Author Topic: Which Vehicles do you find are like an auto Include and which are Useless  (Read 2245 times)

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So i got myself to start an Astra Militarum Army. I want to have many Tanks but 0-1 Flyer so no Vendetta Spam or something like that(only the One because they are really Cool Looking).
But i dont want to spend to much in Soldiers which die Easely, so if there would be any they would have to get a Transport. I startet with the Cadien Defence Force. I want to have more Tanks because i love Painting them and from a former Space Marine Player perspective all Tanks look Intresting and Strong to me, even with this Side armor of 10 in the Chamera-Based Tanks. I thought about ad another Lemanruss Punisher and Knight Comander Pask together with the second Tank as a Tank HQ. My main Enemys will be Space Marines and !!!!TAU!!!!.  Maybe you can Help me to not Spend Money in worth of a Castle for my new Project. Happy to here from you Guys.

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I see what your saying... here's my solution get the mont'ka expansion and use it to take as many tanks as possible. i use it to take 6 leeman russes 4 chimeras and a hellhound and i have had much success with it. the formations offered gives one options on which tanks to take and how many while maintains some form viability in each selection.
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I don't personally play IG but I face them incredibly often and from experience I can say that wyverns are nasty against infantry, 2 squadrons of them and they essentially can wipe out almost any infantry squad with T5 or lower (aside from maybe a necron decurion squad). (4  TL ignores cover shred blasts for each tank and they're dirt cheap too).  That and Leman Russ Demolishers are absolutely lethal.

Great if ur an IG player, not so great when you're a CSM player with their troops out in the open.  :D
Hope it helps.

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For the Leman Russ' the main one I would go for is the Eradicator against Tau since it pierces fire warrior armour and is cheap, so won't cost too much if it blows up turn 1. Also, its main cannon insta- kills T3 and ignore's cover, plus has a decent range so you won't have to get too close to start being killy, as opposed to the demolisher.
Alternatively the Wyvern is so cheap and so effective. I have never used one myself, but it looks insane, especially since you can sit behind blocking terrain and so avoid the Tau's long-range fire power. This likely makes it more effective versus Tau than any of the Russ'.
The Hellhound would also be an interesting choice against Tau, especially now that it is a Fast Tank.

Against generic Marines the Wyvern is still powerful if a little diminished, for the Russ' the Battle Tank is not too bad for shutting down areas of the battlefield and killing tactical marines, however your opponent can simply form two 5-man squads instead of one 10 man which somewhat hurts this tank. The Vanquisher is great against Land Raiders, however a tank commander is useful for this tank as otherwise it hits of 4's which is a little bit sucky. I have never tried the Executioner so I am not too sure how it would fare, though in theory it looks promising against marines. The demolisher is likely your best bet with rear armour 11 to be safe from bolters, plus AP2 so killy against TEQ, however it's high points does make it a steep price for something that will spend Turn 1 and 2 not shooting.
The Bane Wolf might be an interesting choice with its 2+ to wound AP3 weapon. However it does need to get scarily close to do anything, and costs about the same as a Leman Russ.
Sentinels may be a good choice against marines as it wastes their good shooting on a cheap unit that can also be very effective with the right weapon upgrades. Autocannons or Missile Launchers are the stars here because they can move and shoot, and keeps them cheap. I would not use these against Tau because they will get blasted by Fire Warriors and die; however I have not tried so it might be a good strategy against them.

I hope this helps, I realise its been a few months. Good luck!

-Private Shadderz
-Private Shadderz

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I would like to know what transport vehicles experienced AM players consider the best.  I'm working on a Cadian allied army to field along side my main Dark Angels army. 

Unfortunately my local venue that supported 40K has ended and I don't have the time or the right day off to drive 50-60 miles to the south/southwest suburbs of Chicago to play.  Even though Its gone.  I'm still working on completing a couple of allied armies to run along side my main force which is Dark Angels.  One is Blood Angels which I am getting from my son as he is thinking of selling off his collection and leaving the game.  The second I mentioned is a Cadian force that I had started building before the venue ended.  Below is what I have for the Cadian unit.  I own the figure units, but none of the vehicles yet.  Also primarily the unit was going to be the last line of defense for any objective points I was protecting. 

Required pieces
HQ-Lord Commissar
TRP-Platoon Squad with a Command Squad and 2 Infantry Squads both having a Lascannon HW Team.

Optional pieces
TRP-Veteran Squad with a Lascannon HW Team
ELITE- Tempestus Scion Squad
F.A.- Armored Sentinel
H.S.-Leman Russ Battle Tank (But I am leaning toward building the Vanquisher version since its the one with the 72" range for the main gun)

For the Command, and all 3 Inf/Vet units I plan to get a Chimera for each of them.  I'm undecided on the vehicle for the Scions.  I was thinking a Taurox, but I've never seen listed any AM force with one on its side.  Should I also get them a Chimera since I can choose it for them?

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Re: Which Vehicles do you find are like an auto Include and which are Useless
« Reply #5 on: February 16, 2017, 04:37:28 PM »
If you're not going footsloging trenchwarfare infantry, take chimera's. They'll get your guardsmen where they're needed for grabbing objectives or doing a melta/plasma driveby, and aren't too bad shot themselves. The second choice would probably be the leman russ (and the fw: thunderer) as they have good options giving you both a nice range of firepower and some tough models.