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Tri Land Raider Crusader Concept
« on: October 05, 2013, 01:34:33 PM »
Hi all,

So I was watching Fritz's most recent video about his Templar army and it just so happened I had made a BT list the night before.  It's an extremely simple list and I thought it would be a fun list to play.  Very much in the spirit of the BT everything forward hold nothing back (although I am a little since I need something to hold those back field objectives).  Anyway, I was wondering what you guys and gals think about it since I think it might be a fun meta-buster type list.  Probably won't win any tournaments but hopefully will surprise some people.

HQ:   Chaplain (Not Grimaldus  ;) )

Troops:  2 Crusader Squads with 10 initiates and 6 neophytes
             1 Crusader Squad with 5 initiates, flamer, heavy bolter (can swap for a missile launcher)
             1 Crusader Squad with 5 initiates

Elites:   Assault Terminators with 5 TH/SS (5 man squad)

Dedicated Transports:   3 Land Raider Crusaders with Multi-Melta (These are for the Terminators and large Crusader Squads)

Heavy Support:   2 Thunderfire Cannons

The list comes out to 1850 and easily goes down to 1750 if you remove one Thunderfire.  Any thoughts?

P.S. Forgot to mention you can ditch the terminators and go with a 15 man strong crusader squad instead.  It may help make the list    a bit more competitive.  I just really like the Forge World storm shields for Templars.
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Re: Tri Land Raider Crusader Concept
« Reply #1 on: October 05, 2013, 02:12:32 PM »
I like it. Very similar to how I run them. Very similar. I used to always do a chaplain with 5 Hammershield boys in the crusader. But the loss of army wide rage and a sshield on my chap not to mention the his hammer or chainfist option as well kinda killd my once great chainfist chap model... ill do a capt or chaptmaster now for roughly less points too. How evr I see why ur using the chap. Still a decent choice. I honestly think ppl will hav a hard time combating something like this. Specially with the meta being what it is.

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Re: Tri Land Raider Crusader Concept
« Reply #2 on: October 05, 2013, 10:15:57 PM »
My biggest concern is your scoring units. Your back field crusaders don't have very much ranged fire power and your crusaders meant to get into close combat with the land raider crusaders don't have any power weapons, no character upgrades to take challenges, nothing to make them threatening or effective. The thunderfire cannons are cool for chewing up infantry, slowing down threats coming up your back field, making enemy vehicles take dangerous terrain tests, but without heavy weapons from your back field crusader squads to complement, it'll put more stress on them to do the clean up.
Don't try making a unit unkillable. its a waste of time and the dice gods laugh at you for wasting your time. Dedicate a unit to a job and make sure it does it til it's either dead or running.

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Re: Tri Land Raider Crusader Concept
« Reply #3 on: October 07, 2013, 04:19:14 PM »
I bought, painted and played a three LRC + three Vindicator list in the old codex.

The first thing that will surprise you is that the armor and firepower of the Crusader is going to make you want to hold them back a few turns to chew up your enemies.  You're throwing a LOT of dice at whatever comes your way.  This is all good but it compromises the way you want to play the list.  They do an admirable job keeping your Crusader squads snug and safe until turn three or four, when you throw them at objectives.  That's lots of fun, but...

You will find you lack serious anti-armor capability.  If your enemy fields AV13 and AV14 vehicles of his own you're going to be hard pressed to handle them.  It always felt odd to me that such an armor heavy list is so poor at handling tanks.  The mulit-melta's on the LRC's are cursed.  They always miss.

I always found myself leaving one or two of the LRC's on the shelf so I could field Laserbacks, Landspeeder Typhoons, and shooty Terminators with CML's.  If you play a single list against all comers you will find yourself wanting fast moving high AP weapons to supplement the grinding anti-infantry monsters like LRC's and Vindicators.

Maybe three LRC's and three Predators would do the trick?  Dunno.  Never tried it.

The only time I ever did play all six vehicles was in Apoc games.  They did pretty darn well.  Lots of fun.  Just couldn't work them into regular 40K games.