Author Topic: Returning to 40k with Imperial Guard, looking for some help.  (Read 931 times)

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Returning to 40k with Imperial Guard, looking for some help.
« on: April 24, 2016, 11:59:35 PM »
Bit of Backstory first:
Back in December, I stopped playing 40k because the local meta was getting full of cheesers and people who brought things they knew I could not deal with (such as flyers when I didn't own anything that could take them out or a Stompa during my brief time playing Space Wolves when I had no Anti-Vehicle weapons). So yeah, I just stopped playing. I wasn't having fun and none of my games felt fair or balanced even though both sides were about equal in points.

Well, I was informed that the FLGS's 40k group had banned the people I had been playing against, so I bought the Astra Militarum Start Collecting set and entered the Tank Shock event on Friday. Saturday, at the Build A Model part of the Tank Shock event, while I was assembling the Vanquisher, one of the other players in the 40k group gave me a BUNCH of stuff because he heard I only had the Start Collecting box and couldn't build a full 500 point army for the Skirmish events. So I went from 10 Infantry Squads, 1 Heavy Weapons Team, 1 Commissar and 1 Vanquisher to having a BUNCH of IG stuff. Everything listed is already assembled and I can't change the weaponry without dismantling the models. Especially the Vanquisher.

I picked Astra Militarum since I played as Imperial Guard in the first Dawn of War games, which is what got me into 40k in the first place. So I figured I'll give them a try in the tabletop.

This Saturday is the next part of the Tank Shock event. A 500 point skirmish tournament where each player is encouraged to bring at least one vehicle. The list I made is apparently subpar according to two friends I discussed it with since I never played IG before.

So, I currently own:
1 Commissar with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword

1 Vanquisher with 2 Multimeltas and 1 Lascannon.

1 Stormtrooper/Scion Commander with Powerfist and Plasma Pistol
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Sergeant with Plasmagun (Assuming it's a sergeant. He's holding the Plasmagun and pointing with his other hand)
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Sergeant wtih Laspistol (No visible CCW but the Laspistol has an underslung 'chainsaw')
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Medic with Plasmagun
1 Stormtrooper/Scion Medic with Meltagun
4 Stormtroopers/Scions with Lasguns
2 Stormtroopers/Scions with a weapon I don't recognize (Looks like a Lasgun with a modified barrel)
4 Stormtroopers/Scions with Plasmaguns
6 Stormtroopers/Scions with Meltaguns
1 Stormtrooper/Scion with Flamer

1 Cadian Sergeant with Power Fist and Bolt Pistol
1 Cadian Sergeant with Laspistol and Power Sword
1 Cadian Sergeant with Laspistol and Chainsword
1 Cadian Vox Caster with Lasgun
27 Cadians with Lasguns
2 Cadians with Flamers
2 Cadians with Grenade Launchers
4 Cadian Heavy Weapon Teams (3 Lascannons, 1Missile Launcher)
3 Unassembled Cadians from the Start Collecting box

1 Catachan Sergeant with Chainsword and Lasgun
1 Catachan Sergeant with Plasma Pistol and Combat Knife
1 Catachan Sergeant with Close Combat Weapon (Some kind of staff with a skull on it) and Meltagun
1 Catachan Sergeant with Lasgun and Power Sword
1 Catachan Medic with Lasgun
1 Catachan Vox Caster with Lasgun
14 Catachan with Lasguns
2 Catachan with Flamers
6 Catachan Heavy Weapon Teams (3 Lascannons, 3 Autocannons)

1 Mixed Cadian/Catachan Heavy Weapon Team with a Heavy Bolter (The Catachan is the spotter, a Cadian is manning the gun)

This is the list I had planned on using:
HQ: 180pts
Company Command Squad
-1 Commissar with Plasma Pistol and Power Sword
-1 Company Commander with Plasma Pistol and Power Fist
-2 Veterans with Meltaguns
-2 Veterans with Lasguns

