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General Discussion / Re: command point / detachment thoughts?
« Last post by PepeTykki on August 15, 2017, 04:02:07 PM »
IMO CP are awesome. It really brings the frustration down for me. To have a critical dice roll go bad and having the option to try again feels great but it also makes you think about when to use your CP. I haven't bothered using the other detachments mainly for the lack of CP that you get and also I haven't got a need for extra fast atk or anything else so focused. Yet at least.

But what I don't like about the CP... I just got the new Chaos codex and I opened it up and saw a crap load of army specific stratagems... There are WAYY too many IMO. Some of them good and some of them not so good. And some of them were taken straight out of th 7th ED formations like the Vindicator formations big blast thingy and the one for the Predator formation as well. I don't really like that. The formations were sed to be gone and now they are peaking their ugly heads out again.

I don't mind more stratagems or even army specific ones but did they have to make so many of them that you have to keep that page open during the game and always be looking for what you can use and when. Or is it meant for us to just chose the ones we might need. Or maybe just memorize them all... Who knows...

Other than that: I like the CP system. I like the Batalion Detachment and I feel like it will be the new standard for Battle Forged armies. But as for the stratagems... less is more I think. As in: Make a small amount of good ones. Not a large amount of "meh" ones.
General Discussion / Re: 8th Edition Marks of Chaos...
« Last post by PepeTykki on August 15, 2017, 03:32:35 PM »
True and I do like the way your army can now really benefit from any characters that happen to have aura like abilities. It brings a certain feel of meaning. Now your HQs are more than just independent champions thirsting for close combat so they could be useful. You don't even have to go into close combat with your characters. Just have them lean back and keep them buffing your other units.

All though now I realize that I am playing Chaos and I'll be damned if I don't take that bastard of a Lord and shove him into the nearest pile of 30 Ork Boys for some glorious blood shed in the name of the Dark Gods!
Discussion: Grey Knights / Re: New Player needs help
« Last post by mcphro on August 15, 2017, 05:45:59 AM »
what would help me:
- Explanation of the very difference between the purify, striker and interceptor squad (including choice of weapon) -> "what do they do on the battlefield?!"
Purifier squads have a wonderful psychic power (only 3" range") that does upton D6 Mortal wounds. Situational and you have to get in range, and point the squad to a nasty unit that needs to die., but ithey are like 40 pts more than a strike squad and cant deep strike in
Strike squads - Are you goto troops unit. Give the justicar a Deamon hammer and buy 6 units of them and deep strike then right in the same area together. With 4 shots  piece with storm bolters thats a LOT od dakker.(6 x 5 man units = 120 shots), then you get 6 chances to charge and fight in hand to hand. If you Deep strike a Dreadknight grandmaster with "First to the Fray" lets you reroll charge ranges means you lay down a HUGE amount of fire and then get busy hand to hand with rerollable charges. Scarey? Should be - you can get all that for less than 1000 points
Interceptors - Just like the Grey Knight squad, cept they get a Teleport in the game where they can b moved, and TP 9" away from the enemy on the board. Little bit more expensive
- Same for paladin/(new)terminators
I dont have much experience with Paladins. Expensive.

- Also weapon advice for dreadknight (so far, I'd go with the sword and incinerator dunno difference between heavy psi and gattling, but never saw a mounted gattling on youtube)
Id take the Grandmaster one for a start, Hammer hits on 2's then for LOT of pain. Normal Dreadknight - perhaps the sword so you are still hitting on 3's.

- What I should build the troops into with the current setup? (no transport vehicle available so far - "get a rhino/landraider asap" is also an option, I need to go up to 1k anyway?!
Look, im biased but then Razorback with Assault cannons is pretty awesome. Lots of shots... survivable...  buy 6 of them lol. But normal marines can do that as well.. so what makes us different... may as well play marines... cept for all of those deep strikers we were just talking about

  ->I thought about 2x 5guys with those warp packs (interceptors?), 1x paladins and no idea if purify- or strikesquad.
see my comments above.

  ->then maybe get a vehicle or two for transportation?
I love the stormraven. Heavy bolters and assault cannons all the way.

my 2 cents...
General Discussion / Re: 8th Edition Marks of Chaos...
« Last post by Eryx_UK on August 15, 2017, 05:31:26 AM »
Agreed. I miss Death Guard bikes with T6.  I do feel that Marks should do something but it looks like the specific units get those abilities built in anyway. Now it's a means of thematic list building.
General Discussion / 8th Edition Marks of Chaos...
« Last post by PepeTykki on August 15, 2017, 05:17:21 AM »
As a chaos player I am a bit disappointed about the 8th Edition and the Marks of Chaos. The Marks don't benefit your units on a personal level at all. Now they are just a means to get buffs from other models who share the same mark. Don't get me wrong, I love the way it makes you think about your units and what units they could benefit from. But still the marks them selves are nothing but words to allow you to benefit from something or the other. It would be nice if the marks did more since they were a subject of "personal buff" for a unit instead of: "Have this mark or lose the synergy."

