Author Topic: greetings battle-brothers and xenos scum  (Read 532 times)

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greetings battle-brothers and xenos scum
« on: November 26, 2015, 02:08:29 AM »
Hello everyone, i'm Dakrim. a relatively young wargamer hailing from the USA. I play space marines and absolutely love both lore and talking stats, if you love bolter fire as much as i do we're gonna be great battle-brothers. My chapter is The Ironclad, a small offshoot of the iron hands and imperial fists. I have simply mixed the flesh is weak and bolter drill special rules, when i do play people seem completely alright with me using it, and if not i just flip a coin. Sadly i don't get to play much so i tend to play against myself. If you ever want to talk about lore or simply want a narrative campain idea just message me.  8)

(ready for a small story?) during the horus heresy a small group of imperial fists and iron hands were making a last stand in a old manufactorum on Terra, running out of bolter ammunition they looked around, the fighting quieted for just a second and the battle-brothers swapped helmets and weapons, chainswords snarled angrily and bolter rounds felled heretics left and right. The fighting was fierce and the Marines fought for every inch of ground, picking up the weapons of their fallen brothers. After hours of fighting they burst into the open air to find not a single one of the brothers who swapped helmets and bolters had fallen. At this very moment the Emperor struck Horus and the heresy ended. Taking this as a sign the new Battle-brothers formed the Ironclad, using both the Imperial fists' bolter training and the iron hands mechanical augmentation, this chapter fights harder and longer than most, staving off wounds that would almost certainly fell any adeptus astartes.

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Re: greetings battle-brothers and xenos scum
« Reply #1 on: November 26, 2015, 02:13:51 AM »
Neat mix, with Imperial Fists and Ironhands. You could probably do some dumb combinations, taking Imperial Fist squads in Iron Hands vehicles.
Don't try making a unit unkillable. its a waste of time and the dice gods laugh at you for wasting your time. Dedicate a unit to a job and make sure it does it til it's either dead or running.