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Starting Purchases Guide: Orks
« on: February 20, 2015, 01:44:46 AM »
Hello, I would like to start by thanking ShadowcatX for this great idea, with this topic I aim to put forth my ideas for what makes a good first purchasing list for an up and coming warboss.]

To keep this topic free from clutter it will be locked, there is a specific discussion thread available  ;)

Lets get started.

Now assuming that you have decided on Orks to be your new/first army I would reccomend either buying the codex, seeing if you can borrow one, or if your local game store/games workshop has a copy you can look through.

Now leading onto the actual fun stuff, the models!

First off I would recommend as your first box of Orks to be a box of Ork boyz, these buys are a unit that is found in 99% of Ork armies and for good reason, cheap in points, tough and an all round good unit, odds are you will be taking a lot of these guys and in relatively large numbers. The box itself makes 10 Ork boyz, with the option for a nob and special weapons, as well as a lot of extra details that you can add in order to make these Orks your own. You can take a better look here:

Now assuming you have either gone out and bought some boyz or already have them, you are gonna need a boss to lead your Orks into the fighting, to start with I would recommend a Warboss, he is a natural beat stick character who is tough, fierce and knocks heads together, there are multiple models for him, including ones from old sets on Ebay and from Forgeworld, but your basic boss has two models avaliable on the Games  Workshop website.

Now that you have your little warband of your Warboss and some Boyz, we need to make this bunch into an army so that you can start playing, but first you have a few decisions on how you want your army to play, some examples are:

Ork Hoard: Lots of boyz in larger units, a lot more infantry focused
Speed Freaks: Your fast moving army, consisting of mechanized units and units of boyz in transports.
Mek list: A list that often has a bit more shooting and often has a lot of walkers, normally has at least 1 big mek.

A list of future units to consider based on army choice:

Ork hoard: Boyz, Boyz and more Boyz, Nobz/Meganobz anything that you can do to add up numbers and drown the enemy in your bodies, sprinkle in any units you especially like, but boyz will make up a large portion of your army.

Speed freaks: Boyz, Trukks, Warbikers, Deffkoptas, anything that can move fast, the number of boyz is a lot less that that of the Ork hoard as trukks only hold 12 models, any unit that is fast or can take a trukk is a good choice.

Mek list: Boyz, Mek guns, lootas, deff dreads, killa kanz, anything that has more shooting or seems a little more "advanced" such as lootas.

Hope that this will work as a skeleton to work off, new ideas from myself and others will be added over time, if you wish to discuss it you can do at the following page:

Thanks again to ShadowcatX

Hawk  ;D
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