Author Topic: New Player and member with first list attempt...  (Read 1066 times)

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New Player and member with first list attempt...
« on: November 17, 2016, 02:52:40 PM »
Hello everyone.
After reading the BA Codex and the Rulebook I ventured over to YouTube for even more schooling.
This morning I decided it was time to attempt a list before I start buying models.

Please share your experience and advice and let me know how bad this list is, and where I should be fixing it?

Thank you.

1775 / 1850 = 75 unused points.

HQ - Cant decide between a Librarian or a Chaplain.

Troops - 2x 10 man Tactical Squad: 1 Heavy Flamer & 1 Flamer, w/ Rhino.

Elites - Dreadnought: 2 Heavy Flamers w/ Drop Pod
         - Dreadnought: Missile Launcher & Twin-linked Lascannon
         - 1x 5 man Terminator Squad w/ Land Raider

Fast Attack - 2x 5 man Assault Marines: Jump Packs, 2 Meltaguns
                  - 3x Land Speeders: 3x Typhoon Missile Launchers

Heavy Support - Predator: Lascannons
                        - Predator: Heavy Bolters

          Missiles: Fliers, Mech, Walkers, MC's, Pie-plating "blobs"
          Lascannons: High armor value killers
          Flamer Dread (aka. Heat Miser): Barbecuing troops, blobs, sloggers
          Shooter Dread (aka. Gunboat): MC's, LoW's, Independent Characters, HQ's, Heavy's
          Heavy Bolter Predator: Fire support where needed.
          Lascannon Predator: MC's, LoW's, Independent Characters, HQ's, Heavy's

          Assault Melta's: MC, Walkers, Vehicle hunter-killers
          Terminators: Muscled shooters. Meant to distract and be a nuisance
          Tacticals: Objective Secured, Combat Squad when needed or necessary, flame down anything contesting

          1)   Keep the Terminator Squad and Land Raider, or, change them out with Death Company in Jet Packs?
                 If Death Company is the better choice, how would you suggest they are loaded out?
          2)   Keep the Tactical Squads and Rhino's, or,
                would Cassor the Damned and Raphen's Death Company be better choices for troop choices?
          3)   Ideally would like to include a Librarian and a Chaplain as HQ choices.

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Re: New Player and member with first list attempt...
« Reply #1 on: November 17, 2016, 09:00:18 PM »
Welcome in Cerb,

Judging lists is almost always very subjective based on your play style [or lack of one] and your local players. Ask yourself these questions before buying an army, It's an expensive undertaking not just in money but time.

1. Who and where will you be playing? If you will only be playing 2-3 buddies then your decisions will be very different than if you're expecting a different opponent every week.

2. What do you want your army to do? Assault based? Alpha Strike? Dreadnought spam? Those are your most successful options with the current state of our rules.

3. What books are you using? The Codex was recently amended by the Angel's Blade campaign book, and there are some good options in Exterminus, another campaign book. You don't really need to get the books as you can preview the formations in Battlescribe app and there are other options. Understand what you can expand into before lining up your purchases.

4. Have you searched the internet for options? Not always the best idea for first time players but I feel like you get a better understanding of the chapter. Watch BA Batreps on youtube and understand what your strategy is going to be before committing.

Best of luck brother


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Re: New Player and member with first list attempt...
« Reply #2 on: November 17, 2016, 09:05:34 PM »
You made an Ultramarine army.  There is nothing here to take advantage of being Blood Angels.  The only non-vanilla thing you've done is Heavy Flamers on the Tacs and Melta on the Assault Marines.  But there has to have been something to draw you into Blood Angels, right?  Furioso Dreadnought?  Baal Predator?  Death Company?  Drop Pod strikes or Fast Armor?  You've almost made a Demi Company instead, and Blood Angels do that very poorly.  What pulled you into the Blood Angels in the first place instead of Iron Hands or Ultramarines or the dozens of other chapters?

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Re: New Player and member with first list attempt...
« Reply #3 on: November 17, 2016, 11:10:52 PM »
Thank you for your replies.
My explaination may prove to be lengthy but it explains things as best I can,  for the most part.

        I chose the BA to represent Lord Caustus and the Damned Company because of how they are "touched". It would seem to me that a inquisitor would have little trust for them and would actually acuse them over something trivial, as happened to Lord Caustus. Possibly one of the officers from the 6th Company story line and the close call of a Blood Angels civil war.

        All of the fluff and few descriptions of them, describe them as being mercenaries for hire. Not that they have completely embraced the chaos gods. So that being the case, I am going to build and field them as a company of renegade mercenaries since it is also in thier fluff that they still accept imperium requests for hire. Which also makes me believe they have not converted to chaos but are still loyal to the human existance even if they are bitter toward the inquisition.

     In several of the fluff that I have read, it appears that they are an ambush / infiltration army. Which brings me to my request for a list critique. I completely understand the hate toward an unbound list, that this is not really any semblance of order. I see the appeal to formations, getting the most out of a list / army that has been seen in some of the many other story lines and fluff,  enticing players to embrace actual companies throughout the many wars and how they bring some type of constructive order. Which brings me to your expertise. Since it is a renegade mercenary army. I believe that the list would exclude named models, lords of war, sanguinary models because those models fluff wise are also fanatic to the blood angels chapter and would frown at their renegade brothers and not be seen amongst their ranks until they were proven to be brothers in good standing within the Chapter and Imperium.

In conclussion:

        It seems the only HQ choices would be a Librarian, Chaplian or Captain. Every person I have spoken to about this tells me the only real choices are the Librarian and Chaplain. Troop choices would be any of the 4 available and offered to the Blood Angels troop selections. Which is why my query earlier as to which would be best. But in my own assumption felt it would fall mostly to standard Tactical Squads with maybe one or two Scouts, maybe. Elite choices would make me lean to the company not having good access to the newer models of dreadnoughts, which is why I didn't add the Furioso and kept with the older dreadnought models. Then my next query was Terminators or Death Company. I am sure both would apply but would the Death Company be more in line with my thoughts about my company? Fast Attacks seem to be pretty easy to pinpoint since they are described as a fast attack / ambush / infiltrate army. So I went with the Assault Marines and the Land Speeders. Heavy Support also seems to have me wondering as well. Would they have access to Predators a Land Raider, Stormraven Gunship? Of these, the one that would seem to be appropriate for their style of combat would be the Stormraven. But again I am not sure.

These are the reasons I came to you fellow BA brothers for critiques and advice. I am trying to keep within the generalities of the fluff that is out there, and still keep it a competitive list.

Thank you for your time and patience as you read my small novel.