Author Topic: Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?  (Read 946 times)

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Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?
« on: January 05, 2017, 01:05:56 PM »
I'm just curious if the latest supplement actually affected the meta much, because from what I've seen and the almost dead blood angels forum there's not a lot going on.

To me it doesn't feel like it gave us many new game changing tools. Most options are still straight up worse than using allied space marine formations or not an improvement on the regular baal strike force.

I'd love to be proven wrong though. Have you used anything to good effect?
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Re: Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2017, 04:25:48 PM »
If the blood angels would have gotten an update to the the vanguard vets, a la cheaper upgrades, it would have been. But the way they justified it was, you need to bring 3 squads atleast of deep striking, marines at full capacity with no way to, thanks to the new faq not allowing models from the same faction to join units in a formation and gain the benefits of that formation, give them any survivability to last long enough to charge. I've just recently got my 3rd full squad of vanguard vets and haven't been able to play a game since Christmas. I supposed it's consevible to have a change to the meta. I've also seen barrels where the death company can wreck other armies. But I really haven't seen too much of a change. It looks like traitors legions made a bigger impact as well as traitors hate.

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Re: Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?
« Reply #2 on: January 05, 2017, 08:31:37 PM »
No, it hasn't.  Nothing in it was well designed or any better than the stuff from Exterminatus, it was only added on with the same power level in mind and minor changes to what existed to fit in with how armies are assembled now.  Archangels is a cute idea, but it's for games at 2k+ where the power level is even more skewed.  My Blood Angels were shelved before it, they're shelved still after it.  Maybe 8th Edition will make their playstyle more applicable.

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Re: Angel's Blade actually affect your meta?
« Reply #3 on: January 07, 2017, 10:46:35 AM »
We don't play nearly enough to test out all the new stuff in game unfortunately.

I feel it has given us more options through more available formations and such, as well as a few neat tricks that might be slightly stonger than our initial codex but nothing that would go so far as to change any meta or bring us close to the stronger codices. Mandatory unit cost in the Demi-Company are through the roof and not really units that favor the Blood Angels' style.Archangels and Lost Brotherhood look more doable if you have the models, still archangels favors a shooty army like only sternguard instead of choppy and Lost Botherhood is really restricted in Auxiliary choices.

I Feel like at the moment they just don't know where to go with BloodAngels, they gave so many once Blood Angels Specific toys to other Marine armies that our niche to be unique gets smaller and smaller. Compared to Assaulty Armies like SpaceWolves who now really have their identity on the board, we just seem a little lost.
Anyway, while not super competitive, Blood Angels still are a fun army and can keep up okayish if your meta isn't super cheesy.

I Hope we can keep up some activity in the Forum at least!
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