!

They will have some sort of special rules for being in this detachment. If Dark Angels can get Jink? Just saying? Is jink a 5+ FNP? Would certainly make them more resillient wouldn't it? In the old codex, you could get a wild rider chief. I dont think they will do that, but they may make some way for an Exarch or Autarch (and just name them the same thing)

In the olc codex, they had special rules called "Arpert pilots" which meant they could reroll failed difficult terrain tests. Im going to call that a 6+ FNP instead(prediction)

They also had a special deployment option with their units, so Im going to predict some sort of army wide scouting move to help reposition the army to be in a better position. That conbined with some sort of jink (even if a unit is counted in cover in the open) etc.

Alaitoc Ranger force
Can anyone else say "Infiltrate"! Obvious prediction. But in the old rules, they get a ranger disruption table. Im so calling that. For every unit of rangers, roll a D6 - this affects an enemy unit. you can even "reverse an enemy unit deployment and firce it back into reserves. Can you imagine that? Force the enemy HQ character like The Dark Angels chapter master that gives the 6" reroll bubble back off the table. You can also shoot a unit at them as a free shot. Have a read of that one!

I'm hoping they give Illiac Nightspear some sort of 6" bubble for rangers around him (rerolls would be nice).

One REALLY nice rule they also had was their shots counted as AP 1 on a 4+ not a 6. PREDICTION here. Im thinking mortal wounds on a 5+ instead of 6+. That would be REALLY cool.

They also had a LD of 10.

Beil-Tan Swordwind army - Ahhh my favourite!
This is a hard one, because they dont actually get that much!

All aspect warriors are Troops (I think GW is moving away from that direction personally), and all guardian squads units are elite.

Court of the Young King
PREDICTION - Consists of the Avatar and between 3 to 5 exarchs. They can all be upgraded. Im hoping the exarchs can tank the wounds for the Avatar on a 2+ sort of deal. You also could use any mix of exarchs too. Want all Striking Scorpions with Scorpions claw... go for it!

Im hoping for some sort of feel no pain for the whole unit.

Trouble is --> the special rules just made them fearless and auto pass moral checks. Mheh!

I think the 12" fearless bubble will still exist and the idea of this army is a 12" bubble around the Avatar is your whole army getting some soft of protection as your meant to whisk across the table and give then enemy what for. Im not sure how sucessful this will be in the face of 12 Lemus russes (that I faced last weekend) and I called in middle of his turn 2 when most of my force was wiped out) and the resiliance of this sort of force in this meta is something I still question. Vehicle is king and the swordwing might need waveserpents for survival.

Ulthwe the Damned
This prediction is an easy one. Recently they released the:
- Black guardian squads that have some sort of deep strike ability (making swordwind pointless), but that was their old rules and I PREDICTION to see it again.

Seer Council
Same as a normal seer council with souped-up ability etc. Perhaps they will get more powers than normal. In the odl rules, warlocks could detach to join guardian or wraithguard squads, perhaps a similar ability here? Not sure why you would though!

Warlocks got a new power called "Augment". It caused farseers in the unit to double their range.

Now you know Eldrich's storm has to make a comeback, and I bet Augment (PREDICTION) may make a similar comeback causing a farseer to double the range and kapow - Smites, eldrich storm (which should do mortal wounds etc)... etc etc


That's what I'm adding for now. This has been more a less of a summation with a few simple thoughts.

Im really hopeing the synergy is going to be there. Characters need way better 6" bubble powers. But most of all, im looking forward to the synergy of these new lists with Ynaari, Dark Eldar, other craftworlds etc etc etc.


Discussion: Eldar / New codex 8th ed incoming... share the gossip
« Last post by mcphro on October 16, 2017, 02:20:44 AM »
Wow here comes the new dex. Im going to post more on this when i get home, but they cant get more obvious then this..

The old 'codex eldar is the spiritual successor to this codex... plus more'....

