Author Topic: Looking for help building a Sanctified Chaos Space Marine Army list...please?  (Read 1402 times)

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These are the models I have so far. What can I add to this mess to create a fluffy, possibly half ways, maybe, competitive list? :)

Lord with mark of Khorne
Daemon Prince
11 Berserkers with Berserker Champion
11 Berserkers with Berserker Champion
15 Chaos Space Marines with Khorne Mark and Icon of Vengeance
2 Maulerfiends and or Forgefiends
5 Possesed
1 Chaos Rhino

These are the models I currently have that I am going to use. What should I add? I am looking for weapons load outs and the whole thing. I'm not even sure what the point value is right now.

For those that don't know, the Sanctified are a renegade band of Chaos springing from the World Bearers Legion. They decided sometime in their history to undertake the sole worship of Khorne. They are very friendly with Khorne Daemons so any help from the Daemon's of Chaos codex would be really cool since I don't have it yet. Thanks!

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i would look into getting something to deliver your bezerkers you want them not to be foot sloggin in my opinion.  I run into the same problem with my chaos is i dont have any direction, and in turn i never am quite finished buying/making my army.. which is a good thing... right?

Also maybe some down range fire power havocs or drake?  I hate to fall into the mould of interwebs builds but its up to you.  You could always get some raptors/warptalons and keep with the theme!

Thats whats great about this hobby, so many choices not enough money to spend.

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Some good stuff in there as a start...

I second getting something for the zerkers to ride in- they need both the delivery and protection on the way in to Khorne glory.

Next choice, besides a helldrake or two...

I'd look into either a mass of cultists to drive forward as fodder infront of the zerkers, or some heavy support to lay down some fire on the way in. Heavy support would be a bit better, IMHO since you can use the mauler fiends as something to drive forward with the zerkers.
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I applaud you for NOT going straight to the heldrake factory...  Chaos vehicles can negate over watch. They'd be a good companion for the marines.

I also tried a tech marine with the forge fiends. It should have worked (in theory). He got dark lanced early, before I could figure out the model placement. Haven't had a chance to retest.