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Sunshine Newbie
« on: November 19, 2016, 01:43:52 AM »
Hey guys,

I came here to share a somehow growing passion about warhammer 40k. I am more or less new, my first introduction in the 40k universe was in 2003 when i bought a starter box with marines and dark eldars inside. My brother took the marines and i had to pick up the dark eldars. But few months later i built up my first real army, an eldar army. I never painted it nor played with it but it was cool, i guess.
At some point the army was worth 2k points and a big amount of cash that i needed. I sold them.

Secretly i still was atracted to miniatures and wargaming and a few years later i built a 1500 point imperial guard army, this time i painted them, or at least half of them. But i still was not able to play real games with them and then sold them again.

I "accidentally" seen a youtube video about the skitarii and felt in "love" with them. The fact that i have a car ables me to move with my potential army to play real games and the soon to come new 8th edition of the rulebook makes me think it is time to dive into the 41th millenium.

So i ordered the starter box for skitarii and a bunch or paints, washes and other stuff like magnets and a mini drill. This time i will paint everything little by little before buying new things !

Thank you for reading.