Troops: 155pts
Veterans Squad
-1 Veteran Sergeant with CCW and Laspistol
-1 Veteran with Grenade Launcher
-8 Veterans with Lasguns
-Entire squad has Krak Grenades

Veterans Squad
-1 Veteran Sergeant with Power Sword and Laspistol
-1 Veteran with Grenade Launcher
-8 Veterans with Lasguns

Heavy Support: 165pts
Leman Russ Squadron
-Vanquisher with Vanquisher Battle Cannon, 2x Multi-Meltas and 1 Lascannon

TOTAL: 500pts

My opponents are 3x Tau, 1x Eldar, 1x Imperial Fists, 2x Grey Knights, 1x Necrons and 1x Khorne Daemonkin

Now for the questions:
Should I change my list like I'm being told or keep it as is? Personally, I think I did pretty well for what I had within the point limit.

If I should change it, what should I bring? Please keep it to what I have, as I wont have money in time to buy anything before the tournament.

What tactics should I utilize going into this? I'm use to playing Power Armour armies so I doubt the same tactics will be useful with IG. I've played Dark Angels, Blood Angels, Space Wolves and Ultramarines since starting 40k in 2009.

What should I look out for from my opponents? Apparently none them are really cheesing. The Space Wolves player is bringing a Stormfang. He told me today when I was at the shop for another game. He knows I had trouble with flyers in the past and just wanted to give me a heads up.

Also, I want to mention that the final tournament in the Tank Shock event is a 1750pt game. Is there any way I can get even close with what I have? I don't have to worry about it for like...4 or 6 weeks but yeah.
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Re: Returning to 40k with Imperial Guard, looking for some help.
« Reply #1 on: May 15, 2016, 12:48:17 AM »
I'm a big fan of bringing hordes of infantry when playing guard. My favorite unit is the 50 man conscript blob, led by a priest or commissar. Against T6 flyers, they're as effective as 50 marines. In cover, their saves can be almost as good as marines. They can protect your tanks, and in a pinch can assault nearby units and tie them down for the rest of the game, even if they can't kill them. Opponents can't usually kill the whole blob in one turn, even focusing everything on them in 1850 point games.

Now you don't have that many guardsmen, but the principle is the same:
Bring infantry platoons, not veterans.
Bring several small squads, and stick them in cover.
Treat them all as tactically expendable pawns, i.e. 40K lore guardsmen.
Use them to bubble-wrap your leman Russes so nothing can get too close to them while those russes take out more tough targets.

Tau specifically specialize in high quality shooting, but while their volume of fire is high, it usually isn't high enough to take out the much cheaper forces of the Astra Militarum. And if they, like everyone else, know they're facing tanks, they will have higher strength and less volume of fire.

A good list:
86 Company command squad, camo, lascannon
90 Veteran squad, forward sentries, lascannon
30 Platoon command squad
50 Infantry squad
50 Infantry squad
165 Vanquisher

471 points. Spend the rest on whatever wargear you want to give to the infantry squads. Maybe a couple autocannons. Maybe a meltabomb, in case a foe tank-shocks you. I'm a fan of the Master of Ordnance, but not in low point games where there's so few targets to scatter onto. Too bad you don't have sniper rifles.

Sit in cover with your infantry. When in doubt, go to ground, because a failed leadership can be really bad for guard, whereas lowering ballistic skill from 3 to 1 isn't as devastating to guard as to marines.
Be prepared to toss a sacrificial squad between the vanquisher and any assaulting threat.

Notes about your list:
Power swords are terrible on guardsmen. You're still paying 15 points, but at strength 3 in a fragile unit with only rapid-fire weapons, they rarely see use. Marines have rhinos and drop pods and speedy bikes as delivery systems. Guard have none of those. (The Chimera has worse side armor and is almost twice the cost of a rhino.) With the exception of tempestus scions, guard's delivery method is numbers. That means you want value spread out uniformly, or your valuable targets will be taken out before they reach their target. Therefore, all those special power fists and plasma on the company command squad should be stripped away.