Author Topic: Just came back from 5th edition Blood Angels, looking to expand my small list.  (Read 819 times)

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This is my first post on this forum so hopefully I'm doing this right. XD

I have been playing Blood Angels for a while and only ever got to play games less than 1,000 points due to lack of players and their own armies.
In my current build I don't have much and with 7th edition out now (not sure when 8th will be here) I'm re-learning the game. Currently I want to try and expand on my current list. But I don't know what's good if I want to get into the tournament scene.

My List:

HQ: Assault on Black Reach HQ
Troops: 3 Tac: Flamer, Meltagun, Missile Launcher (Each squad has one of these, i.e 1st Squ= Flamer. 2nd Squ= Meltagun. 3rd Squ=Missile Launcher)
Elite: Terminators: All have bolt pistols and power fists
Vehicle: 2 Rhinos, 1 Drop Pod

I'm a very big fan of having lots of infantry, but I do recognize the power of having good support vehicles. I'm planning on picking up some assault marines. But should they be death company? As for my dreadnought, should it be furioso or death company? Or get 2? Do I even need a land raider? More Terminators with storm shields and hammers for this variant.?

I also learned that formations are a big thing. So I looked them up and found an interesting one for the Blood Angels. It is a bit pricy but right now I can get anything I need. Its called the Death Company Strike force. It features 3 Death Company Squads,  A death company dreadnought, and a death company Chaplin. The formation gives all units in the formation who are 12'' within the Chaplin +1 Attack. So with 30 death company all using Jump Packs that's a lot of attacks. (Or 15 if I can't field that many). I just think it'd be fun to roll lots of dice with lots of units. Would this be a good infantry based army. Not sure what the total points would be here if I added these guys to my current formation.

Thanks for your help!
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Hi there!
Welcome back to Blood Angels, you picked a great time to come back, but kind of a bad time to get informed advice, since we just got lots of new stuff!
The reason for this is that just yesterday, a new Campaign/Supplement book for the Blood Angels codex called Angel's Blade came out, which gives us acess to lots of new formations and also changes some exising units, so nobody really has lots of experience there yet!

So, since you brought up Death Company.... with the new book it seems to be like you either go full Death Company or none. If you really like them(also fluffwise) i advise you go get lots of them + chaplain and make your Dreadnought be a DC Dread. I also think a new formation with Predators/Baal Predators & Land Raider synergizes nicely with the DC Formation.

Your existing model collection however points more towards normal Marines with Terminator support, which isn't bad at all either! In that case i'd build the Furioso Dread. There is a Terminator formation in the new book where you need 3 squads of Terminators(any kind Assault or normal) which gives awesome Bonuses and seems very competitive to me! (Charging / Double shooting when arriving from DeepStrike)

BloodAngels Assault Marines are always great, since they can have 2 SpecialWeapons at 5 men!

I really suggest you pick up the new book, there is a lot of good stuff in it and i can't summarize it very good yet!
Maybe you could tell us what kind of units you like? or do you just want to get the most competitive list?
Some youtube channels are already summarizing the new book, and going over what seems to be good, maybe you can find some ideas there!
Also there are some new posts spwning in the BloodAngels section of this Forum, discussing the new book.
=Blood Angels=

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Hey man thanks for the advice. Currently trying to do a lot of math points wise because with my current build I come to about 1900 points (roughly). I have in total at this time:

1 Assault on Black Reach HQ [1 model] [90 points (maybe)]
1 Terminator Squad (Shooting) [5 models] [200 points]
1 Drop Pod [1 model] [35 points]
3 Tactical Squads (1 with missile launcher, 1 with meltagun, 1 with flamer) [30 models] [420 points]
2 Rhinos [2 models] [90 points]
1 Death Company Chaplin [1 model] [90 points]
3 Death Company (All have Jump Packs with Chainsword & Bolt Pistol) [30 models] [645 points]
1 Death Company Dreadnought [1 model] [135 points]

Total Model Count [72]
Total Points Count [1705]