Author Topic: 3000 Pt KDK vs Eldar/DEldar/Harlies this past weekend.  (Read 708 times)

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3000 Pt KDK vs Eldar/DEldar/Harlies this past weekend.
« on: April 21, 2016, 02:31:53 PM »
Hi folks,

Had a really brutal and friendly game this weekend against a buddy who plays Tyrannids, Eldar, Dark Eldar, and Harlies.  Game ended up being Maelstrom: Contact Lost.  We played Mysterious Objectives, but only if a Skyfire Nexus was rolled - otherwise it was just a basic objective.  We agreed before the start of the game to not use Gargantuans or Super-Heavies. 

He ended up bringing:


Archon with Webway Portal and Armor that gives 2++ until failed roll (forget the name of the armor).
4 x Venoms with Kabalites inside
2 x Scourge squads with 4 x Haywire blasters each
3 x Ravagers with 3 x Dark Lances each

Aspect Host formation with 3 x Squads of Dark Reapers - upgraded to be able to fire 2 x STR 5 AP 3 or 1 x STR 8 AP 3

Seer council with 7 members.

Harlie Formation that includes the Solitaire, a Death Jester, and a Shadowseer.

Allied CAD of Eldar:

Farseer on foot
MSU Bike Squad - Shuriken not Scatter
1 x Squad of Dflamer Wraithguard.

He attached his stand alone Farseer and his Archon to the Squad of Wraithguard and kept them in reserves.

I was running:

KDK List (Khorne's Violent Fisting)


Juggerlord in Power Armor, Axe of Korlath, Pistol, and Meltabomb
1 x Possessed in Rhino with Dozer Blade
2 x Berserkers in Rhinos with Dozer Blades
2 x Marines in Rhinos with Dozer Blades

Khorne's Bloodstorm:
Heldrake with Baleflamer
2 x Raptor squads with 2 x Flamers each
1 x Warp Talon squad

2 x MSU Biker squads with 1 x Melta each
3 x MSU Flesh Hound squads

War Engines:
3 x Maulerfiends with Magma Cutters
1 x Forgefiend with 2 x Hades
2 x Soul Grinders with Phlegm

I've attached some pictures of the game.  It ended up running through the end of turn 4 before my opponent conceded due to lack of time remaining at the GW we were playing at.  Down and dirty of the game is that I was able to push him off of objectives and keep him from capturing more.  He finished with 10 victory points (to include First blood and Slay the Warlord) where the KDK finished with 17 victory points due to a ridiculous turn 2 thanks to the objectives "Khorne Cares Not" and "No Prisoners".

The game definitely came down to the Victory Points.  The speed and amount of bodies I was able to move forward is what threw my opponent off.  Additionally - summoning Blood Crushers that you have modeled to have all of the upgrades is a huge bonus.  It allowed me to bring in a skull cannon turn 4 without scattering and let me drop that large blast /w ignores cover right where I needed it.  I tried something new with Raptors and the Warp Talons as well.  I kept them in my backfield.  They worked well for objective holding as well as responding to my opponent's deep striking units as well as any other units that made it into the backfield.

Was a fun game and look forward to playing that opponent again.  Let me know if anyone has any questions about the game!