Author Topic: sons of the emperium (less used army hodgepodge)  (Read 962 times)

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sons of the emperium (less used army hodgepodge)
« on: March 12, 2015, 04:59:59 PM »
I'm thinking to start off lets have of course an inquisitor, we may get lucky and get an orbital bom ardment. Let's use daemonhosts, let have a knight and some tempestus for ranged fire power. How about o. Our inquisitor let's have a daemon sword and emperium brain mines to keep challenges In our favor. Let's bring coteaz to ride with the tempestus and give any deep strikers the nightmere of knowing we've been expecting them combined with the twinlinked order from our tempestus command squad.

How about some assassins? Which should we use? All or one? What other henchmen would you suggest? Let's make this the pride of the emperium
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