Author Topic: Wanting to start Astra Militarum with a 1500 point list please help  (Read 645 times)

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Hello all, I have been wanting to possibly play the guard and I made a list and a would like to hear any feedback or changes to it.
btw I do not want to make a super competitive list just a fun list that looks good on the table top and has some sort of way of winning.

Carapace Armour, Camo Gear,
Company Commander: Carapace Armour, Camo Gear, CCW, Bolter, Warlord
Veteran w/ Heavy Flamer
Veteram w/ Medi Pack
Veteran w/ Regimental Standard
Veteran w/ Vox Caster
Master of Ordanance
All in a Chimera: Autocannon, Heavy Bolter, Camo netting, Heavy Stubber, Recovery Gear

Tank Commander: Pask in a Vanquisher
Camo Netting, Lascannon, Heavy Stubber, Heavy Bolters, Recovery Gear,
2x Vanquisher squadmates with the same loadout as Pask

2x Infantry Platoons kitted out the same way:
PCS: Commissar: Bolter, Platoon Commander: Bolter, Guardsman w/ Medi pack, Guardsman w/ Vox Caster, 2x Guardsman w/ Grenade launcher
2x Infantry Squads of 10 men: Sergeant: Bolter, CCW, 7x Guardsman, Guardsman w/ Vox, Guardsman w/ Flamer
Heavy Weapons Team of three Autocannons

Plz tell me what you think and suggest any changes, I know its not perfect but i kind of want a horde army with tank support.
Also i haven't bought any stuff yet and money is in short supply so i can't get too many models right now.
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I feel like IG is the wrong army to do cheaply unless you get a good deal somewhere. Conscripts are one of the best units, and they're about $30 for 30 points!