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Hello from Xarnos Craftworld
« on: May 03, 2016, 09:32:27 AM »
Hi All,

I'm Francil, 34, from Switzerland. When I was a young and dynamic Eldar, this was the time of 3rd edition, we started playing 40k with my Dark Eldar and Space Marine friends. We were students with plenty of time to paint and play, I loved to be systematically smashed by my Imperial opponent. Tough games but loads of fun.

Then life went on, we got wives (each his own) and children (each our owns) and the miniatures went in a box in the basement. Farseer Alfarion Foruthir from Craftworld Xarnos slept, hey, at least 15 years in the dark. So his Guardians, Warlocks, Banshees, Falcon, Jetbikes and Vyper. I think I had approx 700 points at that time.

A nice day of May 2015, for my young son's birthday, my former Dark Eldar opponent offered him a box of... Space Marines. I scold him a bit, bringing the Imperium in my flat is not quite what I'd call a present, but well my kid loved it and before I could notice I put a toe in 40k... Here we go again! I found back Xarnos Warhost in my basement, cleaned the dust, started to spend my working days on eBay buying second hand miniatures: More Space Marines for the small kid, Necrons for the elder one, Eldars for me. My green brother also took the opportunity to get his Orks back to life. So we're now three players (the youngster is still too young for the long games) fighting each other joyfully.

My Eldars are now about 3000 painted points, so are the Orks of my bro. We've been challenging each other to paint fast and decently and when you're motivated wow it goes fast! I've had to get used to powerful Craftworld Eldars, BS4, insane formations, every jetbike with scatter lasers... I was winning a lot in the first games. Well, I've now stopped using formations and paid attention to the lists I build and the games are more balanced.

Anyway, I stop to bore you with my life, I'm looking forward to read all the interesting stuff down here and thank you Fritz for your great videos and to have shared the 3-players tips yesterday, we'll try this next game.