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Re: One HQ game
« Reply #15 on: December 13, 2016, 01:02:17 PM »
It turns out that it is going to be a tournament of different challenges, not just one 200pt battle! I equipped the Warboss with Gazbag's Blitzbike, Da Killa Klaw, Da Supa Cybork, Da Finkin' Kap, and a Gitfinda. They had many games on, but I was assigned to play tag team with my friend, Cameron. It was two teams of two versing each other, the team who dealt the most wounds wins, unless a team tables the opponent, in that case they are the winner. Cameron's  Necron Lord deepstriked right into the enemy Warboss and Tau, he made a neat distraction and kept the Warboss stuck in combat the whole game. I turbo-boosted around the back to stay in cover and outflank them. I got shot but charged into the tau and killed him instantly with regular powerklaw (or killa klaw) attacks as he was t4. I then moved onto the Warboss, which I also Instantly killed because he was t5! The enemy Warboss' rolls against Cameron in close combat were terrible, he kept missing 3+ to hit. Cameron and I completely tabled them!

Thank you all for the suggestions, I am going to lock this topic as I am stuck with my Warboss (which isn't a bad thing). Happy WAAAGH-gaming!
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