As my closing note: RIP T6 Chaos Bikers ;(
Discussion: Chaos Space Marines / Re: Larger Plague Marines (Dark Imperium)
« Last post by PepeTykki on August 15, 2017, 04:57:16 AM »
GW IMO is focused hard on the new primaris stuff and with that the upcoming DG releases are also gonna be in that respective scale just to compliment the primaris marines. We'll see when the time comes for other armies to get some new stuff (wich might take a long while) what will be the case with the scale then. But the new DG will be the new primaris scale.

I guess I am a bit fortunate to start only now building a legit DG army so ill get all the stuff in the same scale but I do feel bad for those who already had an DG army to begin with. I guess it's a matter of "strat over" or "stay old" unless you don't mind mixing models in your army.
General Discussion / command point / detachment thoughts?
« Last post by Eryx_UK on August 15, 2017, 04:37:44 AM »
How are you all finding command points? I'm seeing lots of battalion detachments but not the special ones like vanguard or outrider. I am wondering if it is because they give reduced CP or because they are too specific in their role? I take a battalion at the moment because it is closer to the old combined-arms detachment that I am used to, not just because I'm waiting for the Death Guard codex to pad out my unit options. But I also take it because it is giving me +3 CP. Are CP being overrated because it's the new thing?
Discussion: Space Marines / Re: Scouts army
« Last post by SharkoutofWata on August 14, 2017, 04:43:14 PM »
Scouts are a Raptor thing, so you'd be using Raven Guard Tactics.  This unlocks Chapter Master Issodon who takes the hard hitting pregame up a notch and gives you more flexibility with deployment.  A techmarine almost seems like the necessary other HQ because of how weak Tarantulas are.  It would atleast give some ability to survive, even if it's only minor.  One big thing to note is that if the closest vehicle target for a Lascannon type is in combat, you don't get to shoot.  That's how I understand this specific rules interaction based on the FAQ about determining closest target when attempting to target characters.  Weird that Assault Cannons don't seem to have the same restriction.

I might also consider a Land Raider Proteus.  It doesn't break the theme since they have an Exploatory Augry Web thing that seems like the sort of covert deal that would work well with this sort of theme.  I just can't put my trust in Tarantulas considering a good player can and will make it so they can't shoot anything important.  Zig Zag a Flyer in front of it so you're trying to hit on a 5+ for Turn 1, then kill it at their leisure.  Having a significant threat elsewhere should allow more of the emplacements to survive.
Discussion: THE LIST / Re: 2000pt SM Iron hands list
« Last post by Akaiyou on August 14, 2017, 03:14:10 PM »
I would combine the intercessor squads into one 10-man just to reduce deployment and have a better chance at first turn.

Also pay the 3cp to upgrade the captain to a chapter master it has been well worth it in my games to be able to re-roll all misses.

Other than that the list looks very fluffy and fun.
Discussion: Space Marines / Scouts army
« Last post by nusphigor on August 14, 2017, 03:12:52 PM »
Hello guys
Returning player here. Its been like 4 years since i last posted on here but i am building a new army and i thought it might be a good idea to return to the forum and say hi.

So, i am building a new marine army based on scouts and i wanted to ask you guys for some thoughts on this idea.
I have 2 squads of 10  camo cloak bolter scouts with a heavy bolter and sgt with power fist and bolter on each, 2 5 man bolt pistol and cc weapon scouts squads with camo cloaks and sergeants with bolt pistols and power fists on each and an extra normal scout in case of wanting to field them as a unit of 10; and lastly 2 5-man shotguns scouts with camocloaks with sgts with power fists and combi meltas on each with an extra shotgun dude in case of fielding a 10 man squad again.

So thats 40 (42) scouts in 4-8 units.
I also built 1 sky missile tarantula, 3 twin assault cannons tarantulas and 3 twin lascannons tarantulas to use as backfield support.

Since i want to bulid this army as a fast moving skirmish force (maybe adding a couple of land speeders in the future) with the support of the sentry turrets, what would you guys suggest to use as hq's?
Also, which chapter would you use with this kind of army?
Cheers guys!
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