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« on: October 19, 2016, 05:19:17 AM »
Hello guys,
I'm a new player to Warhammer 40k and decided to collect Blood angels. I purchased the starter set, which includes a Baal predator, ten man tactical squad and a terminator captain. However, I am unsure on what to purchase next...I'm thinking about purchasing some van guard as these count as troop choices? I'm really unsure of what to purchase next.

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« Reply #1 on: October 19, 2016, 06:44:59 AM »
Hello and welcome to the fold fellow son of sanguinius!

If you're new to the game as well as blood angels it can be a bit daunting at the start. I'm not sure if you are, so I'll assume so for now. I'd suggest doing some extensive research before you spend and asking for feedback here is probably a good start :) Although it's important that you make up your own mind. I have friends who simply bought a "done list" and really didn't enjoy it.

Fritz has two videos I'd recommend to start with:
New players: let's build a list
New players- your first list

Note that the following list of suggestions are only my own opinions and in no way gospel:

Firstly: I'd suggest you consider how you want to build your army. There are two ways as I see it: either you build an army that will fit into a Combined Arms Detachment (or a similar one like the blood angels specific Baal Strike Force or Flesh Tearer Strike Force) or you can build your army using the Decurion style detachments which involves using fixed formations of units.

I would suggest using the CAD or similar to start with as they allow for more freedom and experimentation. I would also suggest getting an army building app like Battlescribe or the like to aid you in your thought process. Play around with different ideas.

Secondly: you need to decide or find out what points level you're aiming at. That would depend on what your friends, store etc like to play. But I'd say aiming for 1000 points and then re-evaluating your choices/direction before expanding is quite good.

Thirdly: Figure out how you want your army to play. Mobile/resilient, close range/long range, lots of vehichles or just infantry, deploy on the table or deep strike etc. A healthy mix is probably a nice start but you want your units to complement one another and have a purpose in your list. For example if you have close combat units you might want some long range (or deep striking) fire power that can take out enemy transports to allow you to charge the units inside etc.

Fourthly: Don't over invest without play testing. Consider proxying to try out things you don't have before investing. On a personal note it's also good to allow your painting to keep reasonable pace with your investments.

Now I'll give you my two cents on what I think would be nice to start with, but remember that this all depends on how you want your army to play, what units you like and which method you decide to use to build your list:

A rhino for your tactical marines: A rhino will always be useful and also increases your tactical squad's survivability and mobility a lot for a minimal points cost.

Unless you build your list around a Flesh tearer strike force or a decurion style detachment you will also need a second troop choice. These are scouts, tacticals or a named Death company dreadnought from the shield of baal supplement named Cassor the damned (modelled as any old death company dreadnought with blood claws, a melta and storm bolter).  Either choice is good in my view, but they play very differently. There is also a named death company squad but I wouldn't recommend it because of how it is composed.

A box or two of Death company: The boxed set is cheap for GW and simply good value with all the bits inside. They are better value than the vanguards for blood angels and better on the table as well. In my view they are one of the best units in the codex no matter how you kit them out (my choice would always be with jump packs with a power fist or a two mixed in amongst chain swords).

Personally I also like the furioso dreadnoughts with the frag cannon upgrade. Especially with a drop pod to deliver them.

A drop pod is also good to have for use with your tacticals or if you get a second infantry unit (more tacticals, sternguards or the like). It opens up a lot of new alternatives for your units.

The best tip that I'll end with and that Fritz emphasises is that you should always play units that you like the feel and look of. You can always find ways to make units work together and how the units work will change as the rules change.

I hope that was of some help. There are many people here that have great insights and ideas. I'd suggest reading the blood angels unit review by Remtek on this forum as well. It's not updated with the latest supplement yet, but it's still great and highly relevant (95% stayed the same), and it can give you some further hints and ideas Blood Angel Unit Review

Good luck and ask away!
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« Reply #2 on: October 20, 2016, 05:46:42 AM »
Kvekan covered it really good.
What units do you like? Do you have a theme for your army you want to follow? Playing competitive or friendly?
Can't go wrong with a Rhino or two (buy the Razorback-kit though) other than that generally i'd add any Elite Unit next!

Examples for Army concepts: (Adapt to fit your own taste!!!)

Fully Mechanized Assault:
Everything is a tank or gets a transport, you drive in their face guns blazing, get out and rapid fire / charge with the infantry.
Possible additions:
AssaultTerminators and a LandRaider to add to your Captain, Razorbacks for split up Tac Squad

Jump Assault:
Mostly fast moving Infantry, supported by Scouts/Tanks/Flyers, can even consist almost exclusively of DeathCompany
Possible additions:
DeathCompany & DC-Chaplain, Assault/Bike - Squads, Furioso+DropPod

Very elite forces, low model count but specialized units, lots of Deep Striking, can be coupled with lots of Drop Pods if you like
Possible additions:
Sternguard & Droppod, Terminators , Furiosos & Droppod,,,,, maybe later some Vanguard or SanguinaryGuard&Dante

Mixed Battle company:
More the typical marines-style with Tacticals,assaults Devastators etc. very traditional, other marines probably do it better than BA
Possible additions:
Tactical Squad, Rhinos, AssaultSquad, Devastator Squad, Command Squad

.... those are just examples! There are more builds out there and you can mix them to your own taste!
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