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Ork army help
« on: October 16, 2016, 05:21:57 PM »
Hello everyone, here at the Crimson Miniatures studio we are currently working on an ork army for the studio but we have one problem. We don't know what to get. One of our painters has donated his stompa and another 30 odd grots, 2 weird boys and a battlewagon and that's about it, I personally should be getting a friend's ork army in exchange for the calth set but it's a blind trade on my end. The theme for the army is dakka, lots and lots of dakka but with elements of the typical orky stabby stabby but we want it to be like a 2:1 ratio of dakka and stabby respectivley. The list should fit around 1500points but anything more is fine, especially including the stompa and
Battlewagon would be nice

Regards, Angelo, Crimson Miniatures Studio

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Re: Ork army help
« Reply #1 on: October 18, 2016, 05:21:49 AM »
Hi Angelo! Great to hear you guys are looking and picking up Orks for your studio. They can look fantastic as a force on the table. :)

Right away one of the tips I would offer for you would be to take the Stompa from the older PDF Dread mob army. The reason being that this Stompa will only set you back 400pts base then + your upgrades. The normal codex Stompa will set you back a whopping 770pts and then your upgrades on top which at 1500 will hurt your points allocation alot!

Check out the PDF here if you don't already know it:

To get a stabby and dakka dakka feel to the army you could always take a unit or two of 30 man Ork boy units (Shootas or choopas) and back them up will units like lootas and big gunz to lay down fire support. This could be played along with the Stompa blasting away from behind them and a sneaky battle wagon flying up a flank? Then add in a grot wall to shield them?

Some alternitive units that are pretty good and fire support and chopping things up are the Gorkanaut, Killa Kans and Warbikers. There are just so many different elements you can make with an Ork force.

I'd probably suggest thinking about a theme like do you want a horde force? Fast moving speed freak type list? Or a walker heavy list? The best part is these can all be backed up in style with a Stompa which would be the main drawing point of the list. The add in the choppy/shooting ratio to units that would fit your theme. 

Hope this helps a little! :)
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