Makes sense by that statement that a lot of what's in here is going to be in the new codex... in one form or another...

Could all of our dreams come true?

I think this is a link to the old codex
Discussion: Dark Angels / Re: Chapter Tactics
« Last post by Nightwing7x on October 15, 2017, 11:26:35 PM »
Brothers hold on for a moment...something just hit me, what if we get our old banners back as relics?!?!? I know it has nothing to do with chapter tactics but I thought I would share it because it seems like there is some potential there.
Discussion: Space Wolves / Is there 8th Ed rules for
« Last post by WolflordAkela on October 15, 2017, 08:54:53 PM »
The Primarch Leman Russ? Every search only turns up 7th Ed rules. Does anyone have info?
Discussion: Tyranids / Re: Zerg Themed Tyranid Army
« Last post by MiniTV on October 15, 2017, 08:03:51 PM »
Im guessing that's a fear of holes.
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: 2000 Astra Militarum (mostly) tourney list
« Last post by Celerior on October 15, 2017, 01:44:24 PM »
The captain comes in at 76 points with his storm bolter. Lias costs an extra 119 points, and the whole idea is to have the devastators wrapped by the guardsmen. He's not a good fit for what I'm trying to do.

You're probably right that I have an unnecessarily large number of conscripts. The brigade detachment lets me revive a bunch. I think I will drop 10 of them, and use those 30 points with the 15 I already have free to pick up one more special weapons squad. Valhallan, so I can revive them.
Discussion: Sisters Of Battle / Re: Got stomped today!
« Last post by Leftovers44 on October 15, 2017, 12:49:33 PM »
Maybe go super heavy on rhinos and just throw enough meltas across the table as fast as possible. Maybe dropping retributers and imagifers, as well as even saint Celestine for a Cannoness for the rerolls.

You can put two battle sister squads  in one rhino with 3 melta guns each for 6 per rhino.

 Seraphim might be ok if deep strike in right about the time your rhinos would reach the tanks to kind of. But they still won't beable to shoot for a turn which kind of sucks, so maybe drop them for more battle sisters in rhinos. Maybe go for immolators instead but they are a bit more pricey than rhinos by a bit and could lose out on a bit of melta critical mass.

Discussion: THE LIST / Re: 2000 Astra Militarum (mostly) tourney list
« Last post by sindri_tepek on October 15, 2017, 11:29:20 AM »
Have you considered swapping out the RG captain for Lias Issodon of the Raptors (a Chapter Master of a Raven Guard successor as well). He and his group get all the benefits of the RG but Lias also would allow you to FREELY infiltrate 3 Raptors infantry squads and himself so long as they are non-terminator, primaris or centurions.

Points would probably need some adjusting, since Lias is pretty pricey at 195 pts, but you do have 15 points left, so a few dropped conscripts might do it.

Plus, the Raptors regularly utilize AM in operations, so no one can really fault you for being non-fluffy, save mainly for the wolves, but they could be Raptors chapter hunting hounds or something.

Overall, it looks pretty dang solid; a tad heavy on conscripts to my taste since they did get downgraded in the last codex, but they do make for excellent bubblewrap.
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: [2000] Heretic Astartes - Alpha Legion
« Last post by sindri_tepek on October 15, 2017, 11:08:06 AM »
Glad to hear you had a good result and apparently a good time, which is far more important IMO. Question tho: Did "A Tide of Traitors" strategem for the cultists come into play, or was it not really needed or applicable?

Congrats again!
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: CSM 2k Brigade
« Last post by Celerior on October 15, 2017, 10:19:57 AM »
It feels strong against imperial guard. Lascannons to take out the russes, and respawning tides of traitors for overwhelming guardsmen and bubble-wrapping the tanks against scions.

It feels weak against power armor. Your anti-infantry cultists are better against trash like guardsmen, and your predators are geared for shooting tanks and can only kill a couple models a turn. A marine gunline (esp. ravenguard or ultramarines) would be a problem for you